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2008 Jul 26
Re: Gnumeric rpm
...#47;C/gnumeric.xml:408: parser error : Entity > 'welcome' not defined > &welcome; > ^ > /usr/share/gnome/help/gnumeric/C/quick-start.xml:1776: parser error : Entity > 'hellip' not defined > &hellip; </guimenuitem></menuchoice>. This brings up the file > ^ > /usr/share/gnome/help/gnumeric/C/quick-start.xml:1810: parser error : Entity > 'hellip' not defined > &hellip;</guimenuitem></menuchoice>. The &l...
2010 Aug 24
1.6 and asterisk gui
Hello, I'm new to asterisk and this list. The ISO download appears to have 1.6 with the FreePBX GUI but I am looking to use the Asterisk GUI. The only option for the Asterisk GUI is to use 1.4. Is it as simple as installing 1.6 only then using the yum repository to install the Asterisk GUI? If so, what packages are needed? Thanks!
2004 Jul 23
Problems using network code and trying to add a GUI
...a program I''m trying to write. What I want is this: I have an application (server) that will accept connections from clients through TCP, which then play a game through it. As things change in the game (players coming and going, games being won and lost), I want things to update in the GUI. I am trying to do this in such a way that I can use a text mode or curses mode if I want. Basically I have a bunch of hooks that get called in the server to a generic "output object" and I want my GUI to be one of those objects. Here''s the problem: Every time I try something...
2006 Jan 23
Easy, Robust and Stable GUI??? source if an acceptable option is available. I have looked around a bit and R seems to be the most stable and mature (not to mention powerful) open source statistical program going. The only downfall is that the school has been using spss for years and would demand a similarly user friendly GUI based statistical program to replace it. I have looked at a few of the R guis and most of them look like they are just command line interfaces in pretty desktop windows and not really a gui like spss. If anyone knows of any stable, userfriendly and robust guis for R that would be similar to using...
2007 Jun 14
Asterisk GUI
Hi List; Where I can download Asterisk GUI and what I can have benifit from it? Regards Bilal ____________________________________________________________________________________ Be a better Globetrotter. Get better travel answers from someone who knows. Yahoo! Answers - Check it out.
2003 Apr 29
Feedback about SciViews?
Hello, This message is little off-topic in R-help. Sorry for that, but not all interested people are wired yet to r-sig-gui ( Thanks for your comprehension. A preview version of SciViews (a Graphical User Interface for R under Windows, was released a few weeks ago. Since then, the Web site recorded several thou...
2007 Aug 16
Will there be a GUI for ZFS ?
I''ve been looking around and everywhere i only see ZFS text commands and not a single word bout a GUI to use and manage all those nice features it has, or did i miss something ? PS : My starter kit hasn''t arrived yet, so i don''t have Solaris installed . This message posted from
2009 Jun 18
asterisk-gui: read/write in the conf files or db
Hi Danny; Really I did not understand how I can determine if the IO will be DB or conf files? Is it from the Asterisk manager? Regards Bilal ------------------------- It depends on how you are configured. The gui interfaces using Asterisk Manager, so you get the Same IO from the gui that you would get from a native manager session. -----Original Message----- From: asterisk-users-bounces at [mailto:asterisk-users-bounces at] On Behalf Of bilal ghayyad Sent: Wednesday, June...
2009 Jun 24
GUI for Asterisk
I wonder if there is a GUI that does not change the underlying hand-made configuration ?! What I'm looking for actually is a GUI for adding a new SIP-client + voicemail, so that a company does not have to call me when they hired a new employee. I don't want a GUI that over-writes my hand-made SIP-configuration, and...
2007 Oct 15
What web GUI are people happy with?
Just wondering what web GUI people like for asterisk. I installed asterisk from source and I was looking at possibly installing web GUI for system management. So far looks promising anybody else have any suggestions. Thanks Roy Anciso Director of Technology Manistee Intermediate School District 1710 M...
