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2010 May 25
Bug#583155: logcheck-database: Please create rules for amavis(d-new)
Package: logcheck-database Version: 1.3.8 Severity: wishlist HI, can you please create a rule/some rules for amavis(d-new). I get for every mail this mesage: May 25 19:55:40 data amavis[9603]: (09603-15) Passed CLEAN, [::1] [] <xxx@yyy.zz> -> \ <aaa@localhost>, Message-ID: <2010...
2013 Mar 25
Bug#703936: logcheck-database: SSH Bad Protocol Version Idenitifcation Rule is incomplete
Package: logcheck-database Version: 1.3.13 Severity: normal The rule for SSH ignoring "Bad protocol version identification" assumes there are no single quotes inside the version string (''[^'']''). I am however getting mails including those lines: Mar 25 22:57:04 Debian-60-squeeze...
2011 Jul 02
Bug#632471: logcheck-database: spamd child cleanup message broken after upgrade to squeeze
Package: logcheck-database Version: 1.3.13 Severity: normal Tags: patch After upgrading to debian squeeze I get several messages a day in the form of: Jul 2 15:05:15 hostname spamd[21286]: spamd: handled cleanup of child pid [28609] due to SIGCHLD: exit 0 This is due to an update in spamd, that makes the message m...
2004 May 28
Bug#251364: logcheck: preinst has bashism, fails with dash and LANG != C
Package: logcheck Version: 1.2.20a Severity: serious Tags: patch On a system where sh points to dash and LANG=es_ES, I get this: # apt-get -y --reinstall install logcheck Leyendo lista de paquetes... 0% Leyendo lista de paquetes... 0% Leyendo lista de paquetes... 23% Leyendo lista de paquetes... Hecho Creando árbo...
2005 Mar 28
logcheck errors after logrotate runs
--nextPart2699335.H7BBWTdPIb Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Disposition: inline Hello :) After upgrading recently from Woody to Sarge (which went fairly well) I now= =20 have trouble with logcheck. I have been unable to track down a solution. Logcheck runs perfectly through the week until Sunday when logrotate does i= t''s=20 thing. I immediately start getting warning emails from logcheck that logfil= es=20 are not checked. ** example logcheck email content ** Details: Could not r...
2004 Jun 04
Bug#252597: logcheck: user logchecks mails should be delivered to root
Package: logcheck Version: 1.2.20a Severity: important Since logcheck changed to run as user logcheck, the error mails of the cron daemon end up in /var/mail/logcheck where nobody reads them. Mails for logcheck should be aliased to root like all the other mails of system accounts. I was searching for a...
2005 Sep 15
Bug#328632: Please include README.logcheck-database.gz
Package: logcheck Version: 1.2.41 Severity: minor man (8) logcheck says: For hints on how to maintain rules, see README.logcheck-database.gz, but this file is not included in /usr/share/doc/logcheck. micah -- System Information: Debian Release: testing/unstable APT prefers unstable APT...
2004 May 26
Bug#251046: logcheck: invalid mktemp -p option
Package: logcheck Version: 1.1.1-13.1woody1 Severity: important logcheck line 56 uses "TMPDIR=$(mktemp -d -p ..." but mktemp from woody doesn''t accept -p option Cheers, Chris -- System Information Debian Release: 3.0 Kernel Version: Linux ethlife-a 2.4.26-vs1.27 #4 SMP Mit Apr 28 15:20:15 MEST...
2005 Feb 16
Bug#295560: logcheck: Please include filename when reporting "invalid regular expression"
Package: logcheck Version: 1.2.34 Severity: wishlist I have a couple of home-made logcheck ignore files, and happened to have one unescaped (and unmatched) `('' in one of the filter lines. Because of this, cron sent a mail with the body "grep: Invalid regular expression" - the subject is the comma...
2004 May 15
Re: [Logcheck-commits] CVS logcheck/src
On Sat, 15 May 2004, CVS User ttroxell wrote: > if [ -f /etc/logcheck/header.txt ] ; then > - $CAT /etc/logcheck/header.txt >> $TMPDIR/report > + $CAT /etc/logcheck/header.txt >> $TMPDIR/report \ > + || error "Could not append header to $TMPDIR/report Disk full?" > f...
