Gluster users - Feb 2014

Friday February 28 2014
12:13PM 0 Change volume from distributed to replica
11:32AM 0 Rebalance and skipped files
10:22AM 0 Vote for Gluster-related Talks at OpenStack Summit
6:03AM 0 Question on libgfapi python when used within an application server conext..
5:16AM 0 Newbie Advice
Thursday February 27 2014
2:35PM 0 Gluster, failed-heals, split-brains, and an odd number of replication
Wednesday February 26 2014
3:47PM 0 Re: Secure Setup / Separate GlusterFS / Encryption
8:36AM 0 Cancelled: Gluster Community Weekly Meeting
7:04AM 0 Usage of Libgfapi and License Agreement
2:50AM 0 --T files after rebalance
Tuesday February 25 2014
11:15PM 0 Problems with eCryptfs using a Gluster backend.
7:39PM 0 Very slow Samba Directory Listing when many files or sub-directories.
2:45PM 0 Can't stop (or control) geo-replication?
6:53AM 0 glusterd dead but subsys locked
4:21AM 0 Rebalance times in 3.2.5 vs 3.4.2
12:29AM 0 Stopped dd write test, but gluster still busy
Monday February 24 2014
11:32PM 0 NFS write speed 'ramps' up
3:46PM 0 nfs.trusted-sync behaviour
3:36PM 0 mounting a gluster volume
12:37PM 0 Fwd: [CentOS-devel] Update on stats of SIG plans
Sunday February 23 2014
5:33PM 0 Re: One node goes offline, the other node loses its connection to
5:16AM 0 Glubix 1.2 released. Glubix support new template style for Zabbix 2.x.
4:11AM 0 Re: Very slow ls - WARNING
1:44AM 0 One node goes offline, the other node loses its connection to its local Gluster volume
Saturday February 22 2014
2:52PM 0 Shuffling data to modify brick FS
2:51PM 0 Should hardware raid vendor tools be turned off?
Friday February 21 2014
10:26PM 0 Java 1.4+ and Gluster - new project libgfapi-java-io
6:52PM 0 Failover and split-brain.
4:54PM 0 Re: Message: 4 Split-brain
12:21AM 0 Failed cleanup on peer probe tmp file causes volume re-initialization problems
Thursday February 20 2014
10:43PM 0 Split-brain
6:32PM 0 confused about replicated volumes and sparse files
5:24PM 0 Disable Linux OOM killer on GlusterFS FUSE cllient
4:26PM 0 Re: fractured/split glusterfs - 2 up, 2 down for an hour - SOLVED
Wednesday February 19 2014
8:07PM 0 Best Practices for different failure scenarios?
3:33PM 0 Gluster installation in Minneapolis
12:22PM 0 help me understand this matrix log.
12:07PM 0 gluster volume heal info take long time
Tuesday February 18 2014
9:57PM 0 3.4 gluster volume heal-failed recovery
8:30PM 0 Problems to work with mounted directory in Gluster 3.2.7
7:51PM 0 upgrading from gluster-3.2.6 to gluster-3.4.2
1:12PM 0 Complete machine lockup, v3.4.2
6:10AM 0 client and server's version
6:02AM 0 self-heal is not trigger and data incosistency?
3:24AM 0 Want to Ask
Monday February 17 2014
7:48AM 0 No winbindd in latest samba rpms on the gluster page
Sunday February 16 2014
6:28AM 0 Very slow ls
Saturday February 15 2014
11:26PM 0 Is replica data usable by clients?
7:26AM 0 question about brain split or network partition
Friday February 14 2014
11:53PM 0 <host> not in 'Peer in Cluster' state
10:14PM 0 readdir-readahead
3:44PM 0 number of bricks given doesn't match required count
1:14AM 0 BDB support
Thursday February 13 2014
11:00PM 0 different ssl file paths on a per volume basis
5:59PM 0 Again on GlusterFS and active/active WAN Replication
4:13PM 0 3.4.3alpha1 RPMs are available now
3:22PM 0 add-brick and fix-layout takes some VMs offline
2:36PM 0 Node down and volumes unreachable
2:26PM 0 glusterfs-3.4.3alpha1 released
2:04PM 0 peer probe pb when adding new brick
12:55PM 0 glusterfs-v3.4.3alpha1 released
6:26AM 0 Gluster Mount point : Transport end-point not connected.
12:11AM 0 rhs-hadoop-install Fails to create volume
Wednesday February 12 2014
9:02PM 0 Atomic file updates
8:05PM 0 Packaging of Samba hook scripts
5:40PM 0 getfattr in complex deployments
4:27PM 0 What does this T bit mean?
Tuesday February 11 2014
9:58PM 0 3.5.0beta3 RPMs are available now
4:09PM 0 glusterfs-3.5.0beta3 released
3:18PM 0 Problem with duplicate files
11:05AM 0 geo-replication errors
9:51AM 0 Question on replicated volumes with bricks on the same server
5:57AM 0 gluster on VM and RDBMS
1:14AM 0 Testing replication and HA
Monday February 10 2014
4:56PM 0 Same server different networks and different bricks
3:43PM 0 Gluster, Samba, and VFS
12:54PM 0 Gluster-swift and keystone
Saturday February 8 2014
9:13AM 0 thread model of glusterfs brick server?
6:51AM 0 very High CPU load of brick servers while write performance is very slow
Friday February 7 2014
10:11PM 0 Striped Volume and Client Configuration
5:44PM 0 Gluster Spotlight: Citrix, Harvard's FASRC
12:44PM 0 gluster-fuse and proftpd/vsftpd issue
12:13PM 0 self-heal stops some vms (virtual machines)
8:10AM 0 How glusterFs deal data traffic when it do 'rebalance layout and migrate'?
7:27AM 0 Samba vfs objects glusterfs is it now working?
1:42AM 0 glusterfs volume sync: failed: , <server> is not a friend after reboot
1:38AM 0 Pacemaker and GlusterFS
12:11AM 0 Understanding Gluster Replication/Distribute
Thursday February 6 2014
8:52PM 0 nfs
3:24PM 0 Re: : On breaking the connection between replicated volumes certain files return -ENOTCONN
12:50PM 0 RPMs for Samba 4.1.3 w/ Gluster VFS plug-in for RHEL, CentOS, etc., now available
12:17PM 0 How to add a new node to a distributed replicated volume
10:40AM 0 3-node replica for webserver
Wednesday February 5 2014
6:28PM 0 Issue detecting dead peer
5:19PM 0 Citrix and Harvard FASRC Join the Gluster Community
4:31PM 0 libgfapi consistency model
3:34PM 0 NFS clients trouble accessing files
6:48AM 0 Using QEMU in glusterfs 3.4.2
Tuesday February 4 2014
9:27PM 0 On breaking the connection between replicated volumes certain files return -ENOTCONN
10:52AM 0 Samba cluster without CTDB?
8:33AM 0 Testing of new features in 3.5
7:12AM 0 Abusing georeplication for read-only replication?
Monday February 3 2014
9:35PM 0 Problems after upgrade/volume expansion
10:33AM 0 Gluster NFS server not starting on boot
Sunday February 2 2014
5:46AM 0 Possible to put some sort of qos/rate-limit on glusterfsd?