samba - Sep 2014

Tuesday September 30 2014
3:40PM 1 fillup_password_policy fails with NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED, samba 3.4.3
11:51AM 2 Samba 4 LDAP/LDB search speed
8:56AM 1 Samba4 internal DNS - can't resolve extrenal hosts
Monday September 29 2014
2:31PM 0 ActiveDirectory authentication failures with pam_winbind on SuSE 11
2:20PM 1 How to prevent users from changing their password?
2:03PM 1 3.6.9 samba does not propagate (or show) Linux quota for windows users to see it
1:55PM 2 debian wheezy with backports samba domain join FAIL ( BUG! )
1:32PM 3 RPC, DCOM, 1745 and Other Errors
12:09PM 1 Samba client doesn't work SMB2 with MAC 0S 10.9.5
11:51AM 1 Broken domain
9:05AM 1 Forward lookup DNS Issues samba 4.1.12-9 el6
8:25AM 3 help on samba-tng
Sunday September 28 2014
11:37PM 1 nss, samba3/ldap PDC, NT4 interdomain trust and performance
7:02PM 1 LDAP Account Manager 4.7 with nginx support released
2:42AM 0 Any work on Samba service discovery in workgroups?
Friday September 26 2014
11:39PM 1 Problem adding DCs
9:13PM 1 I don´t see unix tab on ADUC
2:27PM 2 build samba manpages in CentOS 7
2:17PM 0 wbindo slow
9:29AM 1 AIX 7.1 samba winbind issue
5:20AM 0 [Announce] CTDB release 2.5.4 is ready for download
4:24AM 1 DOS access to Samba server
Thursday September 25 2014
6:33AM 0 Winbind : change users password delegation
4:26AM 1 launching samba and having logs
12:38AM 1 HyperV (win2012) storage on Samba4
Wednesday September 24 2014
9:05PM 3 Samba not working with sssd on CentOS 6.5
8:43PM 1 net rpc rights grant on a standalone server
5:30PM 2 getent passwd works but all wbinfo commands fail
2:27PM 2 High CPU Load samba 4.1.12 possibly because of Notify Request problem
Tuesday September 23 2014
7:34PM 2 Multicast DNS required?
5:54PM 3 Samba3 on multiple networks, how to make it hand out the correct IP?
5:20PM 0 Samba Winbind / AD (Got invalid trustdom response)
5:17PM 1 Monitor Samba4 Best Practices
3:25PM 2 Rejoining a domain as a DC
1:03PM 4 smbd doesn't start anymore
12:12PM 2 NFS4 with samba4 AD for authentication
11:05AM 1 How to reach partially online state in ctdb cluster
10:53AM 1 how to define new folders ACL
10:03AM 3 software deployment
9:01AM 1 Replication Failure
2:20AM 0 possible cause of broken trust
Monday September 22 2014
6:51PM 0 Vmware HA application Monitor API in Samba
5:48PM 0 Winbind, "password server=", & DC selection
5:48PM 1 Element not found error
4:32PM 1 Create Organizational units (OU) from Unix.
3:31PM 0 printing to a Windows server with CUPS
9:54AM 1 samba downgrade?
6:37AM 0 Do Samba 4.2 support: basic event viewer, rodc, multi-site?
Sunday September 21 2014
2:06PM 1 where is smb.conf on freeNAS?
6:56AM 1 backup script problem with samba 4.0.10
5:33AM 1 samba 3.6.9-164 - is "kernel oplocks = no" option viable on purely Samba shared FS?
Saturday September 20 2014
3:02PM 0 connection problem getaddrinfo failed for name XXXXXX (flags 34) [Name or service not known]
Friday September 19 2014
4:23PM 2 replace samba with windows7
3:59PM 1 Issue with printer sharing
2:18PM 0 Setup and configure file shares with Windows ACLs
11:28AM 1 old dc still mentioned as msSFU30MasterServerName
10:18AM 0 Scientific Linux (RHEL) 6.5 + samba 3.6.9-164 file locking (oplocks) usage?
9:35AM 1 Samba 4.1.11 crashes sporadically
8:24AM 0 WINBIND module missing in AIX 7.1
8:13AM 1 Samba4 joning Windows 2012 Foundation
3:44AM 1 create and directory mask ignored for profiles?
Thursday September 18 2014
5:40PM 0 configure bind to use with samba
4:12PM 0 User Authentication from printer to PDC
4:02PM 3 samba 4 domain join to win 2008r2 level DC w/ a schema with exchange 2010 extensions: replication after the join is broken
1:43PM 2 Trouble connecting Windows 7 RSAT to a samba4 domain
12:56PM 1 Samba 3 PDC to WS2012 AD migration
12:46PM 0 Member server only shares locally
11:24AM 0 Samba 3 PDC to WS2012 AD Migration
11:12AM 2 SIGSEGV on CentOS6
7:40AM 1 Added user can't login to the domain!
6:07AM 0 getent group empty response
Wednesday September 17 2014
6:57PM 2 Active/Passive Samba Cluster for Shared NFS Backend
3:19PM 0 samba 3.6.9 howto tune log files naming?
2:02PM 0 getent group empty response for multiple domain configuration when one domain controller is down
12:53PM 1 Account Lockout policies are not working in samba 4.1.5
12:56AM 1 Dtrace of smbd shows some errors in FreeBSD 9.2 with Samba 4.1.11 possibly related to talloc
Tuesday September 16 2014
5:27PM 1 4.1.12: ldapcmp differences on attribute 'whenChanged'
3:39PM 0 Samba4 and kadmin
3:09PM 2 missing sam.ldb file
12:06PM 1 Oplock break failed on sysvol share
11:11AM 0 Does Samba 4 create PTR RRs automatically?
