Rails - Apr 2014

Wednesday April 30 2014
8:16PM 0 RoR Developers Needed in Raleigh, Atlanta, Boston, and Nashville!
6:52PM 0 Need Help With Constructing A Marketplace Website
3:59PM 0 How to create a search bar for searching youtube videos using youtube_it
12:39PM 0 Loading initializers depending on platform (ruby, jruby)
Tuesday April 29 2014
8:27PM 0 AS400 Statement Invalid
6:54PM 0 Switching Industries: Looking for advice/help
11:58AM 0 Controller testing with Rspec rails
1:44AM 0 Bootstrap 3.1.1 is showing as BS 2...
Monday April 28 2014
9:10PM 0 upload multiple images with paperclip in rails 4?
1:50PM 0 Develop Web Plugin in Ruby On Rails
12:35PM 0 WYSIWYG Editor not saving proper data
3:35AM 0 Survey: How do you deploy and host your Rails app?
Sunday April 27 2014
2:44PM 0 How to solve error " add some examples to (or delete) "
5:38AM 0 Float as ID's? Can not query on them
Saturday April 26 2014
6:45PM 0 Ruby on Rails 4.1 - Random SWF backgrounds in layout
6:01PM 0 Ability for users to insert images into text area
4:02PM 0 Having trouble overriding bootsrap-sass Gem css with GMaps API accesssed through Gmaps4Rails Gem
3:09PM 0 Rspec testing in rails3
2:23PM 0 OMNIAUTH with Rails
12:28PM 0 Programmatically copying ActiveModel validators from one model to another?
3:22AM 0 jquery_ujs.js 404
3:19AM 0 Different devise confirmation behaviour for same model
2:17AM 0 Best {JOB] EVER in Greenwich, CT - To $125 per hour for 12 months
Thursday April 24 2014
8:18PM 0 How to make optgroup with rails version 3
7:50PM 0 Validation of model object through a relationship
7:06PM 0 Filtering params
6:55PM 0 Deploying an angular.js +rails app at Heroku
4:14PM 0 [JOBS] UK Ruby Dev - Contract
8:54AM 0 Rails Developers Available
3:56AM 0 [JOB] Rockstar Ruby Developers NEEDED (NYC & DC)
2:47AM 0 [JOBS] RoR Position in Maryland.
Wednesday April 23 2014
9:48PM 0 Something went wrong
9:12PM 0 jtable for rails 4
5:49PM 0 What's going to explode...
4:45PM 0 Controller not showing up
3:01PM 0 [Show RoR] Ruby and Ruby on Rails merged documentations
2:59PM 0 Heroku and tmp folder
2:01PM 0 [rails 4.1] weird behaviour in rails console? lazy loading of database connection or spring?
12:59PM 0 [JOBS] Ruby/Rails Developers wanted $90-150k; Boston, MA - relo assistance available within U.S.
12:39PM 0 Are you hunting for a RoR developers to work your jobs/tasks/projects?
6:24AM 0 Select fields, Coffeescript and Cocoon
Tuesday April 22 2014
4:05PM 0 [Job] Looking for Junior Level Rails Position in Phoenix or remote.
10:12AM 0 Could not update the google map lat and lng via javascript in rails
1:43AM 0 JRuby + Rails 4 + Mongoid version incompatibility & Performance issues
Monday April 21 2014
10:46PM 0 Unpermitted Parameters - Rails 4
8:28PM 0 Asset Pipeline without SCSS?
6:18PM 0 [JOB] Junior or Mid-level Rails Developer - New York City
2:25PM 0 Error in Polymorphic association with Devise gem
10:23AM 0 For sale USRP N210
8:53AM 0 Custom schema_migrations table name
4:59AM 0 Facing troubles installing rubymine latest one in vps ubuntu 12.04 64 bit
1:18AM 0 How to fetch youtube data points and save them into database
Sunday April 20 2014
7:32PM 0 'Learn Ruby on Rails' book updated for Rails 4.1
3:29PM 0 sublime text2 problem
2:18PM 0 mailcatcher install problem
Saturday April 19 2014
7:31PM 0 How to has_one/belongs_to association only return the objects unassociated in combobox?
6:38PM 0 Setting up rails, created a directory, wondering where to install rails
Friday April 18 2014
11:36PM 0 Can't install Ruby on Rails
4:10PM 0 What would make a rails project directory not appear so to rails server?
11:23AM 0 ruby hashes iterations and assigning corresponding values
11:07AM 0 Data|Hack|Award|2014 Berlin - Hackathon 16/17 May - Awards 18 May
8:47AM 0 QARoR - another Questions & Answers platform for Ruby on Rails
4:16AM 0 Rendering a web page to two or more different users simultaneously.
