dovecot - Aug 2014

Saturday August 30 2014
9:28PM 2 Tarballs for dovecot 1.2.17 and pigenhole where to find it?
5:36PM 1 Need help to compile and install a minimal dovecot imap plugin
4:26PM 2 Creating a backup of incoming mail
8:56AM 1 mail_location hashing & lowercasing?
7:18AM 0 Misleading error message when case-insensitive file/dir names from config files clash with case-sensitive file system.
Friday August 29 2014
3:40PM 1 Dsync setup... help needed
3:32PM 0 Migrating courier to dovecot
10:52AM 2 Multiple A Records for IMAP service
10:30AM 1 quota for subfolder with prefix=INBOX.
8:54AM 0 Documentation for /usr/lib/dovecot/imap executable
Thursday August 28 2014
11:33PM 2 Postfix + dovecot setup
1:56PM 0 About Dovecot cluster and filesystems...
1:41PM 0 Dovecot Master User
1:29PM 0 POP/IMAP HA solution for 5k users
11:35AM 1 Dovecot Enterprize repository access
11:10AM 0 Multiple ALT mail_location possible?
Wednesday August 27 2014
6:48PM 2 Insert custom header in Mail logger plugin
6:47PM 2 Dovecot Replication of Maildirs: Couldn't create lock file ... no such file or directory
2:31PM 2 Help with transaction log and index file corruption.
1:03PM 0 Problem with BINARY extension (Invalid data in MIME part)
12:10PM 0 crash with "The specified message set is invalid."
9:05AM 2 multiple IMAP sessions when connecting from one client
Tuesday August 26 2014
5:29PM 1 Moving from one Dovecot server to another Dovecot server
3:08PM 0 Object storage
12:46PM 0 Running dsync results in Panic: file mbox-lock.c: line 799 (mbox_lock)
8:43AM 0 TCP Cluster replication headache
Monday August 25 2014
7:03PM 3 Special-Use Mailboxes ?
12:00PM 1 centos 6.x/7.x repos ?
11:50AM 0 IMAP Proxying to an Exchange Server
10:46AM 0 Problem overriding default quota limit for LDAP users
9:48AM 1 dict SQL : HA / RR load-balancing ?
Sunday August 24 2014
8:45PM 1 How to configure dovecot imap to listen on multiple ports?
Saturday August 23 2014
7:51PM 1 Director health checker
4:17PM 1 OS X 10.6 Server - Dovecot Issue
Friday August 22 2014
5:04PM 1 does dovecot assume ~ = /home/userid ?
2:59PM 0 Dovecot authentication LDAP SSL-TLS againts SAMBA4
2:07PM 1 LMTP and passdb deny=yes not working
12:35PM 0 Avoid "451 4.4.0 Remote server not answering (timeout while waiting for reply to DATA reply)"
12:16PM 0 Folders don't show up
Thursday August 21 2014
7:40PM 0 About network throughput between Director and backends
Wednesday August 20 2014
9:57PM 1 New user mailbox permission
7:54PM 0 How to configure read-only access during a migration?
3:44PM 1 Panic at virtual folder fts-search-serialize.c
2:13PM 1 Assertion in istream.c::167 in POP3 mode when maildir content has wrong S value (using 2.2.13)
12:55PM 1 antispam plugin crash
11:39AM 1 preserving flags for shared mailbox when migrating from cyrus to dovecot
Tuesday August 19 2014
5:42PM 0 Designing a Dovecot Replicate cluster
2:20PM 3 Thunderbird not able to edit sieve Message Filters
1:47PM 1 Trouble getting public folders working
8:34AM 1 Replication problem
7:51AM 2 antispam plugin crash
Monday August 18 2014
7:54PM 1 Health monitoring of backend servers
7:10PM 1 [SOLVED] Re: Trying Dovecot Replication with dsync
1:15PM 2 antispam plugin crash
7:42AM 1 Huge difference between the lucene index size created by v2.1 and v2.2
7:02AM 1 antispam plugin crash
6:48AM 1 rebuilding indexes for dovecot pop3
6:46AM 0 NFS INTR mount option
6:30AM 2 Dovecot failing with exit code 19200 in cron job
2:54AM 2 Manage Sieve Security?
2:45AM 2 IMAP on 993/SSL or 143/STARTTLS?
