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2009 Apr 15
Creating a graphics window (in Windows, with RGui) that is not constrained to the RGui Window
Hi, all, Using RGui, is it possible to create a graphics window that can be moved outside of the RGui window? (This can be done--in fact must be done--using Rterm, but I wish to use RGui.) My interest for this is to use two monitors: in "my private monitor" I wish to execute R code in the Rgui window; in &q...
2008 Jul 11
Start preferred RGui
Dear R users, I have been having a problem since I installed the new versions of TinnR and R on my computer ( and 2.6.0 respectively). I used to open R by the command "start preferred RGUI", on the "R" tab of TinnR's menu. But now, since I updated both softwares (which was necessary for some compatibility issue with Windows Vista), the path for my preferred RGui ( "C:\Program Files\R\R-2.6.0\bin\Rgui.exe) changes every time I close Tinn-R to the incomplete pa...
2001 Oct 12
RGui innards questions
Hi, i would like to find out more on how Rgui works. Is there any documentation that details how RGui interfaces with the R language & environment. So, i would like to know things such as: - What language is RGui built in (source available?) - What language is RTerm built in? - how does the output of an R command get directed to the termi...
2005 Feb 07
RODBC working in Rgui but not Rterm
Hello Users: I'm using R version 2.0.1, and having problems with RODBC. Everything works fine when I use Rgui, but when I try to use Rterm and issue the commands library(RODBC) con <- odbcConnect("MySQL", "test") I get the following error: Error in sqlQuery(con, str) : first argument is not an open RODBC channel In addition: Warning messages:...
2013 Mar 02
Salvar en pdf desde el menú Rgui
Buenos días: Estoy apreciando que, da un mismo contenido de la ventana gráfica, el resultado es diferente si lo salvo en pdf desde el menú de Rgui con respecto a si lo genero con dev.copy3pdf. El espesor de las líneas y el tamaño de la fuente es superior si se guarda desde Rgui, y me gusta más. ¿Cómo puedo saber qué parámetros maneja Rgui para generar el pdf?. Gracias. Eva [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2000 Dec 19
A bug (?) in Rgui Configuration Editor (buffer lines) in R1.2.0 for Windows (Rgui.exe)
Dear R users: Today (December 18th) I downloaded R1.2.0 for Windows from and then invoked its Rgui.exe to change its gui configuration. After I set new values in Rgui configuration Editor frame and saved the set of new parameters as a "Rconsole" file, then I re-started Rgui and R issued an error message concerning the buffer-line-value in the Rconsole file. When I looked into the Rc...
2009 Jul 04
Hello everyone, This is my first post on this forum and I hope I communicate my problem correctly. I have been using R for sometime and have always used RGUI to send commands to R. However recently I had to work on large data sets and memory was an issue. I have started using R terminal and the speed of operations has improved considerably . Is this always the case ? Should one follow as an informal guide line that R terminal hogs less memory than RGUI...
2008 Sep 17
unix-type commandline keystrokes in the windows RGUI
Hi all, I am generally quite fond of the unix commandline keystrokes (e.g. searching back in your history with [CTRL]-R, and cutting/pasting with [CTRL]-K/Y) which work in the R commandline in *nix. Does anyone know if there's any way to get similar functionality in the Windows RGUI? I know that as of now, [CTRL]-A and -E do the same as unix (beginning and end of line) and [CTRL]-Y does a paste, but [CTRL]-K crops from the cursor to the end of the line but doesn't put the text into the clipboard. the most important thing I want is the [CTRL]-R functionality which is so p...
2010 Jun 11
Rgui crashed on Windows XP Home
...11.1 on my PC, which runs a Windows XP Home. The installation is successful, however, when I double click on the R icon, I get the following error message: R for Windows GUI front-end has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Error signature is: AppName: rgui.exe AppVer: 2.111.52157.0 ModName: msvcrt.dll ModVer: 7.0.2600.2180 Offset: 0000d2b5 I get a gdb, and then gdb the Rgui.exe, I get the following message: (gdb) run Starting program: D:\Program Files\R\R-2.11.1\bin/Rgui.exe [New Thread 2460.0xb7c] Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentat...
2001 Apr 26
Is there any function equivalent to Rgui's File--Save to File (menu bar) command ? (R for Windows)
Dear R users: I would like to know whether or not there is some auxiliary function for the Windows Port that emulates Rgui's Fille|Save to File [menu bar] command, analogous to flush.console(). More specifically, what I want to do is to insert such a function in .Last function in .Rprofile to automatically save the contents of the console as an ASCII text file whenever I quit Rgui. Or is there any system paramet...
