Rails - Mar 2014

Monday March 31 2014
8:26PM 0 CMS Recommendations
6:32PM 0 Clear Button
4:02PM 0 Unable to delete post in sample blog application
1:46PM 0 DIPON^ Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) Full Movie Free Download
12:37PM 0 rails on update validations with nested_attributes
7:57AM 0 Rails Engine ActionController::UrlGenerationError on functional tests
Sunday March 30 2014
6:35PM 0 Take the 2014 Rails Hosting Survey
5:56AM 0 New gem covering general validations on Arrays, Hashes etc.
Saturday March 29 2014
5:02PM 0 rails 4 link_to post method
1:03AM 0 Booz Digital is seeking Bi-Lingual Full Stack Rails Developer (Spanish/English)
Friday March 28 2014
3:50PM 0 cucumber tests failing - No route matches [GET] "/stylesheets
8:33AM 0 JOB : French/American start-up recruits a Lead RoR/Fullstack Developer
3:16AM 0 Trigger before save and after save from external process?
1:47AM 0 Stilhaus Kitchens Con
Thursday March 27 2014
4:05PM 0 Rack middleware for shared connection pools?
9:37AM 0 Facebook wall post
8:40AM 0 iPhone 6 Design Possibly Exposed by Leaked Case
3:05AM 0 Kitchen Designer Warrington
Wednesday March 26 2014
6:04PM 0 Generating a PDF report dynamically
11:53AM 0 Dependency Management
11:15AM 0 beginner to ruby programming
11:14AM 0 how i delete heruko from my mac ??
11:10AM 0 beginner to ruby
10:05AM 0 {{HOTTEST}} Watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) Full Movie Online
7:18AM 0 Kitchen Designers Leicester
2:29AM 0 Heroku | Rails 4 | Ruby 2.0 - send_file not presenting file for download in the browser
Tuesday March 25 2014
10:09PM 0 Seeking a NZ Based Ruby Dev to assist with a project / startup
10:00PM 0 Looking for some glue between Strong Parameters and CanCan
4:43PM 0 Wickes Kitchens
4:34PM 0 Designing routes for different parts of a model
3:37PM 0 trouble with install of 2.3.9 due to rake requires version of ruby > 1.9
2:58PM 0 cancan gem being replaced
12:00PM 0 Bootstrap Navbar, with options updating a yield in the same view?
11:05AM 0 Connect to MariaDB over SSH tunnel
9:13AM 0 How can I solve error: failed to push some refs to 'git-Vgi1d2+GxVTQT0dZR+AlfA@public.gmane.org:quiet-bastion-4831.git'?
4:51AM 0 Kitchen Designer London
Monday March 24 2014
8:50PM 0 Database is not updating after the Active Record Migration.
6:56PM 0 Use a module for this?
1:43PM 0 "class Admin::UsersController < ApplicationController". What does the double colon do here?
1:22PM 0 Not able to find the ruby file in command prompt with ruby and rails
11:32AM 0 order_query finds next / previous Active Record(s) in one query
4:20AM 0 Finding out if a X Time Zone is in midnight
3:30AM 0 Betta Living Kitchens Reviews
Sunday March 23 2014
7:52PM 0 Text to Hash
9:04AM 0 How to see .gitignore file in directory?
6:04AM 0 sidekiq job status back to browser
Saturday March 22 2014
12:09PM 0 Validation error messages for JS
Friday March 21 2014
5:38PM 0 Activity streams/News feeds with Aggregation, MySQL and Redis support
12:31PM 0 Stilhaus Kitchens Complaints
10:12AM 0 Fusepool Open Call for Developers -- Data|Hack|Award|2014
9:50AM 0 For all algorithms lovers, Introducing the algorithm repository
9:02AM 0 omnicontacts open in popup
7:04AM 0 The Fastest Way to Create Install and Deploy a Ruby on Rails App in Five Minutes
5:42AM 0 How to create APIs and Web services in rails.
Thursday March 20 2014
9:27AM 0 What is your style? ':this_style =>' vs 'this_style:' or depends?
Wednesday March 19 2014
6:48PM 0 ActionView::Template::Error: end of file reached Rails 4.0.4
5:57PM 0 How to install Node.js?
1:41PM 0 [JOBS] I am looking for recommendations for Rails developers to send an RFP to
9:52AM 0 how to avoid the records that are not in database without reindexing solr
4:13AM 0 redis, pub/sub, rails 3, phusion passenger
Tuesday March 18 2014
5:18PM 0 If you were to code a marketplace app like AirBnB today, what technology & stack would you use?
3:11PM 0 javascript rendered as text: why?
8:45AM 0 jquery-rails upgrade breaking existing code which depends on older versions of jQuery Core (1.8.2)
4:50AM 0 JOB POST: why is it so hard to find a Ruby Rails developer for a job in Downtown NYC?
