dovecot - May 2014

Saturday May 31 2014
6:09PM 0 Upgraded my dovecot?
3:04PM 2 dovecot: lda(foo): Error: User foo doesn't have home dir set, disabling duplicate database
Friday May 30 2014
7:34PM 1 Panic: file mail-index-transaction-export.c: line 203 (log_append_ext_hdr_update): assertion failed: (u32.offset + u32.size <= ext_hdr_size)
4:03PM 0 doveadm fts optimize CRASH
3:02PM 1 attachment sis + EMLINK (too many links) = segfault bug (2.2.12)
2:27PM 1 Disabling plus sign extension delimiter in lmtp listener (or userdb)
6:28AM 2 ot: identifying TB IMAP issues
Wednesday May 28 2014
10:06PM 1 Filed to write auth token secret file
9:01AM 0 both perosnal and global sieve scripts
Tuesday May 27 2014
8:03PM 0 doveadm fts: mbox/lucene-indexes, and other errors
6:33PM 1 dovecot 2.1.15 hangs while connecting.
1:03PM 1 dsync changing source permission to "root" in backup mode
12:56PM 1 Corrupted Mail?
11:05AM 3 Quota per user from openldap
11:04AM 2 Problem with quota calculation...
5:27AM 3 SQL passdb, LDAP userdb
2:35AM 0 Incorrect IMAP search results when FTS/Squat indexes are present with 2.1.7
1:06AM 1 Odd ownership of the dovecot-uidlist file
Monday May 26 2014
11:24AM 1 LDAP: allow pop3, restrict imap
8:25AM 0 Multilayer mail handling
Saturday May 24 2014
4:14PM 4 Plugin mail-filter tangles
9:56AM 1 socket /var/spool/postfix/private/auth not created
Friday May 23 2014
1:05PM 1 Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value
12:26PM 1 Copies of outgoing emails in the Sent folder
8:48AM 1 dsync incredibly slow
8:47AM 0 Mail logger plugin, improvement request
Thursday May 22 2014
9:56PM 0 director with same director / backend servers
7:18AM 1 Copies of outgoing emails in the Sent folder
7:12AM 0 Dovecot pam
6:45AM 4 Copies of outgoing emails in the Sent folder
Wednesday May 21 2014
6:35PM 3 Dovecot pam
3:02PM 1 LMTP hostname ignoring ENV variables
2:04PM 2 Sieve fileinto extension and redirect action
8:37AM 1 Dovecot ontop of glusterfs issue.
8:36AM 2 Per-user Sieve script location question
7:20AM 1 dovecot auth ldap attributes - unused?
Tuesday May 20 2014
7:15PM 0 Dict SQL lookups without username_field
12:00PM 2 lazy_expunge and shared folders
11:39AM 0 Solr/Tika
9:18AM 0 Dovecot 2.2.13+ and master user db
6:44AM 1 Setting mail location in SQL?
6:37AM 3 Setting mail location in SQL?
Monday May 19 2014
11:07AM 2 Notifications from dovecot
7:09AM 0 logging of failed SASL usernames
4:26AM 0 Signal 11 with dovecot-lda
Sunday May 18 2014
12:13PM 0 antispam plugin doesn't recognize spam folder
10:09AM 2 Configuration of dovecot 2.0.19 to authenticate users via LDAP
9:28AM 3 logging of failed SASL usernames
8:27AM 0 Feature Request doveadm acl command
Saturday May 17 2014
3:07PM 1 / vs. </
Friday May 16 2014
5:26PM 0 corrupted: missing map extension
5:02PM 0 Problems setting up extprograms in combination with crm114
1:33PM 1 Segfault when deselecting virtual folder 2.2.13+ HG TIP
9:35AM 1 imapc Proxy to IMAPS Exchangeserver?
8:36AM 2 Pigeonhole and Dovecot deliver
7:50AM 0 syncing problems Dovecot 2.2.13
1:09AM 1 Static Passdb
Thursday May 15 2014
1:50PM 0 Disconnected from database, retrying commit?
Wednesday May 14 2014
2:44PM 1 RFE: please add Return-Path: to sieve sent mail headers
2:09PM 2 Pigeonhole Sieve: Vacation Extension answer to every E-Mail
12:17PM 1 Enterprise repository for free now? ;-) (Bug?)