2006 Oct 29
Rgui.exe fix for "console not found" buffer overflow problem
I'm using R on Windows XP Professional SP2. I figured out the fix for my buffer overflow problem that did not allow me to use Rgui.exe for about two weeks. I would keep getting "console not found" and even when I uninstalled and re-installed got the same problem. Here's how the problem started. In Rgui.exe, I attempted to get more visible output in the buffer (I wanted to be able to scroll up the to the to...
2012 May 09
Compiling R on Windows XP - Rgui crashes yet Rterm works
Hello. I am trying to build R on Windows. It appears that my build passes the various "make checks" (unless I missed some error) and running Rterm seems to work fine whereas Rgui has an immediate error stating " AppName: rgui.exe AppVer: 2.150.58871.0 ModName: rzlib.dll ModVer: Offset: 0000a9e5 The taskbar still works, but the console window has nothing in it, and trying to open a script drops me back to Windows. Even though it seemingly passing make chec...
2002 Mar 06
Loading tcltk package fails on WinMe/Cygwin but works with Rgui
I am investigating how well R/tcltk is supported on different system and I ran into the same problem as Christian Schulz reported on February 7, 2002. I am using [R] v1.4.1 on WinMe and ActiveTcl 8.3.2. Loading tcltk within Rgui works just fine and both demo(tkdensity) and demo(tkttest) works as expected. However, when I start R from my Cygwin terminal dyn.load() fails to load the library: % R --vanilla > library(tcltk) Error in dyn.load(x, as.logical(local), as.logical(now)) : unable to load shared library &qu...
2002 Jun 17
Rgui crashes
My Rgui crashes quite a lot when entering certain characters. I put a freshly extracted msvcrt.dll into the rw1050\bin directory, but this did not fix the problem. Perhaps, as stated in the FAQ section, I need also "put the rw1050\bin directory early in your path" but I do not know how to do i...
2004 Dec 21
Rgui.exe - Error while tuning svm
Hello, if I try to tune my svm with the code: Tune <- tune.svm(Data.Train, Class.Train, type="C-classification", kernel="radial", gamma = 2^(-1:1), cost = 2^(2:4)) i get a windows Messagebox with a error in the application "Rgui.exe" and the message: "Die Anweisung in 0x6c48174d verweist auf Speicher 0x00000000. Der Vorgang "read" konnte nicht auf dem Speicher ausgef??hrt werden. ....." is this a known error, or is there any mistake in my code? regards Andreas
2004 Apr 21
Rgui front-end has encountered a problem and needs to close
...ow if others have had the same problem. I can't start R at home on my laptop [ I'm using 1.8.1 under Windows XP]. When I click on the shortcut I get the usual Windows box for when an application needs to close. A couple of clicks down it displays the following: Error signature AppName: rgui.exe AppVer: 1.81.31121.0 ModName: msvcrt.dll ModVer: 7.0.2600.1106 Offset: 0003213b as well as another uncopyable window containing a large amount of binary. I was going to re-install R at work today but the thing worked OK. But back home tonight I get the same problem! The only difference be...
2015 Apr 28
Maximizar Consola de R al inicio
Hola Miguel Angel: Primero que nada gracias por tu aporte. Los parámetros del MDI que tengo en el fichero Rconsole son: MDI = yes MDIsize = 0*0+0+0 En lo de llamar a R usando start /MAX Rgui.exe, lo cierto es que no se muy bien a que te refieres. EL campo Destino del Acceso directo que uso para abrir Excel es: "C:\Program Files\R\R-3.2.0\bin\x64\Rgui.exe" --internet2 y la opción de Ejecutar esta puesta en Maximizada. Pero el maximizar la ventana general de R (la que aparece...
2011 May 02
Problems with Rterm 2.13.0 - but not RGui
Hi all, I have just installed R 2.13.0 and I am experiencing problems with the terminal, but not the with the GUI interface. I am Windows 7. When running "R" or "Rterm" from a commandline I receive the following: Warning message: In normalizePath(path.expand(path), winslash, mustWork) : path[3]="C:/Programmer/R/R-2.13.0/library": Adgang n?gtet R
2003 Feb 16
Rgui crash and Macro Magic
A consistent Rgui crash (1062 on XP) I was experiencing seemed initially to be solved by following R Win FAQ 2.12: placing a generic microsoft msvcrt.exe in rw1062\bin. But the crash problem quickly reappeared. Exiting Macro Magic, a keyboard macro utility, did solve the problem, apparently permanently according t...
2004 May 23
Running scripts automatically from Rgui (Windows)
I am trying to get a script to start automatically when I run the GUI version of R version 1.9.0, started from a .bat file (WINDOWS), but I'm getting strange errors In version 1.8.1 I was able to run a script automatically by copying the script into the file .Rprofile and running Rgui from a .bat script, but in version 1.9.0 I'm getting errors like: Error in inherits(x, "factor") : couldn't find function "winMenuNames" In addition: Warning message: In the method signature for function "contents", class "environment" has no curren...