samba - Apr 2011

Friday April 29 2011
6:51PM 2 Time sync in Samba4
10:24AM 7 Cannot set ACL for "Authenticated Users"
Thursday April 28 2011
6:37PM 1 Net rpc strange results
11:21AM 2 got NTLMSSP command 1, expected 3
11:06AM 0 [squid-users] got NTLMSSP command 1, expected 3
7:29AM 0 Samba 4 Permission!!
3:55AM 0 Domain admins not able to login as Domain adminstartor
1:41AM 2 Linker error for Samba 3.5.8 on Solaris 5.8
12:39AM 0 Samba Winbind Corrupted .tdb file
Wednesday April 27 2011
6:32PM 1 AD and samba secondary group problems
6:28PM 0 Invalid key 0 given to dptr_close
3:02PM 0 Preserving timestamps with smbclient
12:58PM 0 Problems with Squid and Active Directory
10:13AM 2 Samba 4 Permission
10:02AM 3 Help: issues about hostname & nameserver
7:10AM 1 CTDB / Samba4. Nodes don't become healthy on first startup
Tuesday April 26 2011
9:12PM 1 specifying home directory for users.
8:52PM 1 samba loses to be the master browser
7:30PM 0 cifs migration locking issue
7:13PM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.6.0pre3 Available for Download
2:20PM 0 winbind craps out, NT_STATUS_PIPE_BROKEN
1:44PM 1 smbclient doesn't work from cron
12:07PM 0 Build Environment
7:33AM 0 How to extract 'size on disk' attribute a file on CIFS share
7:10AM 0 can't login after join windows 7 to Samba PDC domain (using LDAP backend)
Monday April 25 2011
9:01PM 1 Share mounts as read-only on MacOSX client
7:54PM 2 GPO in Linux!!
5:29PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 3.4.0 released
8:04AM 0 samba shadow copy
Sunday April 24 2011
4:45PM 1 Using groups with windows
4:26PM 2 Windows prompt for password complexity
Saturday April 23 2011
6:34PM 1 ldapsearch with samba4
Friday April 22 2011
6:26PM 1 Allow users to change active directory password!
11:55AM 0 Kerberos5 packages not needed anymore?
Thursday April 21 2011
1:08PM 1 Samba 4 integration with Linux clients using Likewise open
12:38PM 0 Please ignore my previous mail
8:03AM 1 [Announce] Samba 3.4.13 Available for Download
Wednesday April 20 2011
6:49PM 1 Compiling samba4 from git
4:28PM 2 Folder Encryption and Samba
2:40PM 2 Printer settings not saved
7:18AM 0 Windows appliaktion exe-files on a share extremely slow
Tuesday April 19 2011
10:03PM 3 nmblookup - windows 7 does not respond
11:14AM 2 Problem with softlinks under samba on RHEL
9:42AM 1 Apple Mac OS X Lion and Samba PDC
7:34AM 1 Samba4 help!
6:54AM 1 Samba PDC + OpenLDAP + Windows 7 user name length
Monday April 18 2011
7:15PM 3 Domain Controller GPO
3:09PM 0 raw.convs raw.types
12:35PM 0 BUG: SAMBA 3.5.x and IBM TSM
Sunday April 17 2011
11:02PM 1 Samba AD member and connections from non-AD systems
3:44PM 1 tarmode exclude not working?
3:48AM 0 Samba connection problem
12:13AM 1 KDC and samba4
Saturday April 16 2011
11:28PM 1 Problem with CentOS 5.6 samba3x packages
3:54AM 0 Help: TS login authenticating using Machine name of TS instead of user.
Friday April 15 2011
10:03PM 1 samba 3.5.4 winbind rfc2307
4:36PM 3 Samba 3.5.8 / Windows error and system errors while mapping network drive on some PC's
3:35PM 0 Transfer rate between W2008R1 and Samba
2:52PM 0 Samba PANIC - running two instances
11:28AM 0 Inherit ACL does not work properlyQ
10:29AM 1 How to disbale storing exe files in a SAMBA share
10:26AM 9 Inherit ACL does not work properly
Thursday April 14 2011
8:44PM 1 very basic question launching application locally from a linux server to a linux workstation.
