samba - Nov 2014

Friday November 21 2014
11:41PM 0 Samba4 and Unix users
8:14PM 0 netshareenum 502 lists shares that don't exist
5:08PM 0 Wiki Typo on InitScript for Upstart Systems?
Thursday November 20 2014
6:24PM 0 Transfer of FSMO Roles
3:04PM 0 Samba smb.conf logging parameters
10:41AM 1 Fwd: Samba4 as AD server
9:15AM 1 Single Sign-on for UI development (Re: Samba-tool --simple-bind-dn?)
8:35AM 1 Samba-tool --simple-bind-dn?
Wednesday November 19 2014
7:03PM 1 Migration tests
4:53PM 1 Is samba FIPS compliant ?
3:54PM 1 Cannot bind to AD using nslcd
10:29AM 1 SMBTORTURE Documentation
8:07AM 1 winbind using active directory's unix attributes
7:19AM 3 Tunning samba for better read performance
Tuesday November 18 2014
8:46PM 2 setting up access for users
6:06PM 2 Change Objects on 2 DCs without connection
4:55PM 0 Is it safe to set "acl check permissions = false" in Samba 4.1.12?
3:05PM 0 Samba4 logging the users login and logout from their workstation
1:05PM 2 Windows 8.1 client not able to see and connect to samba server
1:00PM 2 Showing used SMB version on server side
12:26PM 0 Samba4 AD in Palo Alto PA3050
11:19AM 1 Wrong charset on NTFS volumes (ext4 works fine)
8:52AM 1 Best way to add/modify user with python
8:19AM 2 samba4 4.1 wiki/explanation: dcerpc endpoint servers
7:57AM 0 ADWS-Port for samba4?
Monday November 17 2014
3:39PM 1 Samba 4 Domain Provisioning
2:55PM 1 Connecting to guest shares on an ADDC Server
10:36AM 1 samba4 PDC, smbstatus provides no info
Sunday November 16 2014
1:56AM 2 Active Directory Sites
Saturday November 15 2014
4:27PM 1 Clarification on the appropriate idmap settings for a standalone server
3:08PM 1 problem connecting to windows machine
Friday November 14 2014
4:49PM 2 Samba4 UNIX password sync
2:31PM 1 dynamic update between isc dhcpd and the internal DNS server
8:53AM 0 Samba 4 chane Password
7:58AM 0 FW: coredump while loggin in on SSH with a user ( with UID )
5:33AM 1 Samba 4 Restrict User Create
4:18AM 0 Expired Accounts
2:10AM 0 SOLVED dnscache in front of samba4 internal dns (was: Re: Samba internal DNS + 2nd DNS)
Thursday November 13 2014
10:38PM 1 Missing entries in idmap.ldb
4:09PM 1 coredump while loggin in on SSH with a user ( with UID )
2:07PM 1 Join samba4 client to samba 3 domain
10:14AM 1 no access to share after long timeout
Wednesday November 12 2014
8:54PM 2 Samba 4 "Trigger" when user is created???
7:53PM 1 samba-tool dns serverinfo
1:35PM 1 Very high system load: Samba statfs call for filesystems in /etc/mtab in: fileid_load_mount_entries()
10:53AM 1 backup script exit with error (probably because of tar warning)
7:25AM 1 Unable to load modules for /usr/local/samba/private/sam.ldb
5:56AM 1 Query AD from commandline
Tuesday November 11 2014
7:17PM 1 creating OU with samba4
3:57PM 1 Changing password server to win 2012
11:38AM 1 smbd changeling and strange firewall logs
9:19AM 0 smbtorture tests errors
8:49AM 2 Sernet-samba + Kerebros???
Monday November 10 2014
9:28PM 4 Wiki: Join a domain as a DC
8:11PM 1 dhcp best practice
7:37PM 1 SMB2 or SMB3 protocol in smb.conf
7:10PM 1 Samba4, problem with public resource
4:21PM 1 Samba 4 as a drop in replacement for Samba 3
2:48PM 0 User's DPAPI/backupkey protected data lost when changing domain password
Sunday November 9 2014
10:52PM 1 Problems with the "NetBIOS Name" - Nothing appears Machine Network!