9:12AM 0 Error open(/var/lib/dovecot/db/shared-mailboxes) after update 2.2.10 -> 2.2.13
8:41AM 4 Error open(/var/lib/dovecot/db/shared-mailboxes) after update 2.2.10 -> 2.2.13
3:56AM 2 Dovecot repo for CentOS
Tuesday May 13 2014
10:31PM 0 Dovecot 2.2.13 core dumped with shared folder/acl
5:58PM 3 RFE: please add Return-Path: to sieve sent mail headers
5:28PM 1 imapc problem
1:53PM 1 Performing an action on mail receipt
11:26AM 2 RFE: please add mail queue id to 'sent vacation response' log line
10:58AM 3 pigeonhole installation postfix+dovecot+openldap
10:43AM 0 Quota dict with redis
8:21AM 1 dovecot shared folder
6:40AM 0 Dovecot Special_Use and K9 (and other Clients)
4:34AM 0 Error on doveadm director map
Monday May 12 2014
8:13PM 3 Dovecot Special_Use and K9 (and other Clients)
7:51PM 0 dsync - Panic: file mail-index-transaction-update.c: line 19
7:25PM 0 Released Pigeonhole v0.4.3 for Dovecot v2.2.13.
5:55PM 0 IMAP disconnect before greeting / banner
11:56AM 2 LMTP SSL?
7:30AM 0 message-decoder bug for attachments with charset=binary attribute in content-type?
7:16AM 1 ManageSieve OOM with Huge Folders
Sunday May 11 2014
7:37PM 5 v2.2.13 released
5:07PM 2 questions about process_limit
3:57PM 0 ECDSA certificate support
2:56PM 1 Segfault with passwd as a second userdb at auth_fields_rollback
8:16AM 1 dovecot 2.2.9 - ssl_cert and ssl_key ignored
Saturday May 10 2014
10:23AM 1 "doveadm penalty -a" doesn't work?
Friday May 9 2014
10:44PM 1 Only part of sieve script works
4:20PM 1 fts_lucene - hiding lucene-indexes folder?
7:21AM 1 Doveadm sometimes failed "to iterate through some users" after upgrade to 2.2
3:20AM 3 v2.2.13.rc1 vs. Pigeonhole
Thursday May 8 2014
3:37PM 3 v2.2.13.rc1 released
3:29PM 2 Denial of Service attacks against Dovecot v1.1+
2:03PM 0 Error Panic: file mail-storage.c
12:02PM 1 Dsync via dovecot proxy
11:43AM 1 Strange behavior on with "listescape" and "lda_mailbox_autocreate" - double entries
10:54AM 1 ─░nstall dovecot-piegonhone
9:29AM 1 Lifetime of redirect info stored by Sieve in .dovecot.lda-dupes
6:06AM 2 Migrate from LDA to LMTP
Wednesday May 7 2014
8:38PM 2 Index cache errors worse with 2.2.x
7:15PM 1 TLS/SSL for Win8 & Outlook
6:44PM 1 LDA can't read dovecot.conf
3:38PM 1 TCP Cluster replication headache
1:36PM 1 Corrupted mailbox, how to fix?
10:41AM 1 sieve - different sieve scripts
10:26AM 1 sieve - different sieve scripts
6:35AM 1 Pigeonhole sieve re-filter extension?
3:30AM 1 Can Auth dict proxy protocol be used to validate a password?
Tuesday May 6 2014
10:05PM 0 Some Information about compression rates to expect using zlib/xz compression
7:44PM 0 LMTP, TLS/SSL, authentication, proxy
1:39PM 1 WG: on High Load using IMAPSYNC : Panic: file ostream-lzma.c: line 147: unreached. Dovecot 2.2.12 with zlib/XZ compression
12:23PM 1 Again: pop3: Panic: Trying to allocate 0 bytes
10:43AM 1 Pigeonhole sieve re-filter extension?
10:29AM 0 on High Load using IMAPSYNC : Panic: file ostream-lzma.c: line 147: unreached. Dovecot 2.2.12 with zlib/XZ compression
Monday May 5 2014
10:35PM 2 imapc with transfers max 22-23 messages per mailbox!?
8:13PM 2 Broken IMAPS Connects Create Lingering imap-login Processes
4:39PM 3 Disable IMAP for ONE user only
5:57AM 1 Dovecot proxy
5:01AM 0 Dsyncing mail in director setup
Sunday May 4 2014
9:22PM 0 Dovecot/Postfix Auth, howto not working ?
4:15PM 0 Unknown user when sending internal email
Saturday May 3 2014
12:32PM 1 %{orig_user} missing in checkpassword-Script
5:49AM 0 IMAP clients can't connect while dovecot 2.0.9 is configured for LDAP
Friday May 2 2014
4:25PM 1 User not found when using shadow for passdb
12:59PM 0 output of doveconf in conflict with order of settings in conf.d/*-*.conf files
8:27AM 2 When the subject portion of an e-mail contains a control character, dovecot.sieve terminates unexpectatedly.
2:00AM 0 Dovecot permission denied error in logs
Thursday May 1 2014
4:35PM 1 LMTP error
3:10PM 0 fts-lucene configuration
4:53AM 1 When you send an email with specific characters are included, dovecot.sieve is aborted.
12:18AM 0 Problems with login_log_format (possible bug?)