samba - Sep 2012

Saturday September 29 2012
2:21PM 0 'access denied' for Windows 7 client
12:45AM 4 Why smbd (version 4.1.0) uses source3/smbd/server.c not source4/smbd/server.c
12:10AM 1 Samba4 LDAP returns wrong responses in some cases, BIND-DLZ refuses to update
Friday September 28 2012
3:28PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Samba4 ADC cannot edit GPO with W2K3]
10:03AM 2 Samba4 ADC cannot edit GPO with W2K3
Thursday September 27 2012
8:07PM 0 Samba 3.5.15 disconnections with MAC OS clients
4:27PM 1 Printing from Samba4
11:19AM 0 windows 7 problems
10:57AM 1 GUI file permissions problem
8:54AM 0 Error Connecting to Printer (0x00000003)
7:00AM 3 3.6.8: Winbind/Active Directory: lsass.exe process run cpu to 100%
3:57AM 1 Error in Compilation in samba4rc1
Wednesday September 26 2012
4:55PM 2 Internal DNS not updating
4:04PM 2 Fw: Connection fails with Server/Client Signing = Mandatory
3:18PM 1 Samba4 spawns many /usr/sbin/smbd --configfile
10:24AM 1 Samba developer in Greece?
Tuesday September 25 2012
10:59PM 4 Samba 3 and cupsaddsmb
8:55PM 3 Samba 3 printing and CUPS
7:18PM 0 Help with setting up cups and printing in samba4 rc1
5:52PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 3.9 released
4:54PM 1 DRS replication fails with Windows 2003 R2
10:52AM 2 Moving to Samba4, DNS problems.
8:14AM 1 Did anybody test smbclient4 against smbd4 using SMB2
Monday September 24 2012
10:47PM 1 Reverse Lookup Zone
10:01PM 1 Slow on one client Win7 program
9:31PM 3 Winbind issue using samba 3.6.3
8:52PM 4 samba4: samba-tool and (unix) uids
5:55PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.5.18 Available for Download
5:51PM 2 smbclient username not working
3:21PM 3 "Out of Memory error
8:57AM 0 Why smbclient4 can not communicate with smserver4?
Saturday September 22 2012
6:57PM 0 shadow:snapdir/basedir's are they used?
Friday September 21 2012
10:23AM 1 Login batch file not working for Win7
Thursday September 20 2012
10:37PM 1 Samba4, DHCP, & BIND DLZ
1:41PM 1 Samba4 new policy templates
9:30AM 10 Windows 8 Pro no domain logon possible
Wednesday September 19 2012
7:14PM 0 Samba 3.5.8 nmbd problems
7:02PM 2 Samba 4 and AD sites
10:51AM 1 Error message about lock database
Tuesday September 18 2012
5:20PM 3 Samba + Win7
2:48PM 1 Kerberos errors in samba4 domain using outlook and exchange
1:54PM 0 Samba Cluster
12:44PM 1 Windows 7 Clients Slow/Unresponsive with some file types
Monday September 17 2012
6:23PM 0 How to set the parameter for smbclient4 -m xxx
2:47PM 1 Samba is corrputing/removing files at version 3.6.6
9:04AM 0 Samba 4 under supervise terminates with "EOF on stdin"
8:00AM 0 [Announce] Samba 3.6.8 Available for Download
Sunday September 16 2012
11:55PM 0 Errors after adding some DC's and removing a couple
8:35PM 2 Samba/LDAP appliance recommendation
8:15PM 0 add samba 4 pdc to a domain in another subnet
Saturday September 15 2012
3:54PM 0 Interdomain Trust Relationships between two Samba4 AD-DC
11:22AM 1 How to set password on Samba4 using phpldapadmin?
10:55AM 0 Problem building samba-4.0.0rc1 on Solaris 10
5:41AM 0 Samba4 AD returning incomplete results, can't edit much, and unable to reindex sam.ldb
Friday September 14 2012
9:50PM 1 Samba 4 rc1 installation attempts
2:34PM 0 Problem to mount CIFS share
2:29PM 0 ntlm_auth returns nothing (4.0beta8)
11:33AM 0 sys_setgroups failed
9:23AM 1 Samba 4.0.0rc1 Build Error
3:14AM 1 New DNS implementation
Thursday September 13 2012
8:31PM 1 AD file server
8:22PM 0 Strange Windows 7 > Samba problem with unrelated CIFS mount by Samba server down
7:51PM 0 How to fix the problem adminitrator password
6:13PM 1 Compile of v4 RC1 fails
1:01PM 1 Mounting DOSBOX on a remote share
10:40AM 2 [Announce] Samba 4.0.0rc1 Available for Download
10:36AM 1 Permission denied error while connecting to EMC CIFS server
Wednesday September 12 2012
7:56PM 0 Config sharing help
6:28PM 1 reverse dns zone managed by samba4
6:23PM 0 errors in log: Failed to bind to uuid ...@ncalrpc
7:26AM 2 ldapcmp failling
Tuesday September 11 2012
10:33PM 1 Upgrading AD DC's
Monday September 10 2012
11:02PM 0 How do I get samba4 torture
6:27PM 1 smbd starts but terminates with - failed to receive smb request
6:11PM 1 LDAP Account Manager 3.9.RC1 released
5:52PM 3 Share working with IP not with hostname
5:38PM 0 How to get, install, and use SMBTorture
7:49AM 0 Migrating from OpenDirectory (MAC OSX) to OpenLDAP (Linux)
6:53AM 0 Samba is not resolving some users
Sunday September 9 2012
11:58AM 0 Samba Domain controller issue
Saturday September 8 2012
6:38PM 0 Error copying folder with desktop.ini
Friday September 7 2012
8:55PM 0 Samba4 beta8: samba daemon doesn' t start nmbd daemon !
2:03PM 0 SerNet Samba3 argues with SELinux on CentOS 6.3
5:44AM 2 Is this a bug in smbclient?
Thursday September 6 2012
7:21PM 1 smbd fails to start - rpc_srv_register: Failed to call the svcctl init function!
2:03PM 3 FW: Samba is not starting automatically on boot, installed on Ubuntu
11:33AM 3 Samba is not starting automatically on boot, installed on Ubuntu
10:50AM 2 security level = user
1:33AM 2 NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE configuring samba with ads and no winbind
Wednesday September 5 2012
6:37PM 2 samba4 installation Error and mount: unknown filesystem type 'smbfs'
4:06PM 3 Connection fails with Server/Client Signing = Mandatory
12:02PM 0 ID not work for Samba in ADS
10:31AM 0 Samba / AD connection issue
2:10AM 4 Samba upgrade problem with ADS
Tuesday September 4 2012
2:41PM 1 Changed PDC IP, all hell broke lose
12:39PM 0 Is it possible to add user to samba without a system account?
12:02PM 0 cifs question about home dir sharing.
8:17AM 1 [samba4] How to use my ldap users in sam.ldb?
Monday September 3 2012
1:53PM 0 Winbind and local groups with nss
7:41AM 3 Windows boxes cannot find the file server
7:36AM 0 suggestion for filesystem or general performance optimization
Sunday September 2 2012
12:42PM 1 Cross Compile Samba4
10:14AM 0 update to 3.6.7: roaming profiles no longer work
Saturday September 1 2012
7:52PM 2 Hide empty Samba shares?
12:07PM 1 Getting 8.3 samba short filenames in linux