7:11PM 1 Large files and file permissions
5:14PM 1 Authenticating against local PAM configuration
5:03PM 5 Samba version 2.2.3a and Windows 7
2:35PM 0 ACLs passwd file and winbind.
2:21PM 5 windows 7 logon problem
11:40AM 1 smb2
Wednesday April 13 2011
8:15PM 1 Samba 3.5.8 on AIX 5.3 with IBM LDAP libraries
6:31PM 0 windows 7 client can't find domain controller
1:03PM 1 FAM linking error on Irix
Tuesday April 12 2011
10:09PM 0 winbind problem with BUILTIN?
9:22PM 0 Input/output error on attempting to authenticate
7:01PM 1 clustered samba registers all non CTDB addresses at WINS server
6:01PM 2 [Announce] Samba 3.6.0pre2 Preview Release Available for Download
5:16PM 4 roaming profiles - one file can't be copied to server
3:22PM 0 samba active directory question
2:03PM 2 samba/backuppc error: NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_RESET
1:39PM 0 getent group Issues, no groups available
1:24PM 1 Samba & Squid NTLM Auth
Monday April 11 2011
8:13PM 4 File permissions confusion
3:12PM 2 Samba over IPX
2:51PM 0 Samba ove IPX
11:29AM 1 [CTDB] how does LMASTER know where the record is stored?
10:29AM 1 Hybride samba..
7:38AM 2 getent passwd strange behavior
3:58AM 1 samba+kerberos problem
Sunday April 10 2011
2:41PM 0 LDAP Account Manager 3.4.0.RC1 released
2:34PM 2 PAM winbind authentication problem NT domain
2:06PM 0 Fwd: Re: S3 winbind errors
Friday April 8 2011
11:55PM 3 rebuilt XP machine cannot see Samba server
12:16PM 1 Could my project CTDB SAMBA be working ?
10:24AM 1 This is bug at samba?
10:21AM 1 Clustered Samba: Every 24 hours "There are Currently No Logon Servers Available"
Thursday April 7 2011
9:11PM 0 mod_auth_ntlm_winbind issues - does apache connection mgmt support NTLM?
8:58PM 0 mod_auth_ntlm_winbind issues
5:34PM 1 Hidden files
3:39PM 2 S3 winbind errors
3:21PM 1 Please quit publishing my e-mail address
1:54PM 0 Pacemaker/ CTDB on Ubuntu 10.04
1:10PM 2 what architecture is required for having a samba working ?
Wednesday April 6 2011
10:33PM 1 login into AIX using winbind
7:05PM 0 help needed about SID to UID/GID mapping
2:51PM 0 Samba 3.5.8
1:37PM 0 authentication with winbind+AIX+kerberos
Tuesday April 5 2011
3:58PM 1 researching options need advice
11:37AM 1 problem with linux server as domain member in samba pdc
10:40AM 2 acl_xattr access denied when adding permissions for another user
8:47AM 3 MSDFS - Can you hide folders with no access
7:35AM 1 samba ctdb clustering with ldap backend?
2:56AM 1 [HELP] Samba with myob trouble
Monday April 4 2011
2:30PM 1 samba 3.2.5 PDC guest access lost
2:17PM 0 Unable to connect to Samba share from Windows XP (SOLVED)
10:47AM 0 Simple question about Samba3 and Samba4 in the same site
12:24AM 2 Samba4 AD/LDAP question
Sunday April 3 2011
5:06PM 1 Scannedonly: Unable to compile on Samba v3.5.8 [] Error 1
3:30PM 1 Winbind cached account locked out
1:03PM 0 Win 7 Pro creating new profile caches
6:25AM 1 Mac OS X status
Saturday April 2 2011
10:10PM 0 Can't write to samba director with windows 7
Friday April 1 2011
4:43PM 1 Samba4 Ubuntu Init Scripts
3:59PM 2 Unable to join to Windows 2003 PDC using samba 3.5.8 from a linux machine!!
2:16PM 3 Disk full / file corrupted
9:23AM 1 Unable to connect to Samba share from Windows XP
7:59AM 3 FW: ACL Lost and unable to set rights from explorer (xp)
7:58AM 1 kernel oplocks in ctdb environment
2:05AM 1 difference between samba running on solaris 10 and centos 5.5