Gluster users - May 2011

Tuesday May 31 2011
5:31PM 3 Basic gluster questions
4:14PM 1 Gluster freezing
3:08PM 1 Stale NFS Handle when mounting volume
1:40PM 1 How do I diagnose what''s going wrong with a Gluster NFS mount?
4:05AM 6 Files are duplicated after renaming (with glusterfs+zfs-fuse)
Sunday May 29 2011
8:35PM 1 logs
2:33AM 0 nfs mount in error, wrong filesystem size shown
Friday May 27 2011
10:35PM 5 not able to use gluster if one of the nodes offline
3:20PM 4 how not to use NFS?
11:12AM 5 Substitute for SMP?
7:21AM 1 user_xattr
12:14AM 0 ESXi & Gluster setup options
Tuesday May 24 2011
3:35PM 5 Delay for geo-replication?
10:52AM 9 Inputs requested on 3.2.0
Monday May 23 2011
7:18PM 1 Notice for admins, please remove the following backscatter user
7:06PM 2 REALLY annoying GlusterFS client problem
2:26PM 14 Trouble to add brick
Friday May 20 2011
10:53PM 1 Problem with gluster 3.1
12:40PM 1 Opening a file on gluster gives error - Permission denied
Thursday May 19 2011
3:23PM 0 Frontend Server or no Frontend Server, that is the question...
3:15PM 30 Files present on the backend but have become invisible from clients
10:40AM 9 mounting issues with CentOS 5.4
1:19AM 5 Connected but not connected?
Wednesday May 18 2011
11:40PM 13 Scaling Gluster
4:40PM 0 NFS messages
4:34PM 0 gluster fuse disk state problem
3:17PM 0 Gluster-users Digest, Vol 37, Issue 49
12:45PM 44 gluster 3.2.0 - totally broken?
11:26AM 1 Problem with distribute translator.
8:54AM 5 creating a volume with an already populated folder
8:07AM 2 How to set up glusterfs on both IPv4 and IPb6?
7:28AM 0 How Gluster handles failures
1:23AM 4 Gluster 3.2 for lots of small files
Monday May 16 2011
6:17PM 3 add brick fails
5:17PM 8 Rebuild Distributed/Replicated Setup
4:11PM 1 Gluster 3.2 optimization options?
11:36AM 6 Géo-rep fail
Sunday May 15 2011
6:20PM 22 Brick pair file mismatch, self-heal problems?
Saturday May 14 2011
5:17PM 0 Gluster CPU Usage is at 100% | Replication throughput is at 300kb/sec on a 100 MBit Interface
4:29AM 0 Data is Copying when a new brick is added.
Friday May 13 2011
1:35PM 2 How to debug a hanging client?
12:13PM 0 Glusterd and security issue
Thursday May 12 2011
11:16AM 2 geo-replication issue
10:35AM 1 Slow reading speed over RDMA
Wednesday May 11 2011
9:56PM 2 newbie questions + rpc_client_ping_timer_expired error
12:35PM 8 Storage Design Overview
11:35AM 2 Fuse mounting problems.
Tuesday May 10 2011
5:06PM 1 Multiple glusterfsd instances on 1 server
12:23PM 8 non-root owned files/dirs not shown
Monday May 9 2011
10:37AM 14 hangs on accessing files on gluster mount (3.2.0)
12:07AM 4 Gluster text file configuration information?
Saturday May 7 2011
1:48AM 1 Gluster "Peer Rejected"
Friday May 6 2011
6:28PM 19 [SPAM?] Do clients need to run glusterd?
5:38PM 1 Do clients need to run glusterd?
4:15PM 10 Best practice to stop the Gluster CLIENT process?
12:03PM 0 Error found in brick logs when creating a directory from a native gluster mount fails
8:08AM 9 single storage server
Thursday May 5 2011
11:07PM 1 Increase cache lifetime on client
9:23AM 1 CIFS Documentation
Wednesday May 4 2011
8:44PM 0 Glusterfs and NX
2:57PM 2 What will happen if one file size exceeds, the available node''s harddrive capacity?
2:19PM 1 Output of "getfattr" command, what does the code tell me?
7:14AM 5 GlusterFS Benchmarks
Tuesday May 3 2011
8:20PM 5 Split brain; which file to choose for repair?
4:33PM 1 Fwd: FS-Cache and glusterfs?
8:48AM 4 What will happen if one file size exceeds the available node''s harddrive capacity?
8:27AM 7 Issue with geo-replication and nfs auth
Monday May 2 2011
10:08PM 1 Hopefully answering some mirroring questions asked here and offline
2:32PM 0 .ZIP/ .JAR files truncated when read from nfs-exported glusterfs
2:23PM 0 Glusterfs distributed volume stops responding with bailing out frame type(GlusterFS 3.1) op(LOOKUP(27))
8:14AM 0 Tony Bussieres est absent(e).
5:41AM 2 Does distributed bricks recover data automatically?
Sunday May 1 2011
1:00PM 3 Non-uniform backend brick sizes