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2007 Jan 26
Microsoft makes hard call for input
hi all, you might be interested in this article. cheers, joe A Sydney software engineer has been embroiled in a controversy in which Microsoft stands accused of trying to use him as a paid proxy to finesse entries on the Wikipedia site. Doug Mahugh, Microsoft "technical evangelist", emailed the engineer, Rick Jelliffe, on Monday, hoping to use Mr Jelliffe's expertise to modify a number o...
2004 Sep 26
Digium and mailing lists
I was somewhat concerned reading Mark's posting earlier today. Obviously, things are very bad in the US at the moment. Their Government even deported Cat Stevens the other day (check ). Clearly, given the fact that Digium contributes so much to Asterisk, they shouldn't be forced to risk their
2005 Jul 27
Full T38 sip Faxing now Available
Hello everybody, for all of you that have searched for a real fax solution, look no further. We now have T38 faxing. Please contact me for more information. Thanks Michael D. Schelin ShellTel 626-814-2354
2005 Nov 07
Reducing the deleterious effects of ego related issues on the list: growing up individually.
...oblem with it, you shouldn't. If you are obnoxious, have too little ego to withstand reasonable well-intentioned community-spirited criticism, ... have myriad other issues and believe I am referring to *you*; your problem, not mine. I may be referring to you, but why should you care? If you get embroiled in some of the negative activities exampled below with good intentions, I understand completely and do not unduly condemn you for your efforts. If the person that removed others from the list because their attitude was not to the liking of the powers-that-be wants to remove me too, go for it. It...