Sunday August 17 2014
4:45PM 3 antispam plugin crash
10:58AM 1 virtual plugin in HG unaware of namespaces
7:43AM 1 Segmentation fault while indexing a large mailbox using doveadm..
Friday August 15 2014
9:25PM 1 auth_username_translation and LTMP problem
7:53PM 1 Fatal: master: service(imap): child 28145 killed with signal 11 (core dumped) -- started happening after upgrade last night
12:24PM 1 Server dovecot: auth: Warning: sql: Ignoring changed iterate_quer
Thursday August 14 2014
10:18PM 0 Cannot use dovecot with vpopmail and sendmail
7:28PM 2 Trying Dovecot Replication with dsync
2:11PM 0 panic: dsync and imapc
1:02PM 1 Segfault with indexer-worker using Tika/Solr
12:11PM 1 Quota Help
Wednesday August 13 2014
7:32PM 1 (Again) Some trouble with dovecot 2.1(.7) and SASL
2:31PM 0 Domain name lost for SASL
8:24AM 1 LMTP re-reading all messages
6:58AM 0 namspace management
Tuesday August 12 2014
4:04PM 4 namspace management
1:52PM 1 Fatal: lazy_expunge: Unknown namespace: '.EXPUNGED/'
1:35PM 1 BUG: Solr FTS engine appends domain name to index records
10:23AM 3 doveadm pw with SHA512-CRYPT won't roundtrip
9:20AM 3 Test / can you see my mail??
Monday August 11 2014
4:59PM 0 poolmon improvements
3:42PM 2 Sieve: Saving "pristine" messages for backups and spam training
2:22PM 1 Options mail_nfs_storage and mail_nfs_index not in 2.2(.13) example config anymore?
2:14PM 1 Frequent error: unknown namespace Trash
Sunday August 10 2014
5:30PM 1 doveadm proxy list
Saturday August 9 2014
4:49PM 0 Converting maildir files from quoted-printable to 8bit
11:30AM 2 postfix-dovecot Auth USER lookup failed
Friday August 8 2014
6:11PM 2 Throttling pop3-login connections
8:38AM 1 Backtrace io_add(0x1) called twice fd= (was Exit status code 134; what is it, in the context of Dovecot Antispam plug-in?)
5:34AM 1 Dovecot, Thunderbird and messages in wrong folder
Thursday August 7 2014
7:21PM 1 invalid/unknown path to storage
3:14PM 2 Exit status code 134; what is it, in the context of Dovecot Antispam plug-in?
10:24AM 1 Pigeonhole version 0.4.3 on FreeBSD-10
7:13AM 0 call postlogin script with doveadm exec
Wednesday August 6 2014
4:59PM 0 Multiple userdb on specific ports
3:56PM 2 Sieve filter extracting wrong header value on certain mail messages
3:50PM 0 Important emails
1:23PM 1 Panic on alway_bcc mail with attachment while using sdbox
10:01AM 0 maildir: could lda/lmtp log filenames?
Tuesday August 5 2014
12:49PM 1 replicator only starts for users who log in at least once
12:07PM 1 [Patch] mail_log plugin supports remote, local ip addresses
12:02PM 0 [Patch] mail-log plugin supports remote, local ip addresses
9:45AM 2 Migrating from maildir to mdbox
8:04AM 1 Set an archive folder for every user
6:31AM 1 prefix behavior with Dovecot / Squirrelmail
Monday August 4 2014
11:47PM 1 dovecot-lda 2.2.13 crashing when sieve_before used
5:16PM 0 Dovecot v2.2 FTS is not indexing "text/html" emails...
5:16PM 1 Dovecot v2.2 FTS is not indexing "text/html" emails...
1:17PM 0 Solr indexing appends domain to users
10:01AM 1 postfix-dovecot via lmtp
8:44AM 1 Is atomic MOVING of messages between IMAP folders possible?
8:00AM 0 Dovecot with dbox indexing weirdness
7:57AM 0 permission denied
1:45AM 1 Certificates
Sunday August 3 2014
10:32PM 3 permission denied
Saturday August 2 2014
10:57AM 1 Advantage of LMTP
Friday August 1 2014
10:18PM 1 Configuring pigeonhole/sieve
8:54PM 1 autocreate mailboxes
8:00PM 1 Multiple Passdb's - Order
12:02PM 0 using flat file for dictionary quota backend
8:17AM 2 vacation rule addresses
5:40AM 1 Mail Archiving/Lucene Indexes/mbox