2003 Dec 05
GUI's for R
Hello, I am not currently using R but I have been using S+ for sevaral years. I think that I fit in the category of power users, never using the GUI prefering the flexibility of a command line interface (CLI). In a short while I will try to move to R, that is if we can convince our IT people that installing a freeware package on a Unix server will not damaged the companie's network! The main reasons for which I want to move to R, at least...
2018 Nov 06
[PATCH] p2v: use newer GTK APIs if possible
Make use of APIs available in early GTK+ 3 versions, adding compatibility functions/macros for older GTK+ versions. There is no behaviour change, and it helps in porting to even newer GTK+ versions. --- p2v/gui-gtk3-compat.h | 16 ++++++++++++++++ p2v/gui.c | 13 +++++++++---- 2 files changed, 25 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-) diff --git a/p2v/gui-gtk3-compat.h b/p2v/gui-gtk3-compat.h index 8f32eadbf..04923535e 100644 --- a/p2v/gui-gtk3-compat.h +++ b/p2v/gu...
2006 Dec 08
Management GUI
Hi All Can anyone suggest a comprehensive GUI manager for Asterisk. It doesn't matter if it is open source or commercial. We currently have 100's of users currently managed via the real time database. Groups of users belong to their own contexts. We would like a system that is able to integrate with our current real time setup...
2011 Jul 11
Centos 6 Server has no GUI
Hi, So first daft question with Centos 6 (someone had to be first!) I've setup Centos 6 as a Server but as with Centos 5 it used to boot into the GUI but v6 doesn't do this, startx etc doesn't seem to work to launch the GUI Any suggestions on how I can get this to work? Thank you Keith
2007 Jan 18
MySQL admin GUI
Hi all, I'm looking for a mysql admin GUI tool. Currently I use [root at correo ~]# rpm -qi mysql | grep Version Version : 4.1.20 Vendor: CentOS and phpMyAdmin. I've seen the MySQL Administrator GUI tool proovided by MySQL AB is only available for MySQL 5.x series, and there is not CentOS package anywa...
2004 Jul 29
Asterisk GUIs at Astricon * REMINDER *
I'm working with the final details of the Astricon agenda. I haven't got anything so far on Asterisk GUI's and there are plenty of projects out there. I would like to invite developer's of Asterisk GUI's, both open source and commercial, to participate. What I'm thinking of is giving each GUI a slot of 10-15 minutes for a presentation and then a panel discussion on the GUI theme. If...
2017 Nov 04
low end file server with h/w RAID - recommendations
...e can not compare slingshot with machine gun (my apologies about "politically incorrect" comparison). > >> [...] >>> I like CLIs and don????t like web interfaces ... >> >> I _am_ a command line person myself. Yet, when dealing with RAID, I do >> prefer GUI interface, as it is much harder to screw up when you use >> 3ware >> web interface, compared to, say, 3ware command client interface, the >> last >> being much better and clearer than LSI command client... Again, it can >> be >> just me, or it can be the same for...
2005 Jul 12
comm between gui and app?
To me, the main app (an object) is separate from the app gui (object)... MVC''ish. How can I have the gui part communicate to the app that an event has taken place? Example code somewhere? Thank you. -- - Martin J. Brown, Jr. - - - Public PGP Key ID: 0xB09AFEFE keyserve...
2008 Jul 15
What package to use to create a GUI
Hello dead R-experts, I work on x86_64-suse-linux and I am using R 2.7.1. I created several scripts that will be used by several people that are not familiar with R. I would like to create a GUI to call the scripts that the users would choose to run, also, the GUI should allow them to choose the directories where their raw data resides, the scripts will be fed with such raw data. My question is the following: is there a R package that has built-in functions to create a GUI for linux?...
2005 Feb 18
Asterisk GUI
Hello, I am trying to setup an Asterisk GUI with the help of astman(please visit I have installed astman and currently assessing my GUI using; http://ipaddress-of-asteriskbox/cgi-perl/ I am trying to get the menu options in my GUI to work but to no ava...