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2009 Jun 11
OT - Aastra phones provisioning
Hi, I can't find a way to tailor DHCP/TFTP/HTTP environment so that brand new Aastra SIP phones can be auto-provisioned when config files are stored in a specific TFTP subdirectory instead of TFTP root directory. For instance, TFTP root directory is /srv/tftp. When config files are stored in /srv/tftp, a new Aastra can find its config files. When config files are s...
2007 Apr 02
Aastra 480 i
Getting "no service" display on aastra 480i. Sip debug shows an "unathorized" blub when the aastra tries to register. Some reading indicates that 1.4 firmware wants aastra.cfg and mac.cfg in /tftpboot/. There are none. Anyone have basic config files? Or can point me to a good link? All links I have tried, that pur...
2007 Jan 22
7 points of comparison Polycom 430/501 and Aastra 480i. Which one to choose ?
I need to provide a 80 people office with VOIP. I want to commit to one vendor Polycom or Aastra. Price of the phones is not a factor in the decision. The quality of the phones is the factor. Some of the features that I am evaluating on are: (arranged in order of priority) 1. Sound quality 2. complete product line with conference phone and receptionist phone (not on Aastra) 3. cordless (not o...
2015 Mar 26
call between snom 300 and aastra 6731i
hello list i need your help please regarding an issue with snom300 and aastra6731i using asterisk 11.13.0 asterisk snom 300 astra 6731i i have configured the trunks like below 100 in snom300 200 in snom300 300 in aastra6731i 400 in x-lite the calls between x-lite and aastra ====ok inbound and outbound the calls between x-lite and snom300====>...
2011 May 05
Issue with Asterisk & Aastra 57i at v3.2
I recently tried to update my Aastra 57i to version 3.2 and ran into a problem. It won't properly register and says "contact mismatch". I added "sip contact matching: 2" to aastra.cfg, but that didn't help. When I look at the SIP trace, but I see is the Aastra sending a REGISTER and Asterisk replying wit...
2013 May 06
OT - Differences between Aastra 6730i and 6750i series
Hi, What are the main differences between Aastra SIP phones 6730i and 6750i series ? Aastra corporate web site mentions : "The Aastra 6730i Series offers exceptional features and flexibility in an open-standard enterprise grade IP telephone" for one "The Aastra 6750i Series offers features and flexibility in an open-standards b...
2009 Mar 06
Aastra 480i repair?
Just found out my maintanence agreement with fonality does not cover phones over a year old. So, of course, they don't repaird phones, only replace them. Very worldly of them... Anyone know where I can get an Aastra 480i repaired? The phone works on speakerphone, but when you lift the receiver offthe hook, the phone does not engage. There is something wrong with the "hook". The receiver works fine, on another phone, the phone has had its firmware flashed, and again, the phone wroks fine using the...
2009 Feb 24
Aastra phones
Hi, I`ve been toying with an Aastra phone (9143i) wondering if it could be a good alternative to to the more expensive Polycom phones. One thing which I can't figure out, although it certainly looks simple, is to update the firmware though FTP (not TFTP). I have set the ftp provisioning server in the Aastra phone, and put th...
2011 Jun 22
Aastra phone # key in dialplan
I want to use extension numbers that begin with the # key in my dialplan, but I can't get my Aastra phone (6731i) to transmit the # key to asterisk. It works fine for the * key. I've tried numerous Local Dial Plan patterns in the aastra web configuration but none of them worked. My current Local dial Plan pattern is "x+#|xx+*|#x+". Any help would be appreciated. -- Marvin Horst -...
2008 Jan 29
POE draw on Aastra 480i
> > Allen Casteran wrote: > > Anyone know what the POE draw is for the Aastra 480i phones? > > We have switches that will do 15 watts on 12 ports but only do 7.7 watts on all 24 ports. > > A Cisco 3560 switch will do 15.6 watts on all 24 ports. > > Just trying to find out if we need that much power. > Drew wrote: > According to Aastra tech support, 5...
2007 Apr 11
Which SIP phones to buy?
I need to buy some new phones for our own offices. I've used only Polycom phones until now, but I'd like to broaden my experience. I'm trying to decide which phones to experiment with. I have these options: - A combination of Polycom, Aastra and Snom - Just Polycom One the one hand, I'd like to keep things uniform, since it greatly simplifies provisioning. On the other hand, I don't want to broaden my knowledge. Advice, anyone? -Stephen-
2008 Aug 15
Problem with Aastra 480ci and qualify=yes
Hi, We have a few Aastra 480ci phones and we've noticed that in order to get the phone to receive a call, qualify must be = no. Apparently the Aastras do not respond to the qualify message (or respond in a way Asterisk doesn't understand) and Asterisk thinks the phone is unreachable. However, this now prevents MWI...
2007 Jan 04
POE draw on Aastra 480i
Anyone know what the POE draw is for the Aastra 480i phones? We have switches that will do 15 watts on 12 ports but only do 7.7 watts on all 24 ports. A Cisco 3560 switch will do 15.6 watts on all 24 ports. Just trying to find out if we need that much power. Can't seem to find any info on the Aastra site. Comments?
2006 Feb 16
Firmware version 1.3.1 released for Aastra IPphones
There is no release note, just a text file that says AASTRA TELECOM INC. February 2006 - 9133i Generic SIP Firmware for customer release. ________________________________ From: [] On Behalf Of Gareth Owen Sent: 15 February 2006 02:00...
2010 Jul 30
Aastra phones occasionally show "No Service" - Is there any network setting I can tamper to facilitate a quick DHCP renewal on the Aastra phones?
Hi Everyone, I am running DD-WRT on a router that feeds about 30 Aastra 6753i. The phones occasionally go into "No Service" mode. The POE switch doesn't seem to be the problem as it's tested fine. I think the router sometimes gives up and comes back quickly. Or something of that nature. However, the connections are maintained if a call is going on bec...
2009 Jul 03
0 and tollfree ENUM records
...== ast_get_enum() profiling: FAIL,, 405 ms -- Executing [18002662278 at outbound:3] Set("SIP/aastra-sip1-0c004d98", "ARRAY(i,id)=1,0") in new stack -- Executing [18002662278 at outbound:4] Set("SIP/aastra-sip1-0c004d98", "max=3") in new stack -- Executing [18002662278 at outbound:5] While("SIP/aastra-sip1-0c004d98", "1") in...
2005 Sep 12
Firmware upgrade Aastra 480i CT
Does anyone have success in upgrading Aastra/Sayson 480i CT firmware? All I get, no matter what I've tried is "Unable to upgrade firmware". tftpd is working because the dialplan freshens, and I have aastra.cfg whatevermacaddressfile.cfg and in /tftpboot Am I missing something stupid? Is there another way...
2007 Mar 12
Rebooting all Aastra phones
Is there a command in Asterisk that will cause all Aastra phones to reboot and/or recheck for new firmware? -------------- next part -------------- An HTML attachment was scrubbed... URL:
2008 Mar 03
Aastra phones and park/pickup feature
We are installing Aastra phones (480's and 57i's) into a fairly simple asterisk setup. Although call park & pickup work fine using xfer to 700 (to park), dial 701 (to pickup), we are unable to make the park/pickup softkey feature work on the aastra's. Although we've programmed the softkeys per th...
2010 May 14
aastra pt 480e phone
hello i hope i am posting to the right list, i am a totally blind user, and i want to reprogram my aastra pt 480e phone, my friend used the web configurator, but i think he programmed thw wrong codes, a few questions, is it possible to damage the phone by programming it wrong? also, how does one reset it literally to factory defaults? as unplugging it and replugging it back into the wall didn't...