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2002 Feb 11
Conversion to ext3 failed.
...mount and umount maintain a list of currently mounted file systems in the file /etc/mtab. If no arguĀ­ ments are given to mount, this list is printed. When the proc filesystem is mounted (say at /proc), the files /etc/mtab and /proc/mounts have very similar contents. The former has somewhat more information, such as the mount options used, but is not necessarily up-to-date (cf. the -n option below). It is possible to replace /etc/mtab by a symbolic link to /proc/mounts, but some in...
2006 Jun 20
Group-based filesystem quota
Hello. After using Dovecot for over a year, I have just started experimenting with the filesystem quotas, and I have a suggestion for improvement. On my mail server, I use group-based quotas, and would like to have Dovecot be able to report these quotas. It should be simple to implement, requiring only changes to the quota-fs.c file of the quota plugin. Simply changing USRQUOTA to
2007 Apr 30
mount type and ensure => present on OS X
Hello all. There is some strange thing going on with our OS X clients. We have created a package which is run via SystemStarter. What it does? It parses /etc/fstab and mounts the NFS directories mentioned there. This is needed since we want to have static mounts and the NetInfo-automounter combination does not do static mounts (even with ttl=0 set for the mount, which is supposed to do a static mount). Thanks Apple! Anyway, to manage /etc/fstab we have use:...
2019 Mar 27
[RFC PATCH 00/68] VFS: Convert a bunch of filesystems to the new mount API
...inux/fs.h | 24 - include/linux/fs_context.h | 20 + include/linux/mtd/super.h | 6 include/linux/ramfs.h | 6 include/linux/shmem_fs.h | 4 init/do_mounts.c | 12 kernel/bpf/inode.c | 92 ++-- mm/shmem.c | 396 +++++++++++----- mm/zsmalloc.c | 19 - net/ceph/ceph_common.c | 410 +++++++---------...
2014 Jan 24
[PATCH] fuse: In mount-local-run, test if root filesystem has been mounted (RHBZ#1057504).
It is never normally valid to use the mount-local* APIs when you haven't mounted some filesystems in the libguestfs namespace. If you try it, it results in some odd errors. The mount-local-run call is successful, but subsequent operations fail: $ mkdir -p /tmp/mnt $ guestfish -x -N fs mount-local /tmp/mnt : mount-local-run libguestfs: error: lstat: lstat_stub: you must call
2008 Jun 04
Mounting cifs shares by non-root users on CentOS 4.6
I'm trying to set up mounting of a Windows share for non-root users via /etc/fstab on a CentOS 4.6 box - I've followed the instructions at: <> Using something like the /etc/fstab example given in the wiki page (with, of course, using a valid share, username and password for my set up):
2017 Oct 10
Unable to find linux kernel on ext4, filesystem-related root cause assumed
Dear all, I'm working on a shell script which is producing a bootable image file. It contains a populated MBR and a single file system (ext4) which again contains a debootstrabed debian stable distribution. Unfortunately, I'm experiencing problems with the bootability of the produced image. When selecting the installed system at the boot prompt, Syslinux responds with something like
2015 Jun 25
/boot on a separate partition?
Timothy Murphy gayleard at Tue Jun 23 12:49:08 UTC 2015 > > Do most people today have /boot on a separate partition, > or do they (you) have it on the / partition ? Different distros have different defaults. There's no actual right or wrong here. Pretty much anything you can think of can be made to work. Jonathan Billings billings at Tue Jun 23
2013 Apr 03
Using single hiera hash for two create_resources, and mounting filesystems
I am trying to use the same hiera hash to create the mount point and mounts. (Would be nice if mount could create the mount points using 3.1.1) My plan was to define create_mount_points and use create_resources with the same hash, and just though away what I dont use.... maybe there is a better means? Here is the mount class: class fstab::mounts ( $config = undef...
