samba - Aug 2012

Friday August 31 2012
8:45PM 1 samba share an NFS import?
1:56PM 1 Does samba-3.6.7's libsmbclient supports SMB2 protocol?
11:37AM 0 A conceptual question - a special samba-soluion in a cluster
Thursday August 30 2012
6:49PM 1 Samba complie problem
2:28PM 0 Can't join Samba as DC to existing Win2k3 Domain
1:45PM 1 samba4 & kpasswd: refuses to change
10:23AM 0 Samba - Can you please check the below questions and advise us accordingly?
9:34AM 4 join domain from different subnet (VPN)
7:46AM 1 Samba3 and Office 2010
Wednesday August 29 2012
7:48PM 1 LDAP access to Samba 4
3:59PM 2 replication error?
3:49PM 0 Add apple MCX directory extensions
3:04PM 1 What could cause an "unclean shutdown" of process?
2:42PM 1 How to modify ACLs from Mac OS X Clients (Win clients work fine)
1:13PM 0 Problem building samba 4.0.0beta7 on Solaris 10
5:23AM 3 syntax of samba-tool to deal with SRV DNS record
Tuesday August 28 2012
9:45PM 1 Migrate samba to new server
4:01PM 0 net ads user add -F 'user flags'
1:49PM 0 Alpha release of fuse-workspace.
11:10AM 1 Still mandatory profiles, every user same profile
Monday August 27 2012
9:42PM 1 Support for Linux Authentication with Samba4's Internal LDAP Server
8:24PM 0 samba browsing through subnets with different nethoods
7:52PM 0 Samba crash?
6:19PM 0 "Network name no longer available" and other problems on windows client
3:31PM 1 Centos 6.3 smbldap-tools installation issue
1:52PM 2 High load while printing a Word document
Sunday August 26 2012
5:46PM 0 Samba 3.0.33 joining Samba 4 domain
1:58AM 0 NIS group users asre not able to access samba share.
Saturday August 25 2012
8:34PM 2 Samba PDC: Admin tools?
8:28PM 0 Centos 6.3 smbldap-tools installation issue.
2:21AM 3 Sysvol Replication in Samba4
Friday August 24 2012
7:09PM 0 migration from windows 2003 DC to samba4 DC
5:08PM 1 Permissions incorrectly ordered on Windows after disabling inheritance
2:20PM 0 shadow_copy2 is not working for me on samba 3.6.7 and btrfs volume
10:21AM 0 Problem in porting samba to HP-UX
8:28AM 1 Samba 4 how to provision as simply a member of a domain
7:38AM 0 Schema modification with auxiliary class vs builtin class and vbscript
2:22AM 0 I get a protocol negotiation failed: ERRDOS:ERRnomem Error when trying to use smbclient
Thursday August 23 2012
5:21PM 0 smbc_opendir() is failing with "Connection timed out"
4:46PM 1 samba 3.6.6 shares show as samba 3.6.3
2:44PM 1 XP Pro client perm issues after joining samba domain
11:51AM 0 One profile for all users
9:01AM 1 Another problem with samba4 classicupgrade
8:13AM 1 where to locate smb.conf for Samba4
Wednesday August 22 2012
5:35PM 2 Samba4 successful deployment
12:11PM 0 Fwd: NET RPC CLOSE FILE <fileID> command is not working
7:47AM 1 User profile service hangs, very slow logon after profile migration
7:02AM 0 Problem in Samba(3.5.11) authentication via PAM
5:51AM 0 Logon script as administrator
Tuesday August 21 2012
2:08PM 2 samba3upgrade fail + leaking memory
1:56PM 0 IDMAP cache creating tons of mulex spins
12:23PM 1 Samba rejecting Machine account auth requests
12:21PM 0 Samba rejecting Machine account auth requests.
11:44AM 0 Upgrade 4.0.0alpha14
Monday August 20 2012
5:35PM 0 Help setting up global catalog
3:13PM 3 samba 3.0.14a works with ldapsam backend but not 3.5.10-125.el6
12:15PM 1 domain client
Sunday August 19 2012
5:09AM 0 Samba4: The mit list insist that file server and DC must be one and the same
3:49AM 0 Samba 3.5.10 RHEL6 vs Win7 pro Koan
Saturday August 18 2012
1:46PM 0 winbindd: socket dir
1:33PM 2 Unable to use more than 1000 concurrent ntlm_auth processes
Friday August 17 2012
5:19PM 0 Access denied behaviour on samba
3:31PM 1 About s3fs in samba4
9:44AM 1 XP Administrator has no access to shares
6:47AM 1 net ads user add: Can we prompt for a password?