5:25AM 0 How to delegate permissions with samba-tool delegation ?
Saturday November 8 2014
6:03PM 1 R­e: R­­­e: R­e: D­­C2 d­en­ie­s ­a­c­­cess­­ whe­­­
Friday November 7 2014
10:18PM 0 FreeIPA and Samba 4 possible setup for this moment
7:37PM 1 sysvolcheck
4:02PM 0 bind DLZ failure on openSUSE 13.2
3:38PM 1 Fwd: Re: Samba_internal dns Ubuntu 14.04.1LTS
1:41PM 1 centos 5.11 samba3.6.23-6.el5 odd user behaviour
1:25PM 2 Samba_internal dns Ubuntu 14.04.1LTS
3:15AM 1 unavailableCriticalExtension (12)
Thursday November 6 2014
8:20PM 2 classicupgrade - resolving group conflicts
6:27PM 1 Can nmbd dynamically update its host name when the DNS host name changes?
4:54PM 1 It is secure to transfer roles and demote DC?
3:45PM 1 what is the limit max. characters of group names?
12:01PM 2 Samba 3.6 -> 4.x and trusts
11:47AM 0 RemoteApp Failed Logon
10:16AM 1 Samba internal dns problem / No domain service
9:22AM 1 new users not seen with getent passwd
6:26AM 1 Samba 3.6 EOL
3:23AM 0 nslookup on windows with samba 4 dns
Wednesday November 5 2014
9:17PM 1 SambaPosix tool
4:54PM 2 Lost DC with FSMO-Rolls
8:08AM 1 Samba 4.2 logging
Tuesday November 4 2014
8:13PM 0 Samba Upgrade-iad
7:28PM 1 Secondary DC's
6:13PM 1 Solution for: "Samba server does not show up in Windows Network Places"
5:51PM 0 Fw: Installation of Samba on AIX 7.1
3:47PM 1 Security in relation to samba
2:49PM 1 Are and CP437 still needed for smbclient 4.0.7 and later
11:26AM 0 samba plans for 2012 R2 and built-in Kerberos/LDAP in Samba 4.1
11:07AM 2 Samba 4 - disabling SSLv3 to mitigate POODLE effects
6:54AM 1 Strange DNS Entry that is not present record
Monday November 3 2014
10:40PM 1 Mounting redirected My Documents on a linux member of the domain
9:14PM 1 Samba 4.2.0 rc2 and winbindd, uid-/gidNumber and xidNumber
7:09PM 2 Bind Samba4 services on different IPs?
1:54PM 0 Windows forgets saved passwords after user changes their password
1:18PM 1 Multihomed AC DC Server and subnets
Sunday November 2 2014
5:00PM 2 SID of member server in Samba domain (smbldap_search_domain_info: NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)
2:04PM 1 drs replicate to Windows 2003 DC fails with WERR_DS_INSUFFICIENT_ATTR_TO_CREATE_OBJECT and WERR_DS_DRA_ACCESS_DENIED
12:07AM 3 DC2 d­enie­s ac­cess­ whe­n sa­­ving ­throu­gh th­e Gro­
Saturday November 1 2014
9:51PM 0 DC2 d­enie­s ac­cess­ whe­n sa­­ving ­throu­gh th­e Gro­
8:06PM 1 DC2 denies ac­cess­ whe­n sa­ving throu­gh th­e Gro­up Po­licy M
6:39PM 0 Permissions for specific file type.
5:39PM 3 Samba and NT (yes really) server
3:28PM 3 DC2 denies access when sa­ving through the Group Po­licy Management Console
12:18PM 1 DNS information, again...
7:59AM 2 Samba DNS + caching dns on same box
7:34AM 2 Sysvol Share???