1:15AM 0 Rails 4.04
1:08AM 0 Rails 4 Image fail in production
Sunday March 16 2014
7:25AM 0 Using gem rails-cache_control to significantly speed up your page
4:47AM 0 String concatenation.. + vs <<
4:46AM 0 String concatetenation.. + vs <<
2:33AM 0 Nested form - ajax call
Saturday March 15 2014
6:35AM 0 Problem with installing gems
Friday March 14 2014
5:43PM 0 Rails 4.0.4 has been released!
1:20PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby on Rails Contract Opening - Atlanta, GA (Duluth)
12:52PM 0 Including assets in rails templates
11:44AM 0 unicorn error with nginx/rails4 - no child processes
10:27AM 0 AngularJS options with a simple_form checkbox
8:45AM 0 how to connect remote sqlite in windows
Thursday March 13 2014
7:27PM 0 ROR role with a well know firm in the NYC Pay 100-140hr
1:56PM 0 using html.erb as a stand alone file
1:33PM 0 Using html.erb as stand alone file
10:17AM 0 Starting rails server
9:06AM 0 AR: freezing PG Array
7:05AM 0 I want to be clear about RSpec.
4:52AM 0 What is your style? Single quote, double quotes or depends?
Wednesday March 12 2014
5:50PM 0 [JOB] Robust RoR Web Application in NYC
5:34PM 0 Refactoring routes question
3:10AM 0 How to batch create posts?
Tuesday March 11 2014
9:15PM 0 Is it possible to put association callbacks in -extensions?
8:13PM 0 2 Ruby on Rails positions in DC Metro area
5:48PM 0 Rails 4.0.4.rc1 has been released!
5:10PM 0 My generator for Rails 4 and ActiveAdmin
3:37PM 0 Four way JOIN (many-to-many + lookup); preventing duplicates when using scopes
1:18PM 0 help in updating the code " Head First Ruby on Rails"
Monday March 10 2014
7:02PM 0 Saving associated objects without whitelisting their _id field
6:46PM 0 Problem with installing gems and run server (weird, the project run so well yesterday)
6:02PM 0 What is the proper way to create lists?
2:45PM 0 Mongoid : bson namespace error
12:09AM 0 Rails 4 - Remote upload image
Sunday March 9 2014
10:54PM 0 Substring first name from "User.select(:name, :address)". How?
6:26AM 0 rails with mongodb
12:41AM 0 Ruby on Rails Software Developer
Saturday March 8 2014
8:49PM 0 Rails 4 Join table query not working
7:16PM 0 Open source project for women
2:32PM 0 [Devise] redundant use of method: :delete while using destroy_user_session_path
Friday March 7 2014
7:31PM 0 Looking for ruby on rails software developer
7:09PM 0 [JOBS] Seeking a Sr. Ruby on Rails Engineer TDD and agile frameworks (sScrum, XP) for an employee po
5:54PM 0 syntax: render partial: "account"
12:58PM 0 Abril Pro Ruby 2014 - The Tropical Ruby Conference
10:38AM 0 using wrapbootstrap theme.
6:46AM 0 Steps to develop a Rails app.
12:24AM 0 Ransack: make filter "Greater than 1"
Wednesday March 5 2014
9:28PM 0 Post requests exercised as a Get
4:40PM 0 [JOBS]
7:02AM 0 How to get around a reserved word
12:32AM 0 find_by_sql query running incredibly slow
Tuesday March 4 2014
7:07PM 0 Making sure the Admin of a website is not deleted
6:55PM 0 Group_by for inbox
5:43PM 0 Mysql2::Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query: SELECT
1:49PM 0 Testing strong parameters
11:43AM 0 multiple files upload
10:25AM 0 navigation list order by
9:28AM 0 Dependency drop down list
5:09AM 0 What are the best strategies/practices for Rails upgradation from 2.3.11 to 4.0.0?
Monday March 3 2014
7:57PM 0 Calling function from html.erb
3:24PM 0 Access Control - Roles
11:43AM 0 Override layout or view file through plugin
6:33AM 0 Charts in Rails 4 application
5:22AM 0 Is it possible to backup Solr
3:37AM 0 A question about Optimistic Locking
2:02AM 0 Need a Ruby rail developer to complete/start over a Cloud POS
Sunday March 2 2014
3:46PM 0 Working with designmodo's Flat UI Pro
12:20PM 0 Inspection,Factory audit , purchasing agent in China
11:09AM 0 User model inherit Seller model or vice versa?
12:58AM 0 "Media query" in a controller?
Saturday March 1 2014
10:17PM 0 Naming convention
8:18PM 0 how do you keep up to date on gems ?
8:07PM 0 Rails AJAX slow compared to Node.js and websockets complex to implement in rails ?
7:20PM 0 Rails controller problems
4:05PM 0 Coffee Script Sucks
2:53PM 0 Documentation-specific Rails app?
2:13PM 0 Radio buttons in bootstrap