samba - Nov 2011

Wednesday November 30 2011
11:53PM 1 Swat not showing samba processes
8:18PM 1 openldap authentication
2:12PM 1 CTDB + Likewise-open : What servername when joining AD?
1:29PM 1 Samba 4 and phpldapadmin
11:01AM 1 migrate samba3 with smpbassword to ldap , problem with machine account
9:48AM 1 Samba 4 security
7:54AM 1 Failing identification of users in trusted domains?
1:16AM 1 Cannot access a share outside a share after upgrade
12:33AM 1 Samba 4 home folder
Tuesday November 29 2011
10:45PM 0 Cannot change SID on NTUSER.DAT file
9:18PM 0 home directories on a remote file share
7:09PM 3 Linux users and Samba 4
6:58PM 2 Samba 4 success on openSUSE 12.1
9:29AM 0 unclean shutdown
9:18AM 3 offline logon with AD
Monday November 28 2011
7:11PM 0 Using winbind and UPNs
3:40PM 0 Forget Samba password immediately
1:29PM 0 Conversion Error in migration of printer drivers from Windows seven 64 to Samba PDC 3.5.11
10:51AM 0 How to open a session between client and server.
10:49AM 2 Samba 4 make fails
8:04AM 1 Exporting tdbsam
6:11AM 1 Maintain file ownership when writing to share with different owner
2:51AM 1 Very strange permission problem: samba on zfs-fuse
12:19AM 1 LDAP authentication doesn't refresh
Sunday November 27 2011
2:01AM 1 Environment variables in smb.conf -- inconsistent results
Saturday November 26 2011
4:46PM 2 Samba Permissions vs Linux Permissions
Friday November 25 2011
2:42PM 6 samba PANIC
10:24AM 3 Cannot copy file to Samba share
Thursday November 24 2011
7:27PM 1 Problem with group/user permissions on write
11:06AM 1 testing samba 4 alongside samba 3
9:15AM 1 How to use lxc-containrs to run samba tests.
3:20AM 0 smbpasswd and replica ldap server
Wednesday November 23 2011
10:01PM 0 smbldap-useradd when to use -i, -w, or -W
9:46PM 2 Samba 3.6 VS Samba4
12:15PM 2 VFS ACL modules - question to developers
11:47AM 2 Implement Samba4 AD
5:49AM 3 samba, kerberos, encryption types
5:34AM 1 How to create sessions?
Tuesday November 22 2011
11:58PM 0 dcerpc_svcctl_ChangeServiceConfig2W fails with DCERPC_FAULT_INVALID_TAG
11:03PM 2 Recommended Linux Distro and Windows Client
9:47PM 2 ADS Domain Member smb.conf using idmap_ad
5:47PM 4 Newbie question but an Easy one
5:42PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 3.6 released
3:52PM 1 log.smbd vs smbd.log?
1:03PM 0 wbinfo -u
11:06AM 0 2nd Attempt - Problem Compiling Samba 3.5.12
10:07AM 0 file sharing
8:54AM 0 Samba-VirusFilter 0.1.3 released
1:45AM 0 samba Digest, Vol 107, Issue 21
Monday November 21 2011
7:51PM 1 Samba/GPFS/GlusterFS
3:30PM 0 Print job files at /var/spool/samba get deleted before job is finished in cups
1:55PM 0 How to change user or computer SID
12:20PM 1 Problem Compiling Samba 3.5.12
11:27AM 0 read_fd_with_timeout error messages
10:36AM 0 One single SAN, one LUN, two servers : CTDB ? GFS2 ?
10:25AM 1 quota.h
9:09AM 6 ADS Problem : segmentation fault
7:39AM 0 Problem in get and put of smbclient
6:11AM 0 mount.cifs doesn't set uid/gid when mounting a Samba share
3:56AM 1 using passdb backend = smbpasswd and ldap linux authentication
2:39AM 0 samba Digest, Vol 107, Issue 20
Sunday November 20 2011
5:21PM 2 guest share writable but unable to delete
Friday November 18 2011
9:30PM 3 Issue with Links on shares
1:35PM 0 Samba Ver 3.3.14 - AD integration
5:45AM 3 Problem in reading a file using smbclient.
1:16AM 0 FOSDEM 2012 - CrossDesktop DevRoom Call for Talks
Thursday November 17 2011
6:34PM 2 samba4 & ldap?
12:56PM 2 Sid instead of username
11:04AM 0 Winbind to use Windows ADS LDAP as IDMAP backend
7:09AM 0 Problem building Samba 3.6.1 RPMs on CentOS 5.5 x86_64 (mount.cifs isn't built)
Wednesday November 16 2011
4:13PM 2 SAMBA 3.5.5 issue
10:08AM 1 error first logon attempt
10:01AM 0 Samba LDAP kerberos tickets problem
8:40AM 3 Samba version 3.0.22 with AD2008
Tuesday November 15 2011
7:11PM 2 I can browse but can't modify or create files
2:57PM 2 SAMBA4 user password field / objectSid
11:10AM 4 Slow login to Samba domain
Monday November 14 2011
9:30PM 0 Samba4 joining a domain as DC
2:46PM 0 passing ip address to pdf printing script?
