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2003 Dec 15
help in lme
...ion g(.) such that g(3) = 6, g(4) = 24, g(6) = 720, etc? Stupid question (2): how do you extract the estimated covariance matrix of the random effects in an lme object? Intelligent question (1) I keep on trying to fit a linear mixed model in R using ''lme(y~fxd.dsgn, data = data.mtrx, ~rnd.dsgn|group)'' where fxd.dsgn and rnd.dsgn are the fixed and random design matrices, respectively. The function won''t work, though. It keeps telling me that it can''t find the object ''rnd.dsgn''. What''s the matter here? Any help would be gre...
2010 Feb 22
Siegel-Tukey test for equal variability (code)
...est Description: Non-parametric Siegel-Tukey test for equality in variability. The null hypothesis is that the variability of x is equal between two groups. A rejection of the null indicates that variability differs between the two groups. Usage: siegel.tukey(x,y,id.col=FALSE,adjust.median=FALSE,rnd=8, ...) Arguments: x: a vector of data y: Data of the second group (if id.col=FALSE) or group indicator (if id.col=TRUE). In the latter case, y MUST take 1 or 2 to indicate observations of group 1 and 2, respectively, and x must contain the data for both groups. id.col: If FALSE (default)...
2003 Jan 14
I am have a shorewall firewall and freeswan ipsec running on a redhat 8.0 Linux gateway machine. I have one working tunnel defined, all works well. I am not clear how to define mutiple concurrent tunnels. I can not add further interface entries as all the tunnels come in on ipsec0, do I still have mutiple zone definitions? some of the tunnels will be dynamic roadwarriors and as such would need a
2017 Sep 25
Random Variable Generation
I am attempting to write a code that will generate a win probability for a hockey team. To do this, I have a code built that will generate a number of random variables between two standard deviations, and then weight them and add them together. However, when I attempt to assign this code to a variable, any time I use the variable, it will always give me the same numbers instead of being random
2006 Apr 29
Creating your own params
I want to pass my own param called randid so I can do this @rnd = params[:randid] this will work if I can pass the :randid -- Posted via
2011 Oct 24
Problem with calling an user defined R function from Java
...93743_251527910706_1_1 T10-105_5day_24hrs"; //where data is the input. re.eval("source(''C:/Project_WRAIR/Normalisation.r'')"); System.out.println(re); REXP rn = re.eval("my.Normal(data)"); System.out.println(rn); double[] rnd = rn.asDoubleArray(); for(int i=0; i<rnd.length; i++){ System.out.print(rnd[i] + " "); } This gves an NullPointerException and on printing the variable rn, we get null as the output. Please do suggest a way out. Thanks in advance. Surajit Bhattacharya -- View thi...
2012 Nov 23
Add column index number to str() output
I often find it would be very useful when inspecting a data structure using str() to know the column index number in order to rearrange the data in a manner amenable to my purpose. Is there a way to modify the display options of the str() function to add column index? I know this is really a trivial matter but it would increase the utility of the str() function for me and increase the speed with
2013 Sep 24
[PATCH] key exchange proposal
Dear OpenSSH developers, I''ve worked this week on an alternative key exchange mechanism, in reaction to the whole NSA leaks and claims over cryptographic backdoors and/or cracking advances. The key exchange is in my opinion the most critical defense against passive eavesdropping attacks. I believe Curve25519 from DJB can give users a secure alternative to classical Diffie-Hellman
2008 Jan 04
GLMMs fitted with lmer (R) & glimmix (SAS)
I''m fitting generalized linear mixed models to using several fixed effects (main effects and a couple of interactions) and a grouping factor (site) to explain the variation in a dichotomous response variable (family=binomial). I wanted to compare the output I obtained using PROC GLIMMIX in SAS with that obtained using lmer in R (version 2.6.1 in Windows). When using lmer I''m
2009 Dec 07
zelig logit survey
...elieve this is because the model is not using "quasibinomial" (see R-News 2003, Analyzing Survey Data in R, by Thomas Lumley). Is there a way to change the model to use "quasibinomial"? Reproducible example: library(Zelig) library(survey) data(api) z.out <- zelig(form = yr.rnd ~ api00, data = apistrat, model = ''logit.survey'', id = ~1, strata = ~ stype, weight = ~pw, fpc = ~fpc) summary(z.out) Respectfully, Frank Lawrence
2004 Feb 04
Dovecot died due to some SSL related error
...2:08 hundehuette last message repeated 15 times Feb 4 11:15:15 hundehuette last message repeated 15 times Feb 4 11:18:21 hundehuette last message repeated 15 times Feb 4 11:18:26 hundehuette last message repeated 12 times Dovecot is running as user "dovecot" who does not have a ~/.rnd file Any idea? Thanks, Christof
2004 Jul 13
Samba-3.0.x: Strange problems with roaming profiles
...ETUPAPI.DLL, dirpath = , start = SETUPAPI.DLL is_mangled SETUPAPI.DLL ? is_mangled_component SETUPAPI.DLL (len 12) ? is_mangled SETUPAPI.DLL ? is_mangled_component SETUPAPI.DLL (len 12) ? is_in_path: src is_in_path: no name list. is_in_path: .bash_history is_in_path: no name list. is_in_path: PUTTY.RND is_in_path: no name list. is_in_path: .ssh is_in_path: no name list. is_in_path: .viminfo is_in_path: no name list. is_in_path: .tcshrc is_in_path: no name list. is_in_path: wordlist is_in_path: no name list. is_in_path: .links is_in_path: no name list. is_in_path: shares is_in_path: no name list....
2009 Feb 26
OpenSSL::Cipher decrypt returns 'wrong final block length'
I just want to encrypt a string submitted through a form before saving it to the DB. And then decrypt it again when I need to retrieve and use it. Im trying to use the OpenSSL::Cipher library. I have the following module for encryption/decryption [code] require ''openssl'' module AESCrypt # Decrypts a block of data (encrypted_data) given an encryption key # and an
2003 May 20
regression coefficients
dear all, How can I compare regression coefficients across three (or more) groups? Thank you very much
2006 Nov 13
Setting up Mongrel and Apache , some direction needed
I have a site that is PHP on Apache / RedHat , but will send requests to a subdomain (running Rails) for database operations. I believe the set up should be to have ROR using Mongrel, and an Apache virtual host passing requests from apache to mongrel. Does this sound correct ? I believe the Virtual Host is set up in Apache. One of my problems is I can''t find the httpd.conf file for
2008 Jan 16
Memory Leak
So, I''ve stumbled across bleak_house ( - this looks like it may help me track down what is causing the Memory leak I''m seeing (be it me, Ubuntu, Debian, or Puppet). First step: I''m going to clone the repo, branch Second step: Learn Ruby - shouldn''t be too