Thursday August 16 2012
9:36PM 2 Samba 3.4.3 and DOS read only
8:40PM 0 Mount CIFS with multiuser option
4:53PM 1 S4 DC S3 file server: samba-tool and net ads user problems
2:38PM 0 Specified network password is not correct
1:09PM 1 After upgrade samba4 to beta version i've got "network path not found"
9:57AM 1 CIFS mount intermitte‚Äčntly unavailabl‚Äče: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -5
9:43AM 1 Samba VFS opendir and readdir
Wednesday August 15 2012
5:13PM 6 Delete pending after open in M.Office
4:59PM 1 Domain Admin cannot access files
11:02AM 1 Samba4 DC with Samba3 file-server howto
6:47AM 0 samba 3.6.3 server - windows printer driver dialog opening delays
2:22AM 1 samba 3 create_connection_server_info failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
Tuesday August 14 2012
4:58PM 0 Strange issue with deleting files on shares
1:21PM 1 Problem with heaps of sleeping smb processes due to panic action
Monday August 13 2012
8:19PM 0 ldapsearch -> samba4
1:56PM 1 Update SAMBA 3.x PDC
8:07AM 0 samba4 sync to ldap
4:35AM 0 [Announce] Samba 3.5.17 Available for Download
Sunday August 12 2012
7:22AM 0 Samba4: winbind does not grant kerberos authentication
4:09AM 0 Problem joining Samba4 beta5 as DC to exisitng AD domain with Exchange 2010
Saturday August 11 2012
8:03PM 1 How to migrate Active Directory from one Samba4 server to another
1:27AM 0 NAS howto using Samba, CTDB, NFS, VSFTP on CentOS
Friday August 10 2012
8:51PM 1 samba4+sssd+centos6
6:56PM 1 Add machines for join a domain
4:55PM 0 Remove non-existing DC from Samba4 Domain
4:04AM 1 Samba4: rfc2307 compatibility with Samba3
Thursday August 9 2012
9:11PM 1 RFC2307, AD, and Samba 3.6
1:55PM 1 LDAP - Samba password synchronization
1:25PM 1 %localappdata%\google\drive get lost
8:34AM 0 winbind normalize names = yes disable winbind cache mechanism and cause LDAP heavy load / poor performances
Wednesday August 8 2012
9:54PM 1 Problems connecting win7 client to new Samba PDC
8:51PM 2 Samba 3.3.4 - Win7 Latency with MS Office files
8:32PM 0 smb panic
6:17PM 0 Entrys in LDAP is not saving about the gecos
4:56PM 0 pslist.exe like utility for Linux?
2:15PM 1 Permisson Denied ao accces home dir
12:47PM 2 samba is failing to save to samba share
12:23PM 0 access my created share in smb.conf Only by Ip
12:01PM 2 3.0.9->3.0.37 Deleting files not working
11:26AM 0 samba won't honour group permissions on my share directory
11:02AM 1 How to build vfs_zfsacl module on Linux platform?
10:59AM 1 getent group not working
10:12AM 3 password change problem and no logon servers available
9:40AM 1 CIFS proxy with samba4
6:01AM 1 Samba4 is it possible to change the IP of a DC?
Tuesday August 7 2012
10:08PM 2 Making Happy Users ... I need to understand...
4:56PM 0 smbldap-tools 0.9.9 released
3:35PM 1 Samba User authentication from external LDAP server
1:09PM 3 Best way to add samba4 to existing domain
12:11PM 0 Samba4 winbind getent and login
11:38AM 1 samber server in openvz container - venet oder veth0?
9:03AM 0 Performance problem using clustered samba via ctdb
Monday August 6 2012
5:33PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.6.7 Available for Download
3:09PM 2 Problem in sharing printers
10:32AM 1 access my created a share in smb.conf Only by Ip
9:48AM 1 with streams_xattr enabled, ads are written correctly but not retrieved
Saturday August 4 2012
3:51PM 0 Swat - Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
3:28PM 3 Problem accessing Samba Share from Windows
10:25AM 3 unable to configure NTP server in samba4
6:45AM 1 how to create a backup domain controller
Friday August 3 2012
9:36PM 1 Video interview with Eben Moglen.
6:34PM 0 Samba4 and Linux/ldap_default_bind_dn
2:52PM 0 Samba4: idmap config DOMAIN : backend = ad
11:07AM 1 idmap confusion
6:36AM 1 User administration
Thursday August 2 2012
9:07PM 1 samba-3.5.14 (and less) corrupting AD->UID mappings
9:01PM 1 documentation for configuring folder redirection
4:06PM 1 Best samba4 network deployment
3:01PM 9 winbind: uid range is ignored
12:00PM 1 Samba solaris 8 package with Windows 2008 support?
11:21AM 1 winbind is it possible to have the same uid and gid numbers everywhere?
11:06AM 0 idmap ignores the range set in smb.conf
9:50AM 0 Cannot create new GPO
7:01AM 1 Samba4: net ads join fails: Host is not configured as a member server.
Wednesday August 1 2012
4:01PM 0 Subject: samba 3.6.6: unstable network behaviour on win7 clients + segfault in smbstatus
11:54AM 0 windows-clients only recognize softlimit
11:06AM 1 Samba/Windows "you do not have permission to access this"
10:11AM 0 Samba4: win7 adding a new user to OU does not inherit GPO
9:51AM 5 Access and group issues on domain member server (PDC is Samba as well)
7:17AM 3 samba 3 - getting rid of some logfile errors