2:39PM 0 issue samba3.5.6 server( act as Domain Controller) 2-3, times a month server space start filling automatically and when we stop or, restart smb service Disk space come to it's actual size
1:12PM 1 VFS objects - how to migrate/move file_ntacls.tdb
12:17PM 2 user access to samba files
12:07PM 0 Samba, RDP
11:35AM 0 Overlays syncrepl and smbk5pwd
9:33AM 2 ms office problem
3:53AM 1 samba + Heimdal + windows
Sunday November 13 2011
7:26PM 1 Samba4 problem when compiling in solaris 10
7:17PM 0 FW: Samba4 problem when compiling
Saturday November 12 2011
11:22PM 0 Can't find domain (but domain logins for joined WS and roaming profile works! ; -/ !
Friday November 11 2011
9:23AM 0 Copying paused under ctdb when the slave node is reboot
8:08AM 1 User longer than 20 characters can't join domain (windows 7 pro)
8:06AM 1 remove machines from login list
7:31AM 1 Samba StartTLS
Thursday November 10 2011
9:53PM 0 switching to smbldap-tools from custom scripts
7:39PM 3 Users full name
5:59PM 1 move to Idmap with ldap
4:48PM 1 Samba errors
3:45PM 2 wbinfo --ping can't find winbind?
3:25PM 5 Problem with kerberos method attribut
3:25PM 0 User authentication log
1:14PM 0 Unable to execute raw tests using lxc-execute.
11:41AM 1 mangle a character or forbid/prohibit it's use when creating files/folders
8:55AM 0 Problem with joining WindowsXP to samba domain after upgrade from samba 3.5.11 to 3.6.1
8:24AM 1 Grant computer account access to share?
Wednesday November 9 2011
6:51PM 1 Preserving timestamps with smbclient
1:25PM 0 Samba PDC [profiles] how to add AppData/Local
11:43AM 2 R: RE: R: Re: Dos/Unix newline translating
10:56AM 2 R: Re: Dos/Unix newline translating
10:22AM 0 Difference between simple ui_ops and subunit ui_ops.
9:05AM 1 Dos/Unix newline translating
9:00AM 0 dos/unix translating
Tuesday November 8 2011
8:12PM 1 Issue with compile of 3.5.12 -- krb related
4:00PM 1 samba ghost folder on roaming profile
12:26PM 5 Samba-3.6.1 release IPV6 issue
10:28AM 1 Adding Samba3/4 fileserver to samba4 domain
8:44AM 1 Problem while log on: Windows Server 2008 R2 in samba domain
8:19AM 0 Trust relationship between Windows Domains
5:50AM 1 Raising domain functionality level with samba-tool fails with uncaught exception errors from Python
Monday November 7 2011
8:41PM 1 Samba3 & ADMT, cannot migrate SIDs
8:13PM 1 Permissions in printer share
5:18PM 1 samba with ldap+TLS
1:34PM 2 Samba4 and sysvol share
Sunday November 6 2011
11:47AM 0 Samba shows each file several times in the same folder
10:43AM 0 LDAP Account Manager 3.6.RC1 released
Saturday November 5 2011
11:06PM 1 win 7 no logon servers available error
12:50PM 2 winbind map untrusted domain problem
12:07AM 2 win 7 join domain error
Friday November 4 2011
2:58PM 0 Non primary group permissions not working
Thursday November 3 2011
4:22PM 1 winbind auth, specifying shell
3:33PM 1 Samba4alpha17 provisioning fails
3:25PM 1 SAMBA as PDC, Windows server 2008 and Windows 7 problem.
8:38AM 1 SAMBA is showing MS Office temp files (beginning with "~$")
6:09AM 0 Simple doubt regarding smbconf file.
4:18AM 1 What could cause the streams depot to become confused?
Wednesday November 2 2011
6:58PM 0 [Announce] Samba 3.5.12 Available for Download
6:12PM 0 Explorer not refreshing with SAMBA 3.5.x on Solaris 10 x64
4:26PM 1 winbind and getent again
6:29AM 2 How to Configure Samba to Use Multiple AD Logon Servers for Redundancy
Tuesday November 1 2011
9:04PM 2 getent passwd not returning users/groups
1:25PM 1 parent folder rX -> child file in it rwx => child file from windows read only????
10:06AM 2 got stuck with replacing win2k DC with samba4 DC
9:56AM 1 Enhancing NTLM Authentication to Remote Site Active Directory server
6:28AM 1 Windows8
3:08AM 0 Introducing a Linux Client in PDC: Best practice?
1:55AM 0 Samba browsing not possible! (Linux Mint, Firewall (Gufw), Samba shares, gvfsd-smb-browse)
1:55AM 0 Fwd: Samba browsing not possible! (Linux Mint, Firewall (Gufw), Samba shares, gvfsd-smb-browse)