Puppet users - Dec 2011

Saturday December 31 2011
4:32PM 2 puppet 2.7.9 on Windows XP fails with "win32-service(0.7.1 not >= 0)"
Friday December 30 2011
8:29PM 6 External nodes in different dirs.
4:32PM 3 Puppet & symlink
4:23PM 0 HowTo/Details about Puppet Manifest Documentation
8:49AM 15 In CentOS 6, puppet Unresponsive
Thursday December 29 2011
10:29PM 1 Help with some script
9:29PM 2 Windows Client DFS share Access
7:14PM 4 Might someone out there repair some busted links ?
4:36PM 21 Puppetserver error
2:48PM 1 user provider for AIX run error
3:38AM 5 puppet.conf questions
Wednesday December 28 2011
9:27PM 6 External Node Script
3:19PM 3 packages and Solaris
3:13PM 1 Debian Squeeze puppet 2.7+apache+passenger
2:19PM 9 How are people regression testing their code for variable scoping?
1:26PM 4 puppet for patch management
12:17PM 0 New Foreman and Smart Proxy Release
11:11AM 2 Could not autoload active_record: uninitialized constant ActiveRecord
8:57AM 1 Ubuntu 11.10 EC2 Instance : Hostname Mistmatch Issue
1:02AM 2 Puppet-dashboard and centos5
Tuesday December 27 2011
11:31PM 0 Re: Call for talks for the Configuration Management DevRoom at fosdem 2012
1:47PM 0 Template aren't generated on few nodes
11:24AM 0 Template don't works on 2 nodes
11:09AM 1 puppet agent 2.7.x slowness
Monday December 26 2011
6:13PM 10 puppetlabs firewall module
1:56PM 12 New variable scoping question regarding defines calling defines.
8:22AM 1 Get master manifests and plugins from agents
Saturday December 24 2011
2:46PM 0 Puppet Labs Newsletter - December 2011
3:34AM 2 Trying to run a testbed on a new VM
Friday December 23 2011
5:42PM 0 CyberSource is looking for a puppet engineer in Boulder, Colorado.
10:01AM 4 deployment from SVN to production using puppet .. .. tips to start off with puppet
8:00AM 2 right way to multiuser development
12:52AM 0 Puppet Labs Newsletter coming to Puppet Users list
Thursday December 22 2011
8:00PM 8 Managing sensitive strings with puppet
1:27PM 0 Puppet Master's Certificate Authority - how might I use it for other than just puppet ?
Wednesday December 21 2011
10:50PM 8 installing packages from debian backports?
9:40PM 4 Best practice for module params in foo::params
6:17PM 6 Error 400 on SERVER: Could not autoload active_record: uninitialized constant ActiveRecord
12:53PM 4 no more passenger app in 2.7.9?
Tuesday December 20 2011
10:24PM 2 script to find non-puppet systems
8:41PM 8 Network config module won't work. -Mac address errors
6:47PM 1 file for specific os question
4:49PM 8 Can Puppet be configured to one-time deployment for modules?
4:32PM 4 Bug #9388 prevents us from upgrading to 2.7.x
4:26PM 8 Recommendation for general practice for application deployment?
2:32PM 2 custom facts loaded twice
9:07AM 4 camptocamp / puppet-apache can't get it to work properly.
1:15AM 2 certificate sync methods?
Monday December 19 2011
8:00PM 7 When the lint accumulates...
4:36PM 2 duplicate definition error
4:14PM 4 Learn from MY Mistake: "false" != false
11:47AM 2 Hosting the user password only, not the .bashrc and -bash_profile files
Sunday December 18 2011
6:27PM 2 Modules in Environments
Friday December 16 2011
8:51PM 3 Extlookup and undefined labels.
1:01PM 2 How to change the time interval in dashboard for a node is considered unresponsive
12:56PM 9 Puppet capacity with apache+passenger, server saturated
12:40PM 12 Seperate CA's/Master behind load balancer
11:10AM 0 Geppetto templates
3:43AM 1 a question about ensure file exists
Thursday December 15 2011
11:08PM 1 Windows
7:29PM 2 filtering exported resources...
6:48PM 3 Commands within commands within a manifest
5:11PM 2 Variable Scoping. Argh.
4:14PM 1 reloading changes stopped working
4:05PM 1 [Fileserver] Error with passenger
3:22PM 1 Dependencies across different nodes - possible?
1:04PM 0 Facter 1.6.4 package for Solaris
1:03PM 0 Puppet 2.7.9 package for Solaris
12:13PM 0 Using stored configs brakes on client update
11:01AM 3 Separate CA's
10:33AM 6 Puppet with Ruby1.9 issue
12:00AM 2 time issue with puppet
Wednesday December 14 2011
11:12PM 1 lookup $confdir within a function
6:14PM 1 Recommendations for comment blocks of .pp files?
1:35PM 11 restarting "service" when configuration changes
10:09AM 7 Is it possible to chain events from an Exec?
