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2017 Jun 30
[Fwd: CIA Outlaw Country attack against CentOS / Rhel (and Fedora?) Is this credible?]
Do you know this? Dario ------- Messaggio inoltrato ------- Da: stan <stanl-fedorauser at> Reply-to: Community support for Fedora users <users at> A: users at Oggetto: CIA Outlaw Country attack against CentOS / Rhel (and Fedora?) Is this credible? Data: Thu, 29 Jun 2017 15:51:43 -0700 Wikileaks released a document
2017 Jun 30
[Fwd: CIA Outlaw Country attack against CentOS / Rhel (and Fedora?) Is this credible?]
> Do you know this? "For operational use, shell access is assumed, and root privileges are required." It's not much of a secret that you can mess with a system if you have root access... Yves Bellefeuille <yan at>
2010 Aug 03
This is a question of clarification. IN 2009 Higgins, Thompson and Spiegelhalter (J R Statist Soc A 172:137-159) gave WinBUGs code to get credible intervals from random effects meta analysis for the prediction interval of a new study. It appears that the predict.rma function creates approximate credible intervals (pending a function revision by the author) for that purpose. Is my assumption
2004 Jan 03
STOP THIS THREAD New to asterisk? RUN... don't walk.
...E: [Asterisk-Users] New to asterisk? RUN... don't walk. > On Sat, 2004-01-03 at 14:12, Me wrote: > > Mr. West, > > > > Sorry to burst your bubble, but that is not me. My > > name is Barbara Simpson. Either you are lying or > > someone is trying to remove any credibility from my > > original post. I now stand by my original post with > > more conviction than ever. > > You had little to no credibility when you show up acting like a troll > from what most people would consider a throw away account. > > > There were a lot of insightful r...
2011 Mar 20
Question about "extracting" unwanted e-mails from mdbox
Imagine the following scenario Last Saturday, 3:00 AM a big phishing attack hits our e-mail inboxes. Spamassassin does not mark them as spam, and our 50.000+ users have in their mdbox a very credible phishing attack. What doveadm-fu could I use to delete (or move to spam) that e-mail from each user INBOX (let?s imagine the Subject or a Header is known)? I repeat: already delivered e-mail, how
2019 Nov 14
how to know when a system is compromised
How do you know when a Linux system has been compromised?? Every day I watch our systems with all the typical tools, ps, top, who, I watch firewall / IPS logs, I have logwatch setup and mailing daily summaries to me and I dive deeper into logs if something looks suspicious. What am I missing or not looking at that you security gurus are looking at? I subscribe to the centos and SANS
2009 Mar 16
the effect of blocking on the size of confidence intervals - analysis using lme and lmer
This is a follow-up mail of "the effect of blocking on the size of confidence intervals - analysis using aov". In both mails I pursue the idea of using blocking factors in order to reduce the width of confidence intervals. My dataset comprises, a quantitative response variable, namely: "response", and three categorical eplanatory variables, namely: "method",
2005 Aug 12
Concerning reading of SAS-files
Hi! I'm trying to start a credibility estimation study with a coule of data sets that are created for SAS. The data sets are saved as ".sas7bndx" and ".sas7bdat". I've tried reading them to R with the function 'read.xport' but this returns the error message 'Error in lookup.xport(file) : unable to...
2007 Dec 07
Sendmail: timeout waiting for input from local during Draining Input
Hi folks, I've recently replaced a RedHat EL 3.x system with a CentOS 5 system (fully yum'd as of Tuesday). This was a full-pave install, although we did copy the from the original system. Now I get a lot of this in my logs: Dec 7 11:47:38 mail sendmail[20117]: lB7Gl6w0020116: timeout waiting for input from local during Draining Input The only thing even remotely
2018 Sep 26
Which is the best open source ecommerce platform?
Good afternoon from Singapore, There are far too many choices when it comes to open source ecommerce solutions. Are there any credible rankings of open source ecommerce platforms? Which open source ecommerce solution do you think is the best and tell me why. Thank you. ===BEGIN SIGNATURE=== Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming's Academic Qualifications as at 30 Oct 2017 [1]
2020 Oct 26
Looking for a guide to collect all e-mail from the ISP mail server
...u now suggesting that mega-corporations only ever do things in the best or smartest way? I can point out examples of people and corporations doing stupid things all day long. There are LOTS of examples, everywhere. This doesn't mean they're not stupid. I'm sorry buddy, your credibility hit rock bottom in your first post, and your subsequent posts aren't helping. Have a nice day. *plonk* -Dave -- Dave McGuire, AK4HZ New Kensington, PA
2009 Jan 26
[OT] Anyone on-list using a Barracuda Spam Firewall?
