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2008 Jan 25
How to execute R code
Hi, I have 'R' code in file. saved it as exmaple.r here is the code....... library("hopach") GSE <- read.table("gene_expression_data",sep="\t",header=TRUE,row.names=TRUE) gene.dist <- distancematrix(t(GSE),d="euclid") gene.hobj <- hopach(t(GSE), dmat=gene.dist, mss="med") labelstosil(gene.hobj$cluster$label,gene.dist) I dont know how to run it on linux terminal. Can you tell me how to execute this file. I am using Debian linux. Regards, Praeek Singh -- Prateek Singh Final year Bioinformatics(BTech) Vello...
2011 Sep 14
Norton Dayplan no longer working
I have recently moved from Ubuntu 10.04 to Mint 11 Katya and installed Wine 1.2.2 using software manager. I have the original dayplan.exe files and dll files from the Norton Desktop program that was designed to run without an installer from Win 3.1 . For me this program has worked in all versions of Windows including XP and when running Wine in Ubuntu 10.04 it also worked. Now when I double
2009 Aug 31
Fixed patch...
This version of the patch includes feedback from, including fixes to the BuildRequires and Requires in the spec file.
2009 Sep 11
Text-based node administration tool
This patch obsoletes any previous ones. This is an upstream candidate, so I'm looking for feedback so we can push this and start using it.
2009 Sep 14
This version fixes a few bugs found by jboggs. It also includes some logging facilities that need to be fleshed out more.
2009 Sep 16
Final push candidate for nodeadmin tool...
This patch is ready for pushing upstream.
2009 Sep 16
Replacement that includes
The previous patch was missing this file. Resending.
2009 Jul 31
RFC: This patch is not being submitted for ACK...
...just looking for some feedback on the direction I'm going. The code won't get all the way to the define stage since I'm in the middle of retrofitting it to use virtinst instead of a home spun node definition.