Thursday April 17 2014
11:34PM 0 fields_for doesnt working
9:46PM 0 rails restful routing
7:42PM 0 Social Network in RoR
4:56PM 0 render hash in json format
2:25PM 0 Rails website is down after a server reboot
2:09PM 0 [DEVELOPER] I search for remote job. RUBY, JS developer with 10 years experience
1:20PM 0 REST API routes configuation in rails
1:15PM 0 RestClient::ResourceNotFound in UsersController#index
11:55AM 0 3T Software Labs MongoDB tools for Mongoid, MongoMapper and MongoDB users.
Wednesday April 16 2014
5:14PM 0 Database strong structure change: migrations
3:12PM 0 [JOBS] Freelance UI Designer / Developer
12:39PM 0 Configure Restful routes for rails webservice
12:34PM 0 Configure restful web service in rails
10:44AM 0 [XPOST] Invoicing - 1.0.0 released
9:05AM 0 Configure the routes in rails
Tuesday April 15 2014
11:09PM 0 Rails Deployment/Remote Access
12:28PM 0 Can not load such file -- sprockets/railtie
9:12AM 0 Push user.id to another Controller
5:54AM 0 How to test Heroku links?
1:21AM 0 Devise user table not found
Monday April 14 2014
9:12PM 0 Pairing Data 2-D array
7:30PM 0 Soft Validation
5:20PM 0 Foundation & Authlogic
12:35PM 0 Invoker - 1.1.0 released
9:18AM 0 Trying to pull data from ActiveRecord::Assosiation
7:27AM 0 Setting configuration parameters in rails config and reading it from controller
12:01AM 0 Activerecord, Join, Select *
Sunday April 13 2014
5:19PM 0 Customizing the automatic Submit button
10:31AM 0 Rails 4.1 secrets
7:40AM 0 Render new page but not refresh partial
12:27AM 0 Gem::LoadError when trying to run the 'pocket-ruby' gem
Saturday April 12 2014
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Friday April 11 2014
6:37PM 0 Michael Hartl's ROR Tutorial: CH 7 Sign up form ISSUES!!!
3:04PM 0 Rails 4 Postgres Array attribute: how can I ensure that the attribute is an array during validation?
1:05PM 0 Replacement for "has_many ... counter_sql" in Rails 4.1
12:14PM 0 [Design] Inviting contributions to GlitterGallery - a collaboration space for open source designers.
7:51AM 0 Error ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid
1:34AM 0 Rails 4.1 activerecord_relation conversion to array problem
Thursday April 10 2014
9:20PM 0 Iterate over a set of classes
7:27AM 0 how to delete drop down select value in ROR
Wednesday April 9 2014
11:55PM 0 How can I convert an ImageMagick shell script for use in my RoR project?
5:16PM 0 Immediate Need Ruby on Rails Developer with Redmine @TX/ Remotely
9:50AM 0 validates uniqueness failing oddly
Tuesday April 8 2014
6:30PM 0 Text Area Tag name, id
6:27PM 0 Rename params
5:10PM 0 alternative for Amazon SQS for ruby
Monday April 7 2014
8:51PM 0 31 May - 1 June, Svitla Systems invites to RubyC-2014
3:59PM 0 TextArea Parameter
8:21AM 0 Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)?
Sunday April 6 2014
10:46PM 0 collection_check_boxes with has_many through: association Rails 4
8:16AM 0 undefined local variable or method `message' (NameError)
Saturday April 5 2014
7:53PM 0 NoMethod error. rediredct_to undefined
6:00PM 0 [JOBS] Looking for Job (Junior - Mid level)
10:30AM 0 Datepicker FlatUI rails
6:55AM 0 Paperclip
Friday April 4 2014
11:16PM 0 How to add funtionalities to images
8:06PM 0 Images not loading on localhost
4:10PM 0 Convert Form to Link
6:37AM 0 How to convert time from one timezone to another
3:35AM 0 Rspec not running properly
Thursday April 3 2014
11:53PM 0 how to break a "comma separated string" that contains "comma separated substrings"
6:17PM 0 JOBS - Dave Ramsey / Lampo
2:30PM 0 Views aren't caching, can't see why
10:16AM 0 Set timezone for an rails 3.2 app
8:40AM 0 Ruby Saturday - 12th April, 2014 - Hyderabad, INDIA
6:36AM 0 In Rails 4, how to achieve Edge Side Include and HTTP Cache Reverse Proxy behavior?
3:09AM 0 Best way to implement User model with Interests?
2:27AM 0 Has Rails 4.0.4 really been released
Wednesday April 2 2014
10:11PM 0 Trying to understand eager loading and accessing collections from within instance methods
7:20PM 0 User.init method inside User.rb. Is this good practice?
10:10AM 0 Re: Cannot execute stored procedure in Rails 3 and mysql2 gem
Tuesday April 1 2014
5:11AM 0 Strange thing in Rails views