2010 Apr 07
how to mount shares as a user without mount.cifs setuid
I'm running Debian/Squeeze on an AMD64 system. For some reason they have recently stopped shipping mount.cifs with the setuid bit set. Now it appears that they have changed the internal settings to prevent it from running setuid. This means that I can't define the share in fstab with "user" and connect from my Linux user account. Mounting smb/cifs shares seems to be
2007 Oct 17
Pam_mount + cifs
Hi, i'm probably not the first but i have found no concrete information about my problem... lots of information, nothing helped.. :S so, here's the thing.. i'm running a samba-3.0.22-13.16 server on SLES 9 kernel as an nt domain controller, there was a migration to Linux for the workstations so i had to implement WINBIND + PAM_MOUNT. after searching for the
2008 Jul 03
update to cifs-mount-3.2.0-24.1.122 from .121 broke mount.cifs
Jerry, Jeremy, et. al. Last night's upgrade from cifs-mount-3.2.0-24.1.121 to cifs-mount-3.2.0-24.1.122 on a openSuSE 10.3 x86_64 machine broke mount -t cifs. Now attempting to mount shares results in the following: 11:10 alchemy/home/david/bin] # mount.cifs -v //nirvana/david /mnt/nirvana-david -o username=david,uid=1000,password=notmypass parsing
2013 Nov 14
is mounting subvolumes with a read-only root subvolume allowed?
Hi, I have a box with / and /home being subvolumes from the same btrfs filesystem. /etc/fstab: UUID=c0686... / btrfs subvol=root,x-systemd.device-timeout=0 1 1 UUID=c0686... /home btrfs subvol=home,x-systemd.device-timeout=0 1 1 ... / is initially mounted readonly by the initramfs, and then after switching to the real system, /home is attempted to
2001 Dec 10
ext3 mounted as ext2
...nted as an ext3fs, too! What makes me wonder is the asymmetry. both fs_vfstype fields are set to ext2 but / gets mounted as ext3 and /mnt gets mounted as ext2. What would work is setting the fs_vfstype field to ext3 BUT then non ext3-aware kernels don't mount that entry anymore. (rc.S mounts the fstab files via "/sbin/mount -avt nonfs") My question: how do I set the fs_vfstype field in /etc/fstab so that ext3-aware kernels mount partitions as ext3fs and non-ext3-aware kernels mount partitions as plain ext2fs. any ideas? Thanks, Stefan Some info about my...
2001 Dec 16
smbmount and ownership of dir for mounting
Why can a user only mount on a directory which he owns with smbmount? Surely write permission should be enough worst case and likely this too should not be required. Other mount code allow mounts to occur without ownership (for example the CD-ROM mounting to /mnt/cdrom when ANY user types mount /mnt/cdrom without either ownership or write permission). It seems inconsistent. If the problem is in mounting over other people stuff then surely there should be an exception if it...
2001 Feb 05
Mounting samba shares
Hi, I'm trying to mount samba shares onto the file system, but at the moment i only seem to be able to mount them as root. I've tried changing the permissions on the mount point and even mounting it on a subdir of my home directory but mount just keeps telling me that only root can do this. I've put an entry for the mount in /etc/fstab with the user option, what have i missed?
2011 Feb 08
mount -F smbfs
Dear all there is first port to me plz if u have any idea about mount windows share inside Solaris10 OS with mount -F smbfs or mount -F cifs thanks to advanced best, *Hosam Al Ali UNIX System Administrator - GIT Libya * SCSA - SCNA - SCSECA - MCSAM - MCSE Phone +218919240730 +963 955 287841 Blog: Twitter:
2004 Oct 13
smbfs mount issues
This problem began a couple months ago with my new install of (you guessed it) XP sp2. Now, when i mount a share from the xp machine to my debian box, everyone, including rot, gets a permission denied trying to ls the dir. I've read posts about switching to cifs, but that has opened a whole new can of worms. I'd just like to see smbfs mount my shares properly the way they used to. My
2011 May 10
ERROR: -91 after Kernel Upgrade
Hey guys, I have a OCFS2 Cluster mounted at 4 xen-server (gentoo). Today I upgraded the xen-kernel for tests at one server (server2) from 2.6.34-xen to 2.6.38-xen-r1. After reboot the server couldn''t mount the ocsfs2 device anymore. ocfs2-tools version: sys-fs/ocfs2-tools-1.4.3 Modules are loaded and /config type configfs and /dlm type ocfs2_dlmfs are mounted. server2
2011 Mar 28
gluster 3.1.3 mount using nfs
Hi all, I setup the gluster filesystem and I want to mount the gluster volume using nfs in unix system. My machine is hp-ux (11.23) I put command like below but it has error test14:/>mount -F nfs -o proto=tcp,port=38465,vers=3,llock /mnt nfs mount: get_fh: RPC: Program not registered nfs mount: get_fh: RPC: Program not registered