rsync - Jan 2009

Saturday January 31 2009
1:19AM 2 Strange behaviour with rsync and mounted truecrypt volume
Friday January 30 2009
6:54PM 2 Backup to spare drive (rsync / crontab)
1:39PM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6077] New: rsync doesn't modify content of sshfs volumes
Wednesday January 28 2009
8:57PM 1 Some help with sudo on remote side of rsync
4:13PM 0 rsync 3.0.4, Mac OS X 10.5 and NFS: ._ files not copied?
2:57PM 1 Exclude some source files from being deleted when --remove-source-files is used
Tuesday January 27 2009
1:18PM 9 rsync compression (-z) and timestamp
12:51PM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6067] New: IPv6 literal addresses broken
Sunday January 25 2009
3:29PM 1 Include/Exclude problems
Saturday January 24 2009
11:26PM 2 [patch] Replace illegal characters in filenames for FAT (switch)
11:06AM 2 rsync with --copy-devices patch and device-target with --write-batch doesnt work
Friday January 23 2009
5:28PM 2 Soft link trouble with rsync on SGI
Thursday January 22 2009
10:14AM 7 Chance of equal checksum and changing blocks
8:01AM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6062] New: [FMR]: Add an option to terminate rsync after a specific time
7:53AM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6061] New: [FMR]: Add an option to only delete files once they expire
5:05AM 1 How to setup and configure rsync with backupPC
Wednesday January 21 2009
9:03AM 3 Rsync with OS X 10.3
Tuesday January 20 2009
2:20PM 0 rsync 3.0.4 patches for 10.3
10:07AM 8 find out the meaning of rsync error code
9:14AM 0 rsync invalid tag error
Monday January 19 2009
3:14PM 5 file compression on target side
2:19PM 2 Not able to read the content of the file.
7:32AM 1 Does rsync support resuming feature?
Sunday January 18 2009
12:06PM 1 rsync-phenomenon
Saturday January 17 2009
3:08AM 0 Commit messages
Friday January 16 2009
9:06AM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6043] New: rsync ignores -x for some file systems
Thursday January 15 2009
10:54PM 2 --compare-dest; I'm missing the boat
8:25PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6041] New: rsync --delete from ext3 to hfs+ always deletes files with special characters in name.
4:52PM 2 Problem syncing large dataset
3:49PM 6 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6038] New: failed: No such file or directory (2)
Wednesday January 14 2009
7:25AM 1 Improving loadparm design to fix bug in configuration reloading
2:58AM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6032] New: error in rsync protocol data stream
12:23AM 1 slow rsync connection establish
Tuesday January 13 2009
5:39PM 0 File Miroring
2:20PM 6 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6027] New: Error when rsync encounters empty symlinks
Monday January 12 2009
1:05PM 1 Rsync crash
11:02AM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6025] New: 0 files to consider should not return code 23
4:39AM 1 Is -R --link-dest really hard to use, or is it me?
Sunday January 11 2009
12:43PM 1 Rsync error 'unexpected tag 93' when --log-file= parameter is present and run from crontab
Saturday January 10 2009
9:33PM 1 how to connect to rsyncd via forwarded ssh port?
9:07PM 1 Implementing a conditional branch within rsync based on modified time of a file
5:16PM 2 webdav timeout
6:40AM 0 Welcome to the "rsync" mailing list (Digest mode)
Thursday January 8 2009
6:27PM 2 rsync to fat32 on different platforms
1:41PM 0 What dependencies are tolerated for rsync ?
8:55AM 2 Delete only run
Wednesday January 7 2009
10:25PM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6020] New: support/rrsync fails when server-side options include "-e."
Monday January 5 2009
3:56PM 1 Problem Escaping Spaces in File Name
Sunday January 4 2009
12:07AM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6011] New: [PATCH] Fix autotools cross-compile support
Saturday January 3 2009
8:12PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 6010] New: Need a --noprogress option
Thursday January 1 2009
3:06AM 1 looking for Windows rsync without cygwin