2005 Jan 20
Bug#291395: logcheck-database: Rules dirs are setuid, they should be setgid
Package: logcheck-database Version: 1.2.33 Severity: normal I just installed 1.2.33, and it made my rules dirs setuid, not setgid... - Marc -- System Information: Debian Release: 3.1 APT prefers testing APT policy: (900, ''testing''), (300, ''unstable'') Architecture: i386 (i6...
2004 Dec 25
Bug#287184: logcheck overwriting ownership/permissions of /etc/logcheck/* on upgrades
Package: logcheck Version: 1.2.32 Severity: important In postinst logcheck "fixes" permissions of /etc/logcheck/* to 750. In my (and others on #d-d) opinion ownership and permissions should be preserved upon package upgrades. Logcheck must not screw with my decision to make them world readab...
2004 Aug 31
Bug#269318: logcheck: /etc/logcheck/ignore.d.server (add spamassassin)
Package: logcheck Version: 1.2.26 Severity: wishlist Please add ignore for Spamassasin''s "check" messages like: Aug 16 19:27:54 ns spamd[23853]: checking message <20040816150710.86ADA708A8 at> for nobody:65534. -- System Information: Debian Release: 3.1 Architecture:...
2010 Nov 05
Bug#602494: logcheck runs filters for packages not installed
Package: logcheck Version: 1.3.13 Severity: normal Hi, at present my logcheck is into 33 minutes of cpu time for running the ignore/innd rule, when the innd package is not installed. If running logcheck against only locally created logfiles, there should be a configuration option to only run logcheck against...
2008 Mar 05
Bug#443881: setting package to logcheck-database logtail logcheck, tagging 444097, tagging 445069, tagging 444096 ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
# Automatically generated email from bts, devscripts version # # logcheck (1.2.64) unstable; urgency=low # # * ignore.d.server/bind: # - moved "[bind] query $FOO denied" rule to violations.ignore.d # (closes: #443881). # - added bind''s "AXFR ended" rule alongside "AXFR started" # (closes: #445046). # - added...
2005 Jan 12
Bug#290195: violations.d/sudo and violations.ignore.d/logcheck-sudo missing sudo log entries
Package: logcheck Version: 1.2.32 Severity: normal It seems when someone runs a sudo command on my system, logcheck misses it. The second line of /etc/logcheck/violations.d/sudo matches them, but the /etc/logcheck/violations.ignore.d/logcheck-sudo kills them. Furthermore, when user...
2005 Aug 31
Bug#325801: logcheck: new regex to filter imap "Moved xxx bytes of new mail" messages
Package: logcheck Version: 1.2.41 Severity: wishlist Hi folks, thanks for your work maintaining logcheck, it works well. When my users read their mail using imap (usually via squirrelmail, not sure about other clients) I get a message like this in the log: Aug 22 21:03:32 phoenix imapd[6551]: Moved 11323 bytes of...
2005 Mar 06
Bug#298291: logcheck-database: Printer out-of-paper reported
Package: logcheck-database Version: 1.2.34 Severity: minor I have parallel port attached printer and kernel reports whenever printer is out of paper: Mar 6 12:38:50 host kernel: lp0 out of paper However, this is not a situation that should be reported by default (IMHO) by logcheck sending report email. Thus I...
2009 Oct 17
Bug#551340: [logcheck-database] Rule in /etc/logcheck/violations.ignore.d/logcheck-su does not match
Package: logcheck-database Version: 1.2.69 Severity: normal Tags: patch Hi, I think that this rule: ^\w{3} [ :0-9]{11} [._[:alnum:]-]+ su\[[0-9]+\]: (\+|-) (pts/[0-9]{1,2}|tty[0-9]) [_[:alnum:]-]+:[_[:alnum:]-]+$ is supposed to filter out lines like: Oct 17 14:49:24 myhost su[13469]: + /dev/pts/...
2005 Apr 07
Bug#303661: logcheck-database: openntpd rules
Package: logcheck-database Version: 1.2.37 Severity: normal Hello again, openntpd gives messages like these failry often: Apr 7 14:25:55 terminus ntpd[673]: peer now invalid Apr 7 14:26:10 terminus ntpd[673]: peer now valid I am not sure if this is something that an admin may find r...