Gluster users - Mar 2014

Monday March 31 2014
9:52PM 1 42 node gluster volume create fails silently
5:50PM 0 [Gluster-user] Geo-Replication: (xtime) failed on peer with OSError On Debian 7.2
1:58PM 2 nfs acces denied
12:30PM 0 Capturing config in a file
11:04AM 0 cgroup config for glusterfsd in gluster 3.5?
Sunday March 30 2014
5:02PM 1 i'm not sure how to solve this log file?
Saturday March 29 2014
1:11PM 1 glusterfs via libgfapi as local block device?
12:01AM 1 HELP on Geo-Replication Faulty rsync failed with ENOENT
Friday March 28 2014
11:38AM 0 [Users] Glusterd en Glusterfsd services are not set to autostart on install
11:06AM 2 failed to mount for op-version
6:08AM 1 outage post-mortem
12:34AM 2 Possible to use libgfapi with libvirt in CentOS 6.5?
Thursday March 27 2014
8:29PM 1 deleted files directly in distribute brick
6:59PM 2 bug #484016 not accessible without login in red hat bugzilla
6:45PM 0 dude, where is my data ? AKA what is gluster doing with my file...?
1:38PM 0 3.4.3beta2 RPMs available for testing
Wednesday March 26 2014
9:22PM 0 Failed to setup geo-replication
6:21PM 0 glusterfs-3.4.3beta2 released
3:25PM 0 GETATTR: NFS: 2(No such file or directory), POSIX: 14(Bad address)
2:48PM 0 Not able to list quota
2:07PM 0 Upgrade glusterfs from 3.3.1 to 3.4.2
2:03PM 2 Reminder: Weekly Gluster Community meeting is in one hour
1:49PM 1 glusterfs 3.4.2 + CentOS6.5 + Infiniband /(rdma)
12:38AM 0 migrating data with "remove-brick"
Tuesday March 25 2014
11:06PM 1 GlusterFS API documentation
6:28PM 0 CTDB NFS failover with multiple VLAN tagged bonded interfaces doesn't work
5:34PM 0 Gluster 3.4.2 - single process afr?
3:30PM 1 Build disk tiering offer with GlusterFS
2:14PM 1 GlusterFS cluster of 2 nodes is disconnected after nodes reboot
1:50PM 0 gluster 3.4.1 for CentOS 6.4 cannot migrate data correctly
7:56AM 1 NFS
6:18AM 1 vfs plugin for samba
Monday March 24 2014
3:55PM 0 Announcing: Data Liberate, a Storage Hackathon and Mixer
11:59AM 2 Ubuntu installation
10:20AM 2 Installation setup
10:13AM 1 Samba VFS Gluster plugin PPA for Ubuntu Trusty available
9:23AM 2 Installation
6:57AM 1 install Gluster
12:39AM 0 number of connections
Saturday March 22 2014
6:09PM 1 What a brick is missing in `sudo gluster volume status`?
3:08AM 1 How to setup round-robin distribute replicate?
Friday March 21 2014
3:08PM 1 Installation issue glusterfs-3.4.2
6:28AM 0 PLS Help for geo-replication, gsyncd initialization failed
Thursday March 20 2014
11:05PM 1 Optimizing Gluster (gfapi) for high IOPS
3:47PM 0 gluster3.3.0‘s volume was broken
1:52PM 1 Weekly Community Meeting
1:42PM 1 glusterfs/nfs OOM killed
11:19AM 1 Gluster 3.4.2 on Redhat 6.5
2:11AM 1 glusterfs crash : Transport endpoint is not connected
12:44AM 1 Use single large bring or several smaller ones?
Wednesday March 19 2014
9:36PM 0 Fedora GSoC mailing list
7:06PM 2 Regarding Replicated Volume
4:10PM 1 [Gluster-devel] Reminder: Weekly Gluster Community meeting is in one hour
11:17AM 2 Bring up a brick after disk failure
10:46AM 0 Failed replace-brick in gluster 3.3.2
10:11AM 1 Bug reporting and triage guidelines
4:56AM 0 gluster bug 991084
Tuesday March 18 2014
10:04PM 4 Openstack Havana Gluster /var/lib/instances issues
5:42PM 1 Different brick sizes in a volume
4:07PM 1 Unable to access directories in wounded gluster setup
2:28PM 1 Gluster 3.4.2 geo-replication bandwith limiting
9:43AM 1 gluster3.3.0 cause the ext4 system error then the linux(2.6.32-220.el6.x86_64) kernel panic...
