rsync - Dec 2008

Tuesday December 30 2008
9:40PM 3 how to backup/restore of windows file attributes
1:53AM 0 pre-exec works in XP but not in Vista
Monday December 29 2008
4:54PM 1 Rsync windows acls
4:24PM 1 restart rsync process via shell script
2:31AM 0 Rsync 3.0.5 released
Sunday December 28 2008
12:22AM 1 wire protocol documentation
Saturday December 27 2008
2:56AM 1 Rsync compression still broken
12:20AM 1 open solaris --one-file-system ignored, source path also ignored
Wednesday December 24 2008
5:52AM 0 Tridge's rsync talk: great survey of issues
Tuesday December 23 2008
7:42PM 4 Windows 2003 Cygwin Netapp remote filesystem
7:35PM 0 --partial-dir silently fails
2:55PM 1 file count limit in rsync V3.0.4
Monday December 22 2008
11:33PM 1 rsync --link-dest option with the destination directory containing old files.
12:47PM 2 batch mode hangs if dest is uptodate
Friday December 19 2008
4:24PM 2 Odd behavior in an exclude-file
1:13PM 1 24, file has vanished
1:04PM 0 file has vanished
Wednesday December 17 2008
6:53PM 1 Rsync and recursion protection with .svn folders
3:13PM 1 Results table and heap statistics
3:08AM 1 rsync 3.0.4 hangs when I increase verbosity
Tuesday December 16 2008
9:59PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5977] New: --delay-updates --partial-dir
7:34PM 3 Backing up Outlook pst files
3:14PM 1 sorting files by size
1:33PM 2 rsync and MD5
12:40PM 2 Syncing file with reference to another one
11:31AM 2 Transfer mode
11:30AM 6 logging mechanism in rsync
2:39AM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5974] New: configure --help does not document xattr support properly
Monday December 15 2008
6:24PM 0 sorting by file size
5:17PM 1 weird interaction between --delete-delay and --partial-dir when transfer is interrupted
11:27AM 2 rsync 3.0.4 ACL corruption
4:51AM 1 file system parsing question
4:44AM 1 rsync architecture
Friday December 12 2008
12:08PM 4 Rsync via two ssh tunnels possible (standard method mentioned k times not possible?)
5:05AM 0 errors in rsync
Thursday December 11 2008
11:50PM 1 What the meaning of the error codes?
9:44PM 3 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5963] New: rsync fails with errors that make no sense...
Wednesday December 10 2008
8:17PM 1 Parallel rsync
9:34AM 0 File System walk in rsync
9:29AM 1 use rsync 3.0.4
Tuesday December 9 2008
2:28AM 1 Run rsync through intermediary server with SSH
Monday December 8 2008
10:24PM 2 Feature I'd love to see: --move-dest
9:17PM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5954] New: Implement something like --very-fuzzy
3:08PM 1 rsync 2.6.5
12:13PM 1 What does "module" option do?
11:16AM 1 Idle option in rsync
12:59AM 1 Using a CD to make initial copy
12:24AM 1 UDP
Friday December 5 2008
3:12PM 1 ERROR: writefd_unbuffered failed to write ... when COMPRESS
4:14AM 0 rsync patch to allow content from one device file to be synced to another device file
4:12AM 1 how to debug the rsync function start_client
12:19AM 1 Question on using single quote in an include from file
Thursday December 4 2008
10:37PM 1 rsync Failure
10:08PM 0 rsync man page: out of date corruption warning
6:19PM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5939] New: rsync: delete of stat xattr failed for ... (in backup): Operation not permitted (1)
8:02AM 0 changes in rsync V3
7:03AM 3 rssync source code as a windows project
3:09AM 7 Win32 GUI Client
Wednesday December 3 2008
12:19PM 1 how to get details of rsync source code?
Tuesday December 2 2008
2:51AM 1 rsync / checksum small block / xfer small block
Monday December 1 2008
5:51PM 2 character set for Windows?
7:56AM 0 Fw: rsync-3.0.4 install problem on z/OS USS