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2002 Aug 30
Old linuxbox as BwM
...lo, I''m playing with tc, htb, and other QoS features on an old pc I have. The PC runs, by now, a shrinked version of Debian Woody, with patched versions of kernel 2.4.18 and iproute in order to support HTB. What i''m wondering is if with a AMD 100Mhz (stealed from a museum ;-), 16Mbps RAM i can do bandwidth management to 20 network hosts, which connect wirelessly (not all, but mostly of these) sharing a wireless link of 800 kbps (kbit in tc grammar) and i''m simulating an external interfase of 256 kbps. The ASCII art is as follows: ____________ e0|...
2002 Oct 27
rsync with large gzip files.
Hi, I tried performing a complete copy of 17GB of filesystems over the WAN (0.8GB/hr) with the speed of 16Mbps. The filesystem consists of several large g-zipped files. These large g-zipped files have actually been zipped out of other sub-filesystems and directories. I noticed that while transferring a lists of large g-zipped files, rsync tends to take a much longer time to transfer those files and at times...
2010 Aug 05
Throughput problem with Samba 3.3.4 over VPN
Hi, I am currently in the process of improving performance for a Samba 3.3.4 server on FreeBSD 7.0. The samba server works great when mounted from another machine located on the same network but when I try to use it over our corporate VPN (OpenVPN with tap interface) the throughput won't go over 4,5 Mbps. The ping between the samba client and the server is around 20ms. I have used a linux
2011 Jan 23
Wine, Wow Cata and D3D
Running Ubuntu 10.04, Nvidia driver version 260.19.29, 3 GB RAM, AMD Phenom Quad-Core, wine-1.3.11. I notice no difference in performance whether OpenGL is enabled or not. Does this mean D3D is now working and I don't need OpenGL now? I get close to 80fps in some places, which is great, but in a raid or other places with a lot of toons and activitiy, Wow practically freezes up and becomes
2013 Oct 09
Tinc Server and Raspberry PI (Rev. B).
Hi everybody and sorry by the insistence. Nobody has working Tinc Server over a Raspberry in an environment in production? Best regards and sorry again, Ramses De: Ramses II [mailto:ramses.sevilla at] Enviado el: martes, 08 de octubre de 2013 17:59 Para: tinc at Asunto: Tinc Server and Raspberry PI (Rev. B). Dear gentlemen, I need configure a VPN