rsync - Jun 2009

Tuesday June 30 2009
4:26AM 3 sync performance falls off a cliff
Monday June 29 2009
1:43PM 2 include-from with different source points
5:49AM 0 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3229] Don't make backup file if destination file wasn't modified
5:03AM 1 difference between --no-implied-dir abd --keep-dirlinks ?
Friday June 26 2009
2:04AM 1 how to keep user/group information when rsyncing to windows for restoring back to linux later?
Thursday June 25 2009
11:22PM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6508] New: Inconsistent exit code behavior between local, ssh transport, and rsyncd transport
10:46PM 1 Windows ACL support
Monday June 22 2009
9:05PM 0 Crash During Symlink Copy
1:37AM 3 rsync is fantastic except for one usual feature we want from it .. please help ?
Sunday June 21 2009
2:30PM 0 Rsync stops in the middle of a large transfer
12:59PM 1 Running filesystem backup?
Saturday June 20 2009
10:58PM 2 which server to make client and which the server for rsync.
1:51PM 0 -C flag with --delete-excluded
7:17AM 0 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6490] New: When using --progress, after ^Z rsync should show filename again
Thursday June 18 2009
11:28PM 0 idea: include/exclude files by mime type (use magic like file(1) does)
4:27PM 3 Possible Bug or limitation in Cygwin 1.7 and Rsync and file number limit
Wednesday June 17 2009
10:33PM 0 --detect-renamed
6:58PM 1 Using rsync with SSH and delta transfer
5:49AM 0 -acv option, what will be the default "delete option"?
3:58AM 0 newb question installing rsync on old solaris
3:02AM 0 how to act differently to different excludes file list?
Tuesday June 16 2009
2:59AM 0 ai_family not supported
Monday June 15 2009
7:18AM 1 Big timeout time
Friday June 12 2009
2:34PM 1 --compare-dest= dir list ?
Thursday June 11 2009
12:42PM 0 rsync occassionally issues the message "rsync error: unexplained error (code 255) at main.c(1506) [generator=3.0.4]"
4:11AM 1 Key for high CPU usage
Wednesday June 10 2009
11:10PM 1 Weird behavior in receive_data function
10:38PM 0 rsync from Windows 2003 to Solaris 10
3:43PM 2 rsync excluded file syntax errors
1:48PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6461] New: rsync occassionally issues the message "rsync error: unexplained error (code 255) at main.c(1506) [generator=3.0.4]"
Tuesday June 9 2009
12:51PM 0 robocopy + rsync problems
Friday June 5 2009
12:45PM 1 could not make way for new symlink !!!
5:28AM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6438] New: rsync fails to understand IPv6 on Solaris
Thursday June 4 2009
5:05PM 0 [ Bug#531639: rsync can end up deleting unrelated files when a directory is replaced by a symlink]
6:44AM 1 what kind attrs are going to be transfered by rsync?
2:03AM 1 rsync --daemon. Can I open more than one instances?
Wednesday June 3 2009
9:04PM 1 rsync 3.0.x with Windows VSS-support
5:16PM 4 WARNING: . . . .failed verification -- update discarded (will try again).
8:19AM 3 remove-source-files checking for open files?
Tuesday June 2 2009
10:30PM 1 --remove-source-files
2:17PM 1 How to push files from Linux to Windows
7:31AM 2 Which function in generator trigger the file transfer?
7:28AM 1 Difference between rsync -r S1 S2 T and cp -r S1 S2 T
Monday June 1 2009
10:31AM 2 Resuming from partial downloads but keeping complete file
10:29AM 2 Rsync spawning a child process when pulling files ?