9:00AM 3 Ruby error when running puppet agent on host
7:35AM 1 uppet and ruby 1.9
7:09AM 2 User management
1:26AM 0 ca_pub.pem
Tuesday December 13 2011
10:25PM 2 Using an array to manage a string of directories that need to be managed
7:43PM 2 Does someone have a working config of nginx+passenger for Puppet
6:31PM 12 new user: need Conditional statement example within a file resource type
2:07PM 1 File keeps changing on each puppet run using a hash variable and a template
1:11PM 6 Is there a way to push/copy a file from client to master ?
2:47AM 1 Puppet integration with SecretServer (Thycotic)
Monday December 12 2011
11:16PM 0 Annnouce: Puppet 2.6.13 Available
10:02PM 0 ANNOUNCE: Puppet Dashboard 1.2.4 available
9:24PM 3 Puppet 2.7.9 not working at CentOS 6 with Passenger
9:23PM 0 yum.puppetlabs.com dropping Fedora 14
8:24PM 5 LDAP Authentication and puppet?
8:12PM 1 Error while applying manifests
7:48PM 0 Open Source Team Iteration and Planning Summary
7:16PM 0 Changes to apt.puppetlabs.com
3:44PM 1 Fw: Variables not inheriting
3:26PM 1 Re: Re: Variables not inheriting
10:13AM 2 require a realize?
Sunday December 11 2011
1:47PM 0 puppet and ruby 1.9
4:53AM 0 Re: Variables not inheriting
Saturday December 10 2011
10:44PM 5 create user and push out keys.
5:08AM 0 Announce: Puppet 2.7.9 Available
Friday December 9 2011
10:23PM 7 Win32API error with 2.7.8
12:43PM 1 Newbie question
6:58AM 2 a tips , run puppet in client mode in big datacenter
12:08AM 0 Announce: Puppet 2.7.8 Available
Thursday December 8 2011
11:30PM 4 problem with fund service
11:05PM 5 Any way to have exclusive classes?
10:51PM 1 CA Request Deleted?
7:07PM 9 how to link items together -- all happen together?
4:33PM 4 Error 400 on SERVER: Could not write /var/lib/puppet/ssl/ca/requests/node13.pem
3:47PM 1 Grouping Servers
10:58AM 0 deploying puppet on win32
10:53AM 8 Puppet Dashboard or Forman on SLES?
10:45AM 4 Startup help puppet
Wednesday December 7 2011
11:09PM 3 Class name clashes
9:25PM 0 Announce: Facter 1.6.4 Available
9:17PM 1 Using a defined resource declared within a parameterized class?
8:22PM 23 Is puppet right for us?
3:26PM 4 what is "private method `split' called for nil:NilClass" error??
3:26PM 0 Puppet Inventory Service - class search
1:55PM 3 passing a parameter to define
11:54AM 3 Puppet Dashboard; node.rake
2:12AM 2 need help w/ puppet error when running against my sandbox environment
Tuesday December 6 2011
8:27PM 8 explicit class dependencies
8:13PM 1 module can't find other modules
4:12PM 0 scope of tags
10:49AM 9 MCollective discovery - we did not discover any nodes
7:25AM 0 Fileserver configuration
Monday December 5 2011
10:47PM 2 Announce: Puppet 2.6.13rc1 Available
10:00PM 0 Announce: Puppet-dashboard 1.2.4rc1 Available
9:21PM 8 File dependency not found when specified in a "define"
8:14PM 4 Unusual puppet template usecase? not sure if it works - appreciate help!
6:53PM 0 Errors using puppetlabs dashboard, passenger, and mysql modules from github
8:33AM 3 puppet kick problem: host is already running
Sunday December 4 2011
3:51PM 2 Running puppet agent and master from cron jobs
Saturday December 3 2011
9:30PM 3 Puppet considered harmful?
12:56AM 2 kernel 2.6.18-274.7.1.el5 will cork your puppet clients
Friday December 2 2011
6:58PM 12 puppet master under passenger locks up completely
6:57PM 1 one system cannot get catalog from server
3:46PM 10 How to import variables from another manifests/file??
3:41PM 6 Chmoding files in directory with around 33000 files is slow
3:01PM 0 exported resources when cannot compile catalog
1:07PM 4 inserting multiple entry in cron-job
12:29PM 1 Using array's in Puppet (in combination with Augeas).
9:06AM 0 Re: [SPAM] how can i create set of configs
12:01AM 13 Puppet for Oracle Enterprise Linux
Thursday December 1 2011
6:19PM 0 Announce: Puppet 2.7.8rc2 Available
3:49PM 5 Is there a way...
3:34PM 3 SOLVED: Another case of auto loader issues...
3:19PM 2 Another case of auto loader issues...
1:01PM 6 subscribe exec to a dir fails
9:59AM 2 Collecting resources and class defaults.
9:13AM 0 Could not retrieve catalog fro m remote server: execution expired
8:55AM 5 Validation failed: Host already has a report for time and kind
2:30AM 3 Announce: Puppet 2.7.8rc1 available
2:16AM 0 Announce: Facter 1.6.4rc1 Available
12:41AM 3 how to restrict an exec?