Normally I don't like posting on this list for off-topic info, but I need to know "un-biased" opinions regarding Barracuda's Spam Firewall as we're looking to get one soon where I work and I want to know any pros/cons before I stake my credibility on it for our spam fighting. If you've had good or bad experiences with one of these devices, please contact me _off_ list regarding this. I don't want to spam the list with a major OT thread. Thanks.
2005 May 26
Re: Demonizing generic Linux issues as Fedora Core-only issues -- why I hate these meta-discussions ...
From: "Bryan J. Smith <b.j.smith at>" > You are indeed correct (I must have been looking at the RHEL3 dir**) First off, that's now 2 strikes for me. Small ones considering the context well outside of the points, but still it hurts my credibility. This is one of the things I hate about meta-discussions, at least how I approach them. Sometimes I just need to learn that it doesn't matter how many additional examples I give, some people aren't going to do anything but blame Red Hat. And by giving example after example, or attempting...
2011 Apr 24
random roundoff?
On my CentOS 5 box, in a C++ program that does much arithmetic, including numerous matrix multiplications, I have a situation in in which the result depends on the nature of nearby I/O. Thus, with all arithmetic done with type double, and where values are mostly in the range [-1.0e0,+1.0e0] or nearby, I do: cerr << "some stuff" << endl; mat3 = matmult(mat1,mat2);
2005 Apr 16
[LLVMdev] New primitive type for 32/64 compatibility?
...construct. I think this would capture what you're really going for, and have very simple and well-defined meaning. If other front-end people think that this would be a useful abstraction for providing portable code, and can give examples where it would be used, that would provide a lot of credibility in my mind for the feature. The bigger problem I suspect is that you'll need to modify the LLVM C front-end, llvm-gcc, to produce these. I suspect that making it produce these will be fairly hard, as GCC's internal representation is notoriously for being not type-consistent. If you wa...
2004 Apr 17
Network Magazine 04/04/04 Article pg 19 (Free IP Telephony PBXs?) for validating all that I have been doing to promote Asterisk to anyone and everyone who will take the time to listen. When I talk about it and show off working systems in action, people get excited and are quite impressed. Having your 30 min presentation to go along with my demo increases my credibility 10 fold. Thank you all for contributing to this great community. JR
2020 Nov 10
SSL alert number 42
...te: They provided 3 files: ? certificate.crt ? private.key which make perfect sense as replacement for the 2 files provided by the distribution. I am guessing that I need somehow to append the 3rd file (ca_bundle.crt) to the first one? In order to raise its credibility? TIA On 11/10/2020 2:20 PM, Aki Tuomi wrote: >> On 10/11/2020 19:17 Raymond Herrera <raymond at> wrote: >> >> >> This is a followup to my thread "Recommended Protocols?". >> The error message is as follows: >> do...
2005 Oct 26
R-help Digest, Vol 32, Issue 26
r-help at on Wednesday, October 26, 2005 at 6:00 AM -0500 wrote: Ronaldo, Try Harold's suggestion. The df still won't agree, because lmer (at least in its current version) just puts an upper bound on the df. But that should be OK, because all those t tests are approximations anyways, and you can get better confidence intervals (credible intervals, whatever) by using the
2014 Aug 23
[LLVMdev] [cfe-dev] [RFC] Raising LLVM minimum required MSVC version to 2013 for trunk Golin <renato.golin at> wrote: > On 22 August 2014 20:18, Óscar Fuentes <ofv at> wrote: > > I second this. My experience with VS is that new features are usually > > broken if you go beyond the simple cases. And the roadmaps have little > > credibility, based on a continuous flow of disappointments since... > > forever. > > Is there any interest from Microsoft to actually fix those problems, > or is that their policy that what's there is there? The latter seems > to be their policy on other products, and for what I know, VS...
2008 Jul 22
Looking for a more robust Click to Dial/Web Dial solution than AsteriDex (potential for a bounty!)
I realize this may be less of an Asterisk question and more of a... well... everything but asterisk, but still relating to asterisk question. I was looking for a Click to Dial/Web Dial solution and I found AsteriDex. I'm looking for something I can use on the road where I can hit an internal Click to Dial/Web Dial page from my cell, tap on a number and have it bridge a call