rsync - Oct 2002

Thursday October 31 2002
10:26PM 1 per sync size limit
10:40AM 1 Problems with rsync on Unix->Non-Unix Kernel Transfers...
2:46AM 2 Issues with ownership and group
Wednesday October 30 2002
11:05PM 1 upload to rsync server syntax problems
10:08PM 0 Rsync development status
8:41PM 1 hundreds of thousands files
12:57AM 1 RFE: using rsync as a backup tool (preserve access time & compres s destination files) ?
Tuesday October 29 2002
9:03PM 1 important caveat with Rsync on NT and daylight savings time
8:41PM 1 configuration question.
6:54PM 1 Help on syncing a windows server
6:49PM 8 important caveat with Rsync on NT and dayligt savings time
5:43PM 2 Rsync help
3:34AM 0 Fwd: Re: Fwd: rsync and unlink permission
Monday October 28 2002
6:23PM 0 Configuration
8:39AM 1
7:14AM 2 Fwd: rsync and unlink permission
Sunday October 27 2002
10:37AM 3 rsync with large gzip files.
Saturday October 26 2002
4:54AM 0 The timestamp of a file should be the time stamp of the remote machine after it is rsynced.
4:51AM 0 How to prevent batch rsync to write rsync_argvs files in the home directory
Friday October 25 2002
7:12PM 0 rsync over stunnel or redir ( not ssh ) hangs
2:33PM 0 rsync 2.5.5 and exit 1 hard to explain.
5:26AM 3 Win32 Version?
Thursday October 24 2002
10:13PM 0 Here it is
7:30PM 3 Howto to control rsync through cron
7:01PM 1 rsync error: partial transfer (code 23) at main.c(578)
6:51PM 1 rsync -e ssh does not work well
4:38PM 2 Size Discrepancy between source and destination
4:31PM 1 rsync ownership problem via ssh?
4:30PM 0 Update on suffix behavior change?
10:17AM 1 Using rsync for backup trashes st_atime
8:41AM 2 Feature Request: break hardlinks before metadata changes
1:02AM 0 Binaries for SCO 5.0.5
Tuesday October 22 2002
8:45PM 0 partial transfer (code 23) at main.c(925) error
8:23PM 1 rsync vs. iOra
4:13PM 0 pruning old files
Monday October 21 2002
9:17PM 0 rsync: read error: Connection timed out
2:39PM 4 Any work-around for very large number of files yet?
12:38PM 0 daemon and absolute sym-links
11:37AM 1 Rsync and "ignore nonreadable" and timeout
3:02AM 0 Ownership Preservation?
2:58AM 2 Path to rsync Binary?
Sunday October 20 2002
8:05PM 0 ways to ignore modified times of folders in NT?
1:03PM 0 "hosts allow" on cygwin
Saturday October 19 2002
6:25PM 0
Friday October 18 2002
4:04PM 2 Question on a long filename
5:30AM 0 exit status help
2:19AM 1 Using RSYNC for Multiple Servers
Thursday October 17 2002
5:06PM 1 Mutliple backups into a signle dir
10:01AM 0 [PATCH] IPv6 ACL
8:15AM 0 Fwd: cygwin/w2k client unstable
Wednesday October 16 2002
10:39PM 0 rsync 2.5.5 specfile (/rsync-2.5.5/packaging/redhat/7.1)
10:18PM 0 rpm build problems
9:00PM 2 Optimizations and other questions for rsync
7:55PM 0 rsyncd treats symlinks differently
7:54PM 0 Fwd: Re: HELP !!! Problem with file timestamps updating "weird" during rsync data pull
6:41PM 2 HELP !!! Problem with file timestamps updating "weird" during rsync data pull
5:43PM 0 rsync: unrecognized option `--ignore-errors'
3:52PM 0 Get your Website seen locally and globally
1:58PM 0 rsync hangs/stalls on long filenames
12:57PM 0 Possible memory leak?
3:47AM 0 A. .D. .V. 4 - Free* Home Security System
Tuesday October 15 2002
7:39PM 1 Older directory overwrites newer file with -u flag
4:20PM 0 rsync server incorrect link creation
3:30PM 0 Cartridge Recycling OccYYUdqVk
11:20AM 3 synchronizing part of a file
Monday October 14 2002
4:14PM 0 [PATCH] Patches to rsync-2.5.5 for Stratus VOS (resend)
3:07PM 0 rsync: read error: Connection reset by peer
Sunday October 13 2002
11:25PM 3 rsync + SSL
4:27PM 1 rsync 2.5.5 core dump
Friday October 11 2002
3:17PM 4 Problem with checksum failing on large files
7:04AM 0 rsync kioslave - future direction
Thursday October 10 2002
5:07PM 0 core dump from rsync
2:50PM 1 Exclude symbolic link to a directory?
9:07AM 2 multiple sessions to same destination
Wednesday October 9 2002
2:30PM 5 Value too large for defined data type
11:46AM 1 Satellite TV hex files for Funcards, Goldcards
8:04AM 2 rsync-2.5.5 memory eater problem
4:06AM 0 GUI - handling motd
2:37AM 1 ERROR: buffer overflow in receive_file_entry
Tuesday October 8 2002
9:47PM 0 setgroups requires at least one group
6:23PM 1 Some tests fail if rsync is not on path (with patch)
4:24PM 0 rsync now available for Stratus VOS
Monday October 7 2002
7:46PM 1 building problem with rsync up to 2.5.5
2:29AM 0 not syncing problem
Saturday October 5 2002
10:44PM 2 Question on "base directory"
2:59AM 0 Trouble transferring referents of symlinks outside the source tree
Friday October 4 2002
2:34PM 0 rsync error with an smbmount shared dir
11:16AM 0 New High Performance Rink System Installed In Washington State
9:04AM 1 Rsync from Windows to Windows
Thursday October 3 2002
8:22PM 2 How to run rsync as a daemon program taht runs at particular time given
4:58PM 0 unknown host - but it shouldn't be
4:37PM 0 more on selective deletion
12:25PM 0 more questions Re: deleting (empty) directories
Wednesday October 2 2002
10:03PM 0 error in rsync protocol datastream(code12) at io.c(150)
4:48PM 0 rsync daemon exit code
4:07PM 0 rsync rsh XP->Unix Terminal Read cygwin
3:35PM 1 Two-way Rsync problems with Deletions
1:39PM 1 rsync and schedule task
12:07PM 1 deleting (empty) directories
8:15AM 1 Synchronizing two folders
4:45AM 1 --delete-after subtleties
4:22AM 0 rsync hangs at the end of the work.
Tuesday October 1 2002
4:04PM 2 "error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(150)" revisited
3:15PM 0 Changing a directory to a symlink; rsync balks.
1:50PM 4 rsync 2.5.5 segmentation fault on Linux x86.