Monday September 15 2014
11:31PM 1 DFS symlinks shown as broken through file management software.
9:05PM 1 Multiple Domains/Winbinds, ntlm_auth/wbinfo issue
4:57PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 4.7.RC1 with nginx support released
3:52PM 1 classicupgrade cannot start winbind
9:16AM 0 [Announce] Samba 4.0.22 Available for Download
Sunday September 14 2014
10:01PM 2 Winbind user/group name case change
7:47PM 1 A little lost on the WAF build process
9:49AM 1 Group
Saturday September 13 2014
5:31AM 0 BAD NBT NAME component
Friday September 12 2014
5:36PM 1 Group Policy failures related to machine password replication
9:36AM 0 GPO problem with info box open file from folder redirection
7:48AM 0 two little scripts
7:22AM 1 LDAP push replication through firewall
Thursday September 11 2014
11:06PM 1 Domain users and files in shared folders
9:53PM 1 Alternative data stream on volume cannot be created
9:31PM 1 change primaryGroupID - unwilling to perform
6:48PM 2 Conflicts between RIDs from historical domain SIDs
4:53PM 1 Sync unixUserPassword from AD Password
2:48PM 1 Group memberships in LDAP
2:42PM 1 Samba and LDAP authentication backend
2:13PM 1 howto upgrade from samba-4.1.6-ubuntu to 4.1.12
12:01AM 1 Need help: Impossible to demote/remove a Secondary Windows DC from my Samba 4 AD DC domain
Wednesday September 10 2014
10:39PM 1 Samba 4 - Windows 8.1
9:32PM 0 Strange Kerberos issue
7:18PM 0 winbind vs. ldapd + kerberos
2:30PM 1 Configuring aio_pthread
10:39AM 1 hard links DNS (sam.ldb.d folder)?
10:38AM 2 advice : samba cups and point and print ( hardware needed )
9:56AM 1 guest create only share
4:09AM 1 Unable to join new domain controller to Samba4 domain
2:14AM 1 add user to domain admins group
Tuesday September 9 2014
10:51PM 2 Strange DNS issue...
10:15PM 0 AD group member listing/enumerating
7:46PM 0 btrieve databse on samba3
6:37PM 0 program update made my shares no work anymore (ACL)
2:15PM 1 Samba patches and lack of instructions
11:28AM 0 erratic behaviour with valid users = +group
Monday September 8 2014
11:09PM 0 pam|nss+winbind - Logged users doesn't see its own secondary groups
10:34PM 1 Samba Upgrade (Downgrade?)
10:26PM 1 Degraded functional levels after Samba join
9:47PM 0 samba-upgradedns --dns-backend=BIND9_DLZ fix hard links / A Record / PTR Record left
4:11PM 2 optimizing and scaling ntlm_auth
3:56PM 2 Samba4 AD -- Mac OS X clients uid:gid numbers not consistent
3:33PM 1 Starting second DC makes named to freeze on primary DC
11:01AM 0 [Announce] Samba 4.1.12 Available for Download
Sunday September 7 2014
10:54PM 0 Issue with Samba 3.6.3 and DFS Windows 2008 R2 share
Saturday September 6 2014
9:10PM 2 Decent Performance
8:56PM 2 Samaba4 clustering
1:10PM 2 samba4 GPO passw
1:08PM 1 rfc2307 | msSFU30MasterServerName | demoted DC
Friday September 5 2014
9:34PM 1 How to handle secure AD dynamic DNS registrations?
12:56PM 1 autofs + cifs + kerberos
10:52AM 1 support for windows server 2012
9:14AM 1 Can we change the IP number of the Samba4 AD system?
Thursday September 4 2014
5:40PM 4 can't turn off password complexity requirements
5:26PM 1 diconnections when using roaming-profiles with samba4
11:41AM 0 samba global catalog not defined
11:25AM 1 problem with mechanism of samba user SID creation
10:14AM 0 samba 4 remote access to registry from windows
9:27AM 3 valid users fails with net groupmap rid=512
8:58AM 0 Newer clients and security=domain
8:08AM 2 samba4 + squid 2.7 auth
7:39AM 2 Newer clients and security=domain
Wednesday September 3 2014
11:30PM 1 Help setting up Samba for the first time Novice user
10:23PM 1 AD logins fail
3:37PM 2 Group Policy Objects
2:02PM 1 Samba Internal DNS Config Questions
1:53PM 1 Effect of setting "store dos attributes = no" in Samba 4.1.11
10:51AM 2 time sync for windows workstations
7:26AM 1 Newer clients and security=domain
Tuesday September 2 2014
9:42PM 1 Samba shares not refreshing in Windows after upgrade
6:49PM 0 Help - Trying to setup Samba Very confused now
5:06PM 1 samba_spnupdate invoked oom-killer
4:37PM 0 Bug on Samba Trash
2:48PM 2 Effect of setting "support dos attributes = no" in Samba 4.1.11
2:38PM 1 Reset/change password for all users at once
1:28PM 0 Error backupsamba "Error while archiving"
12:52PM 1 Creating users with non-ascii chars fails
12:43PM 1 Move DC to a new site works in 4.1.11
11:49AM 1 safe to replace just one ldb file?
9:29AM 4 Mac OS Mavericks über slow
6:11AM 0 Joining Domain,Accessing the Server RSAT
Monday September 1 2014
1:13PM 0 Do I need winbind or ou=idmap?
12:13PM 0 Samba 4 dns-resolv-prob with different subnets [SOLVED]
5:38AM 1 Compiling Samba with ADS Support