rsync - Feb 2006

Tuesday February 28 2006
1:03PM 1 Rsync with bwlimit
11:56AM 1 Crazy excludes
6:02AM 1 filename paths different in server mode
Monday February 27 2006
11:34PM 1 Copying many sources to different places inside a destination
Saturday February 25 2006
11:26AM 1 Dynamic hash table size (with static has load)
10:01AM 1 Why this doesn't work??
1:16AM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3554] New: Second copy of same rsync daemon should notice pid file and quit
Friday February 24 2006
4:19PM 1 --min/max-size affects only transfer, not --delete, why?
2:40PM 0 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 1959] writefd_unbuffered failed to write 4092 bytes phase send_file_entry broken pipe
7:00AM 1 rsync : connection unexpectedly closed
5:28AM 3 rsync logging
4:16AM 1 Fwd: Re: How to use multiple link-dest directories?
4:12AM 1 get_local_name
2:32AM 1 How to use multiple link-dest directories?
2:28AM 0 Improvements to man page for --no-implied-dirs and --keep-dirlinks
1:12AM 1 Rsync module quota
12:59AM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3549] New: rsync applies umask to some directories even when a default ACL takes effect
Thursday February 23 2006
1:33PM 1 rsync craps out, transferring large amounts of data
5:06AM 1 preventing rsync transfers
12:37AM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3543] New: [ACL] rsync calls default_perms_for_dir on omitted implied dirs before ensuring they exist
Wednesday February 22 2006
11:31PM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3542] New: "rsync --list-only a b/" tries to create b
6:49PM 5 Rsync help needed...
6:24PM 2 Rsyncd log file permission
9:38AM 1 Include Exclude .. a canonical way
12:09AM 2 [librsync-users] MD4 second-preimage attack
Tuesday February 21 2006
4:11PM 1 rsync through a server storing the changes, time delayed rsync
Monday February 20 2006
1:44PM 1 Improved diagnostics patch
6:54AM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3527] New: rsync: tries to chdir() into a device
Sunday February 19 2006
6:25PM 0 The retirement of the "preview" dir
6:04PM 2 Rsync 2.6.7pre2 released
Friday February 17 2006
1:54PM 3 rsync files with certain mtime
Thursday February 16 2006
11:52AM 2 reducing I/O and system load
12:13AM 1 a few basic questions
Wednesday February 15 2006
4:16PM 2 checksum
3:32PM 2 rsync updating time on every file everytime
Tuesday February 14 2006
10:05AM 1 exclude all but specifice files in dir
6:39AM 1 rsync command: help with windows -> unix
2:38AM 4 sync 54 million files, tuning rsync?
Monday February 13 2006
5:47PM 1 rsync SIGSEGV signal handler in Cygwin.
2:40PM 0 Info about "File list size" in --stat
Sunday February 12 2006
11:30PM 1 Info about "File list size" in --stats
Friday February 10 2006
10:52PM 1 chmod/chown on receiver
10:48PM 1 remove-sent-files
Thursday February 9 2006
11:11PM 1 The ACL patch now patches autom4te.cache files!
8:57PM 1 does rsync support acl and xattr?
2:06PM 1 Problems with high load
1:24PM 1 information on identifying hard links to a file
6:46AM 1 exclude an excluded file from being deleted by --delete-excluded
5:32AM 2 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3492] New: rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (24 bytes read so far)
5:07AM 5 Rsync 2.6.7pre1 is now available
Wednesday February 8 2006
11:59PM 2 RSYNC via pipe/socket ?
7:36PM 1 any estimate for 2.6.7?
5:24PM 1 trailing star/double star in --exclude
4:30PM 1 Directory matching for hidden directories
4:13AM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3491] New: throttle disk IO during filelist/directory parsing
Tuesday February 7 2006
6:33PM 0 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 2294] Detect renamed files and handle by renaming instead of delete/re-send
3:24PM 1 high cpu usage of rsync process - sometimes (extremely wired)
2:24PM 1 How to hide the file name listings, but still see the stats?
Monday February 6 2006
7:12PM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3488] New: writefd_unbuffered failed to write 4096 bytes: phase "unknown" [generator]: Broken pipe (32)
Sunday February 5 2006
11:59AM 4 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3485] New: rsync uses more space in destination even with -S specified
4:10AM 0 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 2793] xattr support fails with multiples attributes
Saturday February 4 2006
7:38PM 4 rsync to completely mirror an entire machine
12:54AM 0 How many rsync over ssh simultaneous backups?
Friday February 3 2006
7:57PM 2 rsync Corrupted MAC on input.
3:07PM 2 warnings on symlinks using link-dest
12:23PM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3479] New: Request: timestamps in --log-format
12:21AM 1 Script Needed! Will pay
Thursday February 2 2006
10:56PM 0 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 2570] cygwin version of rsync produces "Fatal exception 0E in VXD IFSMGR(04)" on Windows 98 SE
3:06AM 0 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3241] Multiple source to dest transfers in one invocation (to same host)
2:57AM 0 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 3147] message 'copying unsafe symlink' only appears if verbose>=2
2:48AM 1 DO NOT REPLY [Bug 2499] rsync fails to exit when run from an environment with a signal mask
Wednesday February 1 2006
12:45AM 1 RSYNC + iNotify