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2006 Feb 27
Tried to load a theme, didn't work. No error message.
I searched every wine forum and wiki I could find, but there's no information on wine theming. I downloaded an *.msstyles file, and opened it with winecfg (Desktop Integration->Install theme...). Nothing changed. The style I selected didn't even get added to the list - the only option is still "(No Theme)". There was no error message. wine 0.9.8 This is the style I tried: Please help - If someone could explain to...
2012 Aug 30
how to change theme in rails 3.2.7
I''m using rails 3.2.7. I have few themes in my public/themes folder. For example in my theme-1 folder there is one index.html + style.css + few images (if required) At the time of registration user will select one theme. Now when the user will login that theme will display. I will use handle bar(http://handlebarsjs.c...
2006 May 22
use join table in paginate
...h a see must be there? Anyway, don''t try and answer this rhetoric question. I have got another one for you, seemingly difficult. I''m struggling with a n:m relationship (in a database, that is) and its join table. Here are my objects: class Painting has_and_belongs_to_many :themes which maps to db entity painting id class Theme has_and_belongs_to_many :paintings which maps to db entity theme id And of course the join table paintings_themes painting_id theme_id So, paintings have one or more themes, and a theme can belong to more paintings. In my Exposi...
2018 Nov 19
CentOS 7 + GNOME : all icon themes broken after update from CR
On Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 12:51:13PM +0100, Nicolas Kovacs wrote: > Hi, > > I just upgraded one of my CentOS 7 + GNOME desktops from the CR repo. > After the upgrade, it seems like all of the icon themes are broken. > Missing icons everywhere. > > Any idea what's going on here ? it just works for me: no issue [centos at salle4-70 ~]$ sudo yum list \*theme\* .... Installed Packages adwaita-cursor-theme.noarch 3.28.0-1.el7 @c...
2018 Nov 18
CentOS 7 + GNOME : all icon themes broken after update from CR
Hi, I just upgraded one of my CentOS 7 + GNOME desktops from the CR repo. After the upgrade, it seems like all of the icon themes are broken. Missing icons everywhere. Any idea what's going on here ? Cheers, Niki -- Microlinux - Solutions informatiques durables 7, place de l'?glise - 30730 Montpezat Site : Blog : Mail : info at T?l...
2019 Feb 15
[ANNOUNCE] xcursor-themes 1.0.6
This is a default set of cursor themes for use with libXcursor, originally created for the XFree86 Project, and now shipped as part of the X.Org software distribution. This release adds some symlinks to the whiteglass cursor theme to provide additional cursor names that gnome-shell expects, so that gnome-shell doesn't crash when u...
2007 Mar 06
Rails 1.2 / Theme support plugin issue: Fix
This is to answer one of my old issues, that I was having using Theme support plugin using with Rails 1.2. When you get an latest edge Rails update and run your application which has Theme support plugin you will get following error /script/../config/../vendor/plugins/theme_support/lib/patches/routeset_ex.rb:26:in `create_the...
2018 Mar 10
[ANNOUNCE] xcursor-themes 1.0.5
Alan Coopersmith (3): configure: Drop AM_MAINTAINER_MODE Honor NOCONFIGURE=1 xcursor-themes 1.0.5 Emil Velikov (1): use quoted string variables Gaetan Nadon (1): config: replace deprecated use of AC_OUTPUT with AC_CONFIG_FILES Keith Packard (1): Add copyright files for redglass and whiteglass themes. Mihail Konev (1): autogen: add default patch pre...
2010 Aug 20
[Wine 1.3] Desktop integration with .msstyles
.. doesn't work for me. I'm running a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 with wine 1.3. If I open the desktop integration tab an try to install a theme the winecfg hangs. Installing a theme to windows/resources/themes doesn't help - it is not show in the list of themes after a restart ... Any suggestions ? So long LastCoder
2017 May 15
plymouth themes problem
Hi all! I was playing with plymouth themes on a c7 box. I found a page on redhat, in their rhel7 documentation that describes how to change to a different plymouth screen: plymouth-set-default-theme --list to find out what themes are installed. then I installed the remaining bunch the yum had available. so then installing one by doing...
