rsync - Mar 2014

Sunday March 30 2014
9:35AM 25 [Bug 10527] New: Rsync Deadlock when copying files
Friday March 28 2014
6:41PM 4 [Bug 10522] New: --detect-renamed patch is causing deletions as if a 'delete flag' was supplied, when none have been
Wednesday March 26 2014
9:21PM 1 Fwd: How would I make dir2 a copy of dir1 w/hardlinks for the files?
8:16PM 11 [Bug 10518] New: rsync hangs (100% cpu)
6:22PM 1 How would I make dir2 a copy of dir1 w/hardlinks for the files?
10:00AM 1 redirect rsync's log to a log file together with other program
Tuesday March 25 2014
4:34AM 1 Intermittent make_bak_dir mkdir "<path>" failed: File exists (17)
12:15AM 0 enabling sparse file option with inplace
Thursday March 20 2014
11:10AM 1 [Bug 10507] New: Structured Output (for Simpler Parsing)
Wednesday March 19 2014
2:31AM 1 Beating a dead horse
Friday March 14 2014
6:07PM 1 [Bug 10497] New: rsync fails to sync certain sparse file combinations with compression
3:05AM 3 [Bug 10496] New: --itemize-changes always reports xattr changes with --xattrs --fake-super
2:32AM 0 Permission Denied errors when trying to remove selinux contexts at destination
Wednesday March 12 2014
4:02AM 1 --log-file=File output
Tuesday March 11 2014
10:11PM 3 Caching {filePath,mtime64,checksum} values to speed up execution-time
4:24PM 17 [Bug 10495] New: "skipping directory foo" (does not transfer directories by default)
4:02PM 1 silent data corruption with rsync
Monday March 10 2014
10:04PM 5 [Bug 10494] New: remove-source-files fails with symlinks
Friday March 7 2014
9:04PM 1 Aw: Re: backup-dir over nfs
12:42AM 0 Problem using --fuzzy with --*-dest flags
12:38AM 1 Problem using --debug=FUZZY[2] flags
Thursday March 6 2014
3:36PM 0 backup-dir over nfs
10:04AM 0 could rsync support to specify source IP address when current host has multiple NIC?
Sunday March 2 2014
3:08AM 0 [Bug 2294] Detect renamed files and handle by renaming instead of delete/re-send