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2008 Nov 16
Opening the 2.4 commit fest (RRD)
On Sun, Nov 16, 2008 at 11:08 AM, Arnaud Quette < at> wrote: >>> The remainder, until the -pre stage, will be: >>> - the Powerman support (through the powerman driver) for more PDUs >>> - the possible RRD integration into upslog >> >> It would be nice to have native RRD support in upslog, but we may also >> want to point
2006 Aug 24
Joined 2 samba servers to ADS but kinit in winbindd failed for one of them!
Hi All, I have strange situation in which two systems running SAMBA (same version) have successfully joined an ADS. However one has no problem using wimbindd/ wbinfo to communicate with the domain and kinit in winbindd works fine. But the other is failing with a kinit problem as following: 2006/08/21 20:15:56, 0, pid=19247] libads/kerberos.c:ads_kinit_password(146)
2008 Apr 30
openSUSE 11.0 - NUT
Stan, I'm very pleased to see you back to work with us on enhancing nut in that many areas ;-) 2008/4/30 Stanislav Brabec <sbrabec at>: > Stanislav Brabec wrote: > > > Please note that 2.2.2-pre3 installs hald addons by default to / on > > openSUSE 11.0 beta 2 x86_64. Not a big problem. > > Here is a patch, which fixes openSUSE 11.0 beta 2
2006 May 24
How to tell a battery test is running
Hi, After I do a : upscmd ellipse@localhost test.battery.start How do I tell its running, what the status is, etc. Thanks, Tuc
2011 Apr 12
No subject
lob1 [lob] Show IPA verb, lobbed, lob=C2=B7bing, noun =E2=80=93verb (used with object) 1. Tennis . to hit (a ball) in a high arc to the back of the opponent's=20 court. 2. to fire (a missile, as a shell) in a high trajectory so that it drops ont= o=20 a target. 3. Cricket . to bowl (the ball) with a slow underhand motion. Who do suggest we should be lobbing our fax machines at? --=20 Thanks
2007 May 25
debuild vs. "debian/rules binary"
[was Re: [Nut-upsuser] Belkin USB UPSes] On 5/24/07, Arnaud Quette < at> wrote: > Simply symlink debian to packaging/debian, and either "fakeroot > debian/rules binary" or whatever is your prefered method. I just noticed that if you use the "fakeroot debian/rules binary" method, the "ifeq
2011 Aug 26
[RFC] add to NUT variables
Hi there, while doing some housekeeping and improvements on usbhid-ups, I realized that the country information is needed for some advanced features processing, like Eco control and nominal values enums. This would also be interesting to expose to the user. I thus propose to add the following: |======================================================================== | Name |
2007 Jan 26
Microsoft makes hard call for input
...ftware company. But the Microsoft approach has been interpreted as an attempt to disguise its hand in the editing process. Wikipedia allows anyone to add to and modify articles, and relies on volunteer moderators to correct inaccuracies. But Microsoft has rejected suggestions it was being sneaky or underhanded by approaching Mr Jelliffe. In the email to Mr Jelliffe, which Mr Mahugh has since published online, Mr Jelliffe was asked if he would be interested in correcting "errors" and "slanted language" found in Wikipedia entries relating to rival computer software standards, one of whi...
2011 Apr 15
[nut-commits] svn commit r2969 - trunk/docs/images
Some side notes and comments on this commit... 2011/4/15 Arnaud Quette <aquette at> > Author: aquette > Date: Fri Apr 15 09:15:16 2011 > New Revision: 2969 > URL: > > Log: > Refreshed graphic illustrations (provided by Eaton) > > Modified: >
2016 Aug 18
Liebert PSIXR 3000 intellislot web card support with NUT 2.6.0
Hi John, do you have the device (which one? An old SNMP WEB or new UNITY DP or something else?) Or you like to buy one? If you have (or you can buy) the old one SNMP WEB - then nut should work fine with it via generic snmp driver and you don't need anything else. If you have (or you must buy) the new one UNITY DP - then I can share my snmp subdriver for it, and you should insert this
2006 May 31
No communication with UPS
Hi all, I have a MGE Ellipse 600 UPS connected to com1 on a PC running FreeBSD 4.11 with nut-2.0.2_1 installed. I have everything working and operational. BUT. on rare occasions I reboot my machine and when it comes up I get the following error: Network UPS Tools - UPS driver controller 2.0.2 Network UPS Tools - MGE UPS SYSTEMS/SHUT driver 0.64 (2.0.2) No communication with UPS Driver failed
2011 Oct 24
2.6.0 bcmxcp_usb recovery question
Greetings, The way that bcmxcp_usb reacts to and recovers from a USB cable unplug-plug appears to have changed significantly between 2.4.1 and 2.6.0. While I can see some improvements, bcmxcp_usb 2.6.0 does not appear to handle a USB cable unplug-plug correctly. Does anyone know if this has been fixed in subsequent releases? Here are the details. When the USB cable between my server and my
2006 Apr 28
Remember James McGovern?
Remember James McGovern and his articles about Rails and enterprise? Well... Check this one out where he "puts his money where his mouth is" -- -------------- Jon Gretar Borgthorsson
2003 Dec 20
Level(3) SIP termination services
John, I spoke with Level(3) last week regarding SIP termination. They quoted $0.01/minute, with an 11 Million Minute / Month minimum. Ugh! -dg -------------------------------------------------------------- Darnell Gadberry President binaryMedia darnell AT binmedia DOT com ------------ Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 21:12:22 -0500 To: From: John Todd
2020 Jun 17
Blog article about the state of CentOS
> About Oracle as alternative. Oracle Linux is not an alternative to > CentOS but for RHEL and if I will force to pay for enteprise system > currently I will pay RHEL, not OL. Over this, OL is not the only > enterprise distro that a "user" could choose. If support is needed there > are SUSE (SLES) and Ubuntu. For who that don't need support there are > Debian,
2006 May 16
MGE Pulsar Extreme communication problems
Hi, I am trying to talk to an MGE Pulsar Extreme UPS over RS232 with the mge-shut driver but I'm having some problems. It appears to init OK but I can't, say, turn the outlets off, eg.. harrow:~>upsc mge@localhost battery.charge: 78 battery.charge.low: 20 battery.runtime: 05760 mge-shut driver.parameter.port: /dev/cuad1 driver.version: 2.0.3
2020 Jun 17
Blog article about the state of CentOS
Hi, I just read this blog article from austrian Linux expert Michael Kofler. For those among you who don't know the guy, he's my home country's number one Linux expert (known as "der Kofler") and most notably the author of a series of excellent books about Linux over the last 25 years. Disclaimer
2007 Aug 26
Dead Gateway Detection & BGP
Greetings to all, To start I’ll firstly lay down the foundation to what I have done so far and if those of you on the list can provide further insight, tips, links etc. This scenario consists of 2 firewalls (both running Debian “etch”), 2 Cisco routers (unsure of model numbers) connected together like so in the diagram below. ----------------------- | Uplink Provider |