8:30AM 1 disk quotas
7:01AM 0 How to remove old NFS exports
5:54AM 1 Another transaction could be in progress
Monday March 17 2014
6:28PM 1 Out of space, rebalance and possibly split-brain issues
1:29PM 1 Does QEMU offer High Availability
Saturday March 15 2014
3:01PM 0 AUTO: Khoi Mai is out of the office (returning 03/24/2014)
Friday March 14 2014
3:01PM 0 Gluster Cloud Night @ Citrix - March 18 in Santa Clara
Thursday March 13 2014
11:50PM 1 Replicate Over VPN
10:27PM 1 missing dependency on glusterfs-??.rpm
7:28PM 0 3.4.3beta1 RPMs are available now
5:09PM 1 Fwd: Gluster Volume Replication using 2 AWS instances on Autoscaling
4:39PM 1 Upgrade 3.2.7 to 3.4.2
2:14PM 1 where can i find technical documents about gluster-FUSE
1:43PM 0 glusterfs-3.4.3beta1 released
11:10AM 4 PLEASE READ ! We need your opinion. GSOC-2014 and the Gluster community
3:48AM 1 Gluster Volume Replication using 2 AWS instances on Autoscaling
Wednesday March 12 2014
10:16PM 0 3.5 encryption
2:15PM 1 [Gluster-devel] GSOC-2014 and the Gluster community
1:16PM 0 GSOC-2014 and the Gluster community
12:55PM 1 3.6 planning meeting
12:04PM 0 Distributed runs out of Space
11:38AM 1 Stale file handle with FUSE client
10:48AM 1 gfid files which are not hard links anymore
8:51AM 0 Gluster issue
6:45AM 0 How to force split-brain
4:46AM 1 Self-heal failed on new bricks. Or did it?
Tuesday March 11 2014
11:15AM 0 changing IPs on existing gluster servers
9:50AM 0 Testing Gluster 3.2.4 in VMware
7:29AM 1 Testing Gluster 3.2.4 in VMware
4:59AM 0 Testing Gluster 3.2.4 in VMware
Monday March 10 2014
8:20PM 2 Has anyone dockerized gluster yet?
8:16PM 1 RFC: Gluster bundles for 3.5
3:55PM 1 is this fix included in glusterfs3.4.2-1 ?
2:54PM 1 3.6 Feature Go/No-go in this week's community meeting
1:33PM 0 gluster quota issue
4:46AM 0 HealthChecks for Gluster
1:18AM 0 Optimizing write performance to a few large files in a small cluster
Sunday March 9 2014
2:45AM 1 Problems with .gluster structure - bad symlinks
Saturday March 8 2014
9:26PM 0 glusterfs 3.5.0beta4 RPMs
4:57PM 0 glusterfs-3.5.0beta4 released
Friday March 7 2014
7:47PM 0 DNS resolution of gluster servers from client?
3:10PM 1 Glusterfs native nfs port for LVS
2:25AM 1 Gluster EPEL packages not signed
Thursday March 6 2014
9:14PM 1 Is there a way to manually clear the heal-failed/split-brain lists?
6:55PM 1 Gluster Spotlight: Apache CloudStack, Pydio, and OpenNebula
2:45PM 0 [noob]iops testing in the mounted glusterfolder, need a litt advice
12:41PM 0 Information about .glusterfs/indices/xattrop
3:51AM 1 Clarification on cluster quorum
Wednesday March 5 2014
5:28PM 3 iSCSI and Gluster
1:48PM 0 Looking for GlusterFS and OpenNebula users
12:12PM 2 Agenda for Community meeting today
10:46AM 0 gluster volume start fail
8:55AM 0 gluster striped volume hosting esxi VMware images
Tuesday March 4 2014
11:46PM 1 Fixing heal / split-brain when the entry is a directory
9:45PM 1 glusterd service fails to start from AWS AMI
7:09PM 2 Gluster 3.4.2 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server - Upstart No Go
2:37PM 0 'T' sticky bit set on some files after rebalance(Viktor Villafuerte)
1:35PM 1 Is there demand for geo-replication on RHEL/CentOS/SL 5.x?
1:06PM 1 when bug 977492 fix merge to glusterfs 3.4.2
9:31AM 2 add-brick and remove-brick on a nearly full volume
9:09AM 1 Distributed runs out of Space
2:56AM 1 what is the best practice to deleteing a gluster volume?
Monday March 3 2014
3:45PM 0 Write Files while rebalance and or fix-layout
2:55AM 0 gluster3.3 cFuse client dying after "gfid different on subvolume" ?
Sunday March 2 2014
11:43PM 0 Check Synchronization state before/after host upgrade
6:04AM 0 File Sizes are Different after a Full Re-heal
Saturday March 1 2014
4:35PM 1 ESXI cannot access stripped gluster volume
12:25PM 0 FW: Welcome to the "Gluster-users" mailing list
6:38AM 1 'T' sticky bit set on some files after rebalance