samba - May 2011

Tuesday May 31 2011
3:43PM 2 Samba serving sshfs shares: can't delete files
Monday May 30 2011
5:05PM 0 Quota Problem with Samba 3.5.8
1:06PM 3 Join W2008 R2 64bit to samba 3.5.8
10:48AM 1 Samba and non-ASCII host names
8:52AM 0 Samba4, bind9
Saturday May 28 2011
8:52PM 1 Fwd: A default profile
Friday May 27 2011
11:32PM 2 Sharing an NFS mount via samba
8:56PM 1 Kerberos, Samba, and XP wanting to map local users with authenticated ones
7:21PM 1 SMB + Active Directory And No Ability To Delete Files And Folders
6:54PM 0 Ruth Lobo del Olmo está ausente de la oficina.
5:35PM 0 Samba 4 from git with 12 errors on Quick Test
4:01PM 1 XP Clients Showing Incorrect Filenames
2:14PM 0 Quick Test Log
1:52PM 0 Problems with several accounts after Samba 2.x to 3.5.8 migration
9:50AM 3 net ads join
9:47AM 1 Where is the winbindd_idmap.tdb?
8:30AM 0 Slow performance with cifs client
5:44AM 0 Folder Access in Samba
Thursday May 26 2011
6:12PM 0 Problem when compile
2:28PM 1 Confusion berween file and direcory
2:15PM 0 Accessing the root file system in a share.
10:41AM 1 Error when changing domain password in Windows XP
7:08AM 0 Variable substitution in config file
3:02AM 4 Samba performance
Wednesday May 25 2011
7:25PM 0 rhel 6 stock samba and selinux disk size
4:16PM 1 Winbind Trust -- grr
10:44AM 2 Pdbedit cannot modify SID
Tuesday May 24 2011
6:07PM 2 Can I write to wondows folder
5:58PM 0 test
1:22PM 0 Samba 3.5 uid gid winbindd_idmap.tdb severe problems
Monday May 23 2011
11:24PM 0 Can CIFS files in read only mode be cached by client?
9:47PM 2 Cannot authenticate new ldap users (unless they are in /etc/passwd too)
7:28PM 0 Basic questions about share permissions
11:37AM 3 winbindd/idmap_ldap.c:472(idmap_ldap_allocate_id) Cannot allocate gid above 20000!
10:49AM 3 samba 3.2.5 + ACLs - read/write permission become read only
8:00AM 1 The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed.
Friday May 20 2011
5:30PM 1 samba 3.6.0rc1 in Debian experimental
12:43PM 2 Problems with group assignments
9:00AM 2 No Access after enabling SMB2
6:37AM 1 failed to set times with rsync or smbclient
Thursday May 19 2011
5:03PM 1 vfs_scannedonly fails to connect to socket.
1:39PM 2 Mapping drive
1:19PM 1 human understandable log format?
1:16PM 4 Strange problem with my new PDC
1:09PM 0 security = user vs security = domain and winbind trust
10:49AM 0 Building Samba 356 on Solaris 10
Wednesday May 18 2011
8:56PM 0 api_pipe_bind_req: unknown auth type 9 requested.
12:16PM 0 vampire skipping SAM_DOMAIN_INFO delta
7:48AM 0 Windows users are displayed as UID in ACL.
Tuesday May 17 2011
8:46PM 2 CentOS 5.6 X86_64 install problem
6:22PM 4 windows7 can not log on samba domain
9:49AM 0 [Announce] Samba 3.6.0rc1 Available for Download
7:50AM 1 CTDB -- manually setting winbind uid with wbinfo
12:55AM 1 How can I confirm that idmap_ad is being used?
Monday May 16 2011
11:55AM 0 Quota support in samba
11:42AM 1 nt acl inheritance
10:42AM 1 build samba on solaris 10 fails on libwbclient
9:55AM 0 changing account flags to W
6:26AM 0 winbind net join password
3:48AM 2 Win ME couln't login
3:11AM 0 Profile directories with the wrong name on the Windows Box
1:12AM 1 Problem printing from one user only
Saturday May 14 2011
5:59PM 1 GPMC Permissions
5:53PM 3 regpatch writing to local registry hive with -F not working (registery-utils 4.0.0~alpha15~git20110124.dfsg1-2ubuntu1)
9:25AM 1 Bit of complex smb networking... is it possible?
Friday May 13 2011
8:40PM 0 Winbindd can't convert between SIDs and uid/gid
8:04PM 1 Windows 7 Backup to Samba Server
3:47PM 0 Difficulty in creating and adding principal using net utility
3:43PM 0 ntlm_auth always returns ok
2:00PM 1 Access denied to samba server from win7 64bit behind a VPN
7:24AM 1 [3.4.7] Changing NetBIOS name
Thursday May 12 2011
5:31PM 0 NTLM Problems
12:24PM 0 Source for latest Samba builds packaged for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid
8:02AM 2 DLZ plugins for bind from samba4
7:21AM 7 Samba 4 and gpo in win7
1:10AM 1 oracle has released samba 3.5.5 on solaris
Wednesday May 11 2011
8:00PM 0 Samba/ctdb on AIX 6.1
4:15PM 3 Issue with Bind
12:07PM 0 How sambaLMPassword attribute updated?
10:57AM 0 Problem with listing a share
9:56AM 2 ADS Join on Windows 2008 domain not working in 3.0.26a?
9:36AM 1 (Cross ) Install and Conversion problem
Tuesday May 10 2011
7:57PM 3 Error in Configuring CTDB, Winbind and AD
3:16PM 4 [3.4.7] Right way to provide full access?
1:17PM 1 Intermittent <MRxSMB; W50:> "Delayed Write Failed" when writing to Office 2007's "Recent Files" index.dat on a network share
7:49AM 2 confusion about shares and rights
Monday May 9 2011
3:52PM 2 upgrade samba4 install
2:04PM 2 Microsoft Outlook pst files unable to open or create
1:39PM 0 samba 3.6.0pre3 in Debian experimental
Saturday May 7 2011
7:38PM 5 Samba 3.5.8 - windows XP workstations disapear from browselist
12:32AM 0 Samba with SSSD+LDAP
Thursday May 5 2011
8:31PM 1 debugging really high network usage with no apparent cause
4:22PM 0 winbindd : Error message when login into the sama share ( nsswitch/winbindd_passdb.c:sid_to_name(126) )
3:06PM 1 getting 3.5.8 to compile with cups on redhat 5.3 or 6
2:42PM 0 Problem adding Worstation
1:32PM 2 Could not convert sid ..... to ..... gid
9:10AM 1 Cant get authenticated readwrite and guest readonly configured properly
7:34AM 0 pam_winbind keytab permissions question
7:18AM 1 winbind as 2008 r2 domain member | groups are not resolving after couple of hours
Wednesday May 4 2011
8:50PM 0 Guest access broken for Win7 between 3.3.8 and 3.5.4?
8:36PM 0 What are others Doing?
11:03AM 0 Connecting samba + winbind with 2 controllers windows domains.
8:37AM 1 winbind as a name service "proxy"?
7:21AM 0 Samba DFS-Proxy . No PDF-Files can be opened
Tuesday May 3 2011
5:34PM 2 Connecting to AD and OpenLDAP
Monday May 2 2011
5:14PM 1 s3 winbind loosing kerbers ticket
9:50AM 3 Issue providing seamless migrtion (3.0.24 to 3.5.6) - sambaNTPassword mystery