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2005 May 22
Re: Hi, Bryan; was: Re: pronunciation? <snip> -- don't shoot the messenger ...
From: Dag Wieers > Sorry to interrupt but he was describing how you appeared in previous > postings. And I have to say that I felt the same way reading some of your postings. Really? Then I'll re-read them since there's been a second confirmation. Just know that I wasn't trying to make it about good/bad. I'm just trying to make the point that companies aren't
2011 Oct 11
centos6: usbip: how to build and use it?
Someone can show me how to build the usbip standard kernel modules for centos 6? For other distro (mandr*, suse, debian ubuntu, ecc) this standard kernel driver and our control programs and daemon are on standard repository then installable via yum or apt-get >