2018 Nov 14
Los puntos no tapen el mapa hecho ggplot poner los puntos para que se vean. Puedo hacer los puntos más pequeños, pero entonces quedan separados y yo quiero que rellenen el mapa. Gracias, como siempre, Manuel print(ggplot(legend=FALSE)+geom_path(data=map_data('world'), aes(x=long, y=lat,group=group))+ theme(panel.background=element_blank())+theme(panel.grid.major = element_blank())+ theme(panel.grid.minor = element_blank())+theme(axis.text.x=element_blank(),axis.text.y=element_blank())+ theme(axis.ticks = element_blank())+xlab("") + ylab(""...
2006 Sep 20
metacity theme support in gnome-window-decorator
I played a little bit yesterday with adding metacity theme support to gwd and it looks like it's not going to be very hard. Hopefully I'll have it working in the next couple of days. What I've done is to rip out all the parts of the metacity code that is required for theme support (boxes.c, gradient.c, theme-parser.c, theme.c, util.c). Ideal wo...
2006 Oct 01
gtk-window-decorator metacity opacity theme
hi, I made a small a patch for gtk-window-decorator which define default border alpha to zero when it use metacity theme. That allows while playing with the alpha attributes of the metacity themes to have transparent borders. here too the modified ?Human Ubuntu? theme and a screenshot to show the result. ps: sorry for my bad english -------------- next part -------------- A non-text attachment was scrubbed... Name:...
2015 Jan 10
C-6, Gnome question
...1-10, Leon Fauster <leonfauster at> wrote: > Am 10.01.2015 um 01:56 schrieb Fred Smith > <fredex at>: >> On Sat, Jan 10, 2015 at 12:12:14AM +0000, Liam O'Toole wrote: >>> >>> Have you tried different window manager themes? Some of them have >>> larger grab areas. >> >> Which makes me wonder how one modifies a theme... there must be a >> special toolkit for it somewhere... ?? > > > System -> Preferences -> Appearance > I think Fred is talking about modifying a theme in...
2017 Sep 19
upgrade or install to Centos 7.4.1708
...000 Richard wrote: > The mate-gtk2/3 issue effects windows/menus/scrollbars and the like, > not the login screen. See: > > <> > > for that issue. I switched to the Adwaita theme, as suggested there. Clearlooks-phenix also works fine with the latest C7/Mate and looks more like a "traditional" Gnome 2 desktop. yum install clearlooks-phenix-gtk2-theme clearlooks-phenix-gtk3-theme Go to the look and feel preferences setting on your desktop and select Clearlook...
2010 Jan 15
Dynamic Assets - can it be done?
...o this question but am not finding much luck. The closest things I''ve found enabling this are use of config for assets (which is normally done for CDNs), or monkey-patching the tag helpers, which still won''t give me what I want. The reason why I want to do this is to provide for themes. As an example, if your rails app contained 20 different themes, a theme would be composed of layouts, images, javascripts, stylesheets, etc. You wouldn''t want to have to change your theme through an initializer and stop/restart your app for it to work. I''ve already done a...
2005 Apr 27
gnome themes
I'm looking for any easy way to make gnome a little more like KDE so my KDE apps look nice under gnome. I also want some extra gnome themes. Does anyone have any links on how-tos, or any ideas on where to start?
2008 Jul 11
Firefox 3 for CentOS 4
...o make Firefox 3 work in CentOS 4. So far I was able to do it by installing the evolution28-* rpms, which have a more recent GTK, Cairo, Pango, etc. With those libs installed and configured, Firefox 3 from works fine. The only thing is that it doesn't use the "Bluecurve" theme as the other applications do. I was seeing that the evolution28-* packages use themes under /usr/evolution28/share/themes instead of the default /usr/share/themes. I can copy the bluecurve theme there, but the that actually themes the widgets is missing....
2006 Oct 10
metacity theme opacity
I pushed out some changes to gwd that makes it possible to properly set an overall opacity value for any metacity theme. Making the complete decorations translucent can look bad with some themes. However, I've made it possible to have the opacity fade from opaque to the selected opacity value in a similar way to how the built-in decorations look. This usually looks a lot better. I'll add a schema file for g...
2016 Oct 04
Desktop for newbies
...4 oktober 2016 11:24 > To: CentOS mailing list <centos at> > Subject: Re: [CentOS] Desktop for newbies > > On Monday 03 October 2016 07:01:49 Sorin Srbu wrote: > > > > The most important thing to not forget though, is to add and apply the > > Redmond theme! > > I didn't know there was such a thing. I've gone into > System Settings -> Workspace Theme -> Desktop Theme > but I can't find it anywhere. What am I doing wrong? Come to think of it, I last used it on CentOS 5 (IIRC) when I transferred my mother to linux from...