Gluster users - Jan 2012

Tuesday January 31 2012
5:51PM 0 One gluster server not talking to others
4:52PM 0 Files on gluster server that aren't on client
4:21PM 0 Gluster 3.3: Unable to delete xattrs
12:37PM 2 Memory leak in rebalance
Monday January 30 2012
5:00PM 4 Can Hadoop run on gluster in 1 JT, N TT setup or only works for 1 JT+TT?
10:05AM 2 fc storage examples
Saturday January 28 2012
11:31PM 6 best practices? 500+ win/mac computers, gluster, samba, new SAN, new hardware
12:02AM 1 The Future of GlusterFS Webcast Recording
Friday January 27 2012
10:22PM 0 will future versions of gluster support stripe and distribute volumes created with v3.2+
3:49PM 7 gluster no longer serving all of its files
1:04PM 16 Switch recommendations
9:44AM 0 Current tech overview?
5:55AM 2 Can't Get 3.3beta2-1 Going :(
Thursday January 26 2012
9:00PM 0 Large number of 'no gfid found' messages in log
7:03AM 3 can't delete files and directories from windows NFS client
Wednesday January 25 2012
6:42PM 0 looking for gluster user who talked to me about a encrypted cloud dropbox like service they used gluster for
12:35PM 4 Performance issues on GlusterFS with KVM/qcow2
3:24AM 0 remote operation failed: Stale NFS file handle
Tuesday January 24 2012
10:25PM 5 Not replicating deletes
3:56PM 0 How to disable autohealing?
2:59PM 0 Gluster client constantly remounting volume
7:01AM 0 Unable to access to gluster server
3:02AM 0 Help Gluster client bug
Sunday January 22 2012
10:17PM 14 Best practices?
11:10AM 2 Various broken pages and links
11:00AM 3 Need to replace a brick on a failed first Gluster node
Saturday January 21 2012
4:37PM 0 fencing mechanism
12:30AM 0 Read-only export
Friday January 20 2012
1:08PM 3 Amazon EBS and Glusterfs
7:10AM 1 proper mounting
Wednesday January 18 2012
6:14PM 4 A "cool" failure mode which gives no real useful information at debug level ... and how to fix
2:55PM 1 brick logs filling up with errors (3.2.5)
9:54AM 0 Auto-mount on boot failing, works later [SOLVED]
2:25AM 0 how does gluster replace-brick work?
Tuesday January 17 2012
11:19PM 2 How does Gluster distribute files?
1:25PM 1 Rebalance V3.0.0 after adding bricks
12:24PM 3 "no gfid found" errors stall fix-layout
12:00AM 0 A faster way to to replicate?
Monday January 16 2012
11:29PM 4 gluster rdma
9:44PM 3 3.3beta2 on centos 6.2 seems very broken
5:32PM 4 Auto-mount on boot failing, works later
Friday January 13 2012
4:23AM 5 Issue running GlusterFS on CentOS 6
3:29AM 5 Quota problems with Gluster3.3b2
Thursday January 12 2012
5:15AM 4 Gluster limits and best practices
Tuesday January 10 2012
1:38PM 1 Howto add bricks to a replicated Volume
8:25AM 2 default reconnect timeout?
Monday January 9 2012
6:43PM 1 Gluster start-up time.
Friday January 6 2012
11:06PM 1 Friday Fun Day: T-shirt Tag Line
4:11PM 14 gluster + firefox/sqlite
1:49PM 1 gluster permissions problem
Thursday January 5 2012
6:22PM 0 ext4 and attributes, plus how to do reboots
2:10PM 3 Can't stop or delete volume
9:43AM 1 glusterfs 3.3 beta2 ,Address family not supported
Wednesday January 4 2012
7:18PM 0 FUSE init failed
5:23PM 1 Peers keep disconnecting
2:56PM 0 top results show "No entries in list" for some bricks
Tuesday January 3 2012
9:30PM 3 geo-replication loops
3:25PM 1 Gluster volume "Operation failed"
Sunday January 1 2012
11:32PM 0 Possible bug and performance of small files (with limited use-case workaround)
4:34PM 1 missing bricks