R devel - Sep 2013

Monday September 30 2013
5:47PM 2 R-3.0.2 - Win7_64 - alone_decoder.c: Permission denied error
12:42PM 1 predictions in nlme without fixed covariantes
12:33PM 4 read.table() with quoted integers
3:26AM 1 how to interpose my own "[" function?
Friday September 27 2013
9:04PM 1 Problems when moving to Imports from Depends
1:13AM 1 LENGTH function causing name conflict
12:48AM 0 SET_NAMED in getattrib0
Wednesday September 25 2013
8:28AM 0 R 3.0.2 and LaTeX changes
Tuesday September 24 2013
6:14PM 1 recordPlot() on non-interactive graphics device?
5:13AM 0 library(c("stats4")) produces a misleading error message
Monday September 23 2013
7:55PM 1 tar warnings in R-3.0.2 RC when R is installed by a different (non-root) user
6:17PM 1 Capture output of install.packages (pipe system2)
12:00PM 0 Unable to execute Java MapReduce (Hadoop) code from R using rJava
2:03AM 0 Mailing Lists page, turning off HTML mail
Sunday September 22 2013
5:03PM 1 type="message" possibility for capture.output() ?
Saturday September 21 2013
6:43PM 2 regenerate Rscript after moving R installation
Thursday September 19 2013
10:51PM 1 Using long long types in C++
3:35AM 1 Vignette problem and CRAN policies
Wednesday September 18 2013
10:52PM 1 dbeta may hang R session for very large values of the shape parameters
5:47PM 1 getParseData() for imaginary numbers
5:06PM 1 Design for classes with database connection
Tuesday September 17 2013
7:35PM 1 R-Forge email down? (Re: R-Forge SVN commit hook to email appears to be broken)
1:56PM 2 processing of /vignettes and /inst/doc
12:06AM 1 strange behavior for RcmdrPlugin.qual
Monday September 16 2013
11:12PM 0 JDK not registered
2:12PM 1 Rcpp modules
10:24AM 1 Patch: fix segfault from empty raster
Sunday September 15 2013
8:13PM 1 FOSS licence with BuildVignettes: false
6:30PM 1 R-Forge SVN commit hook to email appears to be broken
Friday September 13 2013
9:17PM 1 inconsistency/bug in recordPlot/replayPlot
2:01PM 1 numerical issue in contour.default?
11:44AM 2 R CMD check fails in R-devel r63910
Thursday September 12 2013
1:49PM 1 Importing packages in Depend
1:38PM 6 declaring package dependencies
Tuesday September 10 2013
2:32PM 1 [PATCH] show vector length in summary()
12:26AM 0 Is it possible to tell 'R CMD check' to accept certain filenames starting with a period?
Monday September 9 2013
8:31PM 1 How to get R cmd to check Fortran array bounds
7:23PM 1 missing documentation entries ... WARNING
8:49AM 2 Invalid UTF-8 with gsub(perl=TRUE) and iconv(sub="")
8:22AM 1 Package installation and path.package
7:00AM 1 tools::md5sum(directory) behavior different on Windows vs. Unix
Sunday September 8 2013
11:35AM 1 building R under mingw 4.7
Friday September 6 2013
8:54PM 1 directives to explicitely exclude objects from import into namespaces
9:36AM 1 Importing function that is previously imported by other package
Thursday September 5 2013
2:10PM 2 ASCII art in function documentation?
5:18AM 0 'library' or 'require' call to package which was already attached by Depends
4:31AM 1 Why does duplicate() make deep copies?
Wednesday September 4 2013
5:53PM 4 Comments requested on "changedFiles" function
Tuesday September 3 2013
8:48PM 1 libR.so: cannot open shared object file
Sunday September 1 2013
6:45AM 1 [PATCH] remove a duplicate tk function definition (and alphabetize)