rsync - Jul 2009

Friday July 31 2009
5:13AM 0 rsync-3.0.6 IO Time out
Thursday July 30 2009
5:22AM 0 Keep files for 30 days
Wednesday July 29 2009
11:05PM 13 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6590] New: [sender] could not find xattr #1 for home/jdoe/TheFresh
7:24PM 1 Problem with 3.0.6 and fileflags
7:01PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6588] New: errors missed when connecting to host with multiple addresses and host is down
5:47AM 1 How could be "total transferred file size" more than "total file size" ?
Tuesday July 28 2009
8:30PM 0 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6582] New: blocking characters in filenames
11:16AM 1 Possibly bug in rsync-3.0.6 when spaces are there in destination path
Monday July 27 2009
7:21PM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6578] New: put out skipped dirs files w/ perms and ownership
7:17PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6577] New: man page mentioned
1:08PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6576] New: generate_files lists non-existent files
7:30AM 1 supporting --fake-super on opensolaris (zfs) destination
Sunday July 26 2009
8:39PM 1 DeltaCopy puts unwanted TAB character into rsync command
4:07PM 1 Need help of exclusion options in rsync-3.0.6
Friday July 24 2009
8:42AM 1 rsync command exclude option
Thursday July 23 2009
10:54PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6573] New: Documentation Error: Section with exact title doesn't exist
8:11PM 1 Files with / in their name....
Tuesday July 21 2009
4:38PM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6569] New: chmod-temp-dir fails on QNX
10:52AM 0 Lots of "file exists" errors with rsync version 3.0.6
9:38AM 1 EOL (MBOX file)
Monday July 20 2009
8:20AM 1 Error messages 3.0.6pre1
Friday July 17 2009
12:07PM 2 Server Reboots in Mid-Rsync
11:45AM 0 Rsync problem : stops unexpectedly
4:16AM 2 Rsnapshot/rsync buffer overflow
Thursday July 16 2009
3:47PM 1 rsync/ssh many different users
11:11AM 4 please help me using rsync efficiently
4:50AM 0 [ntp:questions] Keeping NTP Honest
Wednesday July 15 2009
9:29PM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6553] New: rsync hangs at filenames starting with an underscore
8:15PM 0 Rsync stops in the middle of a transfer
8:01PM 1 partial-dir not being used?!
5:49AM 1 What happened to librsync?
Tuesday July 14 2009
8:17PM 1 Assistance With "Symlink Has No Referent" Message
3:24PM 1 --delete not working (minimal example)
11:01AM 3 --delete-before doesn't seem to actually be deleting before transfer
4:30AM 0 No subject
4:30AM 0 No subject
4:30AM 0 No subject
4:30AM 0 No subject
4:30AM 0 No subject
Monday July 13 2009
11:08PM 1 are new directories created inside the partial dir?
Friday July 10 2009
1:17AM 6 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6546] New: lremovexattr problems
Thursday July 9 2009
11:35PM 1 How to use ionice?
4:26PM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6545] New: when crashing, announce the last file that was correctly copied
5:42AM 1 Differenc in exclude v 2.6.9 and v 3.0.4
Wednesday July 8 2009
5:21PM 1 rsync between windows Opensolaris failures
4:59PM 1 rsync Windows to opensolaris or linux
3:46PM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6543] New: when crashing, announce the last file that was correctly copied
3:44PM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6542] New: rsync: hlink.c:125: match_gnums: Assertion `gnum >= hlink_flist->ndx_start' failed.
4:20AM 1 Trivial exclude help
3:35AM 0 When errors at end, how to find error
Tuesday July 7 2009
1:11AM 0 rsync-3.0.6 regression test problems
Monday July 6 2009
4:45PM 3 How to make big MySQL database more diffable/rsyncable? (aka rsyncing big files)
Saturday July 4 2009
8:59PM 4 Rsync with spaces in source or destination path
7:13PM 1 rsync getting stuck while "building file list"
Friday July 3 2009
9:11PM 2 Listing Changed Files Without Two Copies?
8:45PM 1 Bug? backup_dir sometimes reported on STDOUT, sometimes not.
8:24PM 1 what happens with .~tmp~ after an interruption?
6:32PM 1 are partial files always deleted on interruption?
Thursday July 2 2009
1:25PM 2 rsync transfer rates over ssh
Wednesday July 1 2009
5:17AM 0 How to first level folder names with rsync commands?
5:17AM 1 How to get first level folder names with rsync commands?
12:14AM 1 how to keep user/group information when rsyncing to windows for restoring back to