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2011 Jan 24
U-verse DTMF tuning for Zaptel
One of my clients is complaining that their customers that use U-verse (and other cable providers) for telephone service cannot enter credit card numbers reliably. The issue not all digits are received in my dialplan. The calls come in on PRI. It's an old 1.2 install, so the only tweak available is 'relaxdtmf.' Any clues on how to proceed? Would jumping to 1.6 help? -- Thanks
2008 Oct 06
Manual verses Wiki
I know I'm looking at the answer but probably not seeing it on the Wiki? Is there a "manual" for Dovecot? Or ... where do I find all the options for the userdb and passdb options? While trying to get my head wrapped around this I noticed I might have been mixing args between the two. One example has userdb first then the next one passdb. Rod --
2009 May 27
dbox verses maildir - advantages/disadvantages
I am migrating our mail server from Courier-IMAP to Dovecot. We currently use maildir storage format. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dovecot's dbox format over maildir? Does anyone have any performance benchmarks for both? What do people use to test performance? We are running on a Mac OS X box (10.5.7) using Postfix 2.6. Thanks, James.
2004 Oct 23
This script works for me to make and dvd iso image from the 3 cd's. You can download it from here
2010 Mar 02
Uverse, Asterisk and SIP
I've just got Uverse installed. I had dsl, but ATT insisted I couldn't keep my old dsl, but had to switch to Uverse internet - vdsl. My setup: linux box as router : asterisk box: is multihomed and connected to the Uverse Residential Gateway. I've set it up as DMZplus, and it shows the public ip address as eth1. I can ssh into the
2009 Dec 29
My 12 year old wants to learn more about servers and has memorized a lot of commands like ls, chmod, du, etc. He wants to have his own domain and server on the web and I have enough Static IP's, so why not foster this interest. I have an old ultra sparc 5. Are there any CentOS versions that support Sparc? Or recommendations? I know OpenBSD does, but I am more versed in Solaris and versions
2008 Mar 06
Re: cifs verses smbfs for Linux clients -time stamp issue
After mounting a windows share via cifs I have came across the same issue as described here: "While using vim on files mounted under CIFS, when trying to write an existing file you will randomly be warned "The file has been changed since reading it!!!". Normally, this only occurs when another user
2010 Nov 16
(no subject)
HI, I've just begun using libvirt as part of my KVM installation and have been having some confusion regarding networking of my virtual guests. I'm not sure if I should even be sending this to this mailing list and if not please let me know and if possible where I should be sending this inquiry. I understand I can setup a dedicated bridged interface for my guest. But as for the virbr
2010 Nov 08
Black text background in TheWord Bible program and wine
I run The Word Bible study program in Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit with ASUS K50IJ. The problem is, that the text shows black (the background is black, and the text is unreadable because of that), but only the longer verses. May be, that the video driver couses this problem? Intel GMA X4500M? Thanks, Attila [/img]
2005 Aug 23
yum issues
I hve two different boxes. One runs the updates to vim jsut fine. the other throws --> Populating transaction set with selected packages. Please wait. ---> Downloading header for sudo to pack into transaction set. sudo-1.6.7p5-30.1.1.i386. 100% |=========================| 161 kB 00:00
2008 Jan 24
install isues
I have a new dell t105(opty 1210's with 4 gigs of ram..sata hdd's and sata dvd-rom). I can bot to the Cent 5 64 bit dvd fine but once it asks where the install image is i tell it cd-rom..then it rejects the dvd spits it out and tells me it's not there. the same happens on 32 bit. I have downloaded centos5 twice now, md5 verified..and even burned at 1x(that took forever). Any
2006 Jun 13
Compiling mpg123 under / Ubuntu 6.06
Hi, I made the mistake of upgrading both my Linux box (to Ubuntu 6.06) and Asterisk (to at the same time. Now, when trying to compile mpg123 - using the tried and true "make mpg123" -, the build fails with an error make[3]: Entering directory `/usr/src/asterisk-' make[3]: *** No rule to make target `\ ', needed by `mpg123'.
2004 Nov 04
dvd iso's
Well that didn't work. I got a bootable dvd out of it but the centos installed did not detect the media as having the installation files. It asked for a cd instead of recognizing the dvd. Winiso cannot handle dvd's..:( Anyone have a way to make the centos installer realize all its files are on the dvd instead of looking for three cd's? -- My "Foundation" verse:
2005 Jun 01
ntwork problem
I switched my file server's hard disks from a p-2 350 to a p-3 deley 1.1 ghz. I ran kudzu and it detected the new nic and unconfigured the old one. I may have messed up the static ip assignment because hte system is not able to do anything on the network. How do i check the ipaddress asignment and also ensure the proper linksys LNE-100TX driver is loaded? thanks. William -- Computer
2020 Jul 11
Apple Mail and subfolders
> I just created a subfolder in Apple mail. It shows up on the server as .list.Subfolder > I drug your message into the folder, and the message shows up in and shows up in the subfolder on the server > > # ls -lnR .lists.Subfolder [10:40] [/usr/local/virtual/kremels at] > total 56 > drwx------ 2 89 89
2001 May 22
Surrogate splits for decision trees
Dear R, Short verse of the question: Is there R code which will calculate surrogate splits and/or delta impurity for decision trees at each node? Long Version: I have local, legacy code which I use to calculate my decision trees. I would like to switch to R, but as I understand it surrogate splits are not implemented. Surrogate splits and feature ranking are described in Breiman et al
2015 Nov 20
Hexagon, DFAPacketzier and dependency pruning
DFAPacketizer has a virtual method isLegalToPruneDependencies(). I looked at the Hexagon code and but wasn't unable to understand the details (unfortunately as of now, I'm not well versed in the Hexagon architecture). Would anyone be able to shed light on what is dependency pruning and how it should be used? Any help is appreciated. -- R -------------- next part -------------- An HTML
2005 May 29
I am googgling right now but am unable to find a simpler description of how to get logrotate to do what i want it to do. I have a cs 1.6 server that generates quite a bit of logs. That log generation is going to increase significantly with one of my plugins i am going to be installing(logD and the impressive plugin). I want to tell logrotate to daily rotate all the logs inside my
2005 May 18
file compatibility issue
I am trying to run a binary but the binary was complied on debian so the system throws me this error: This is Centos-4. How can i get that compatibility fixed? -- Computer House Calls, Networks, Security, Web Design: What businesses are in Brunswick, Maryland? Check Brunswick First!
2010 May 10
de-crypting Ruby password with php.
Hello all, I have a client with an older Rails 1.8 app (was recently upgraded from 1.6) and I need to integrate a php site to use the same user login creds. I''m not very versed with Ruby but I think this is the code that encrypts the password. [code] # Encrypts some data with the salt. def self.encrypt(password, salt) Digest::SHA1.hexdigest("--#{salt}--#{password}--")