dovecot - Apr 2014

Wednesday April 30 2014
3:41PM 0 Dovecot 2.0.16 question...
Tuesday April 29 2014
9:27PM 1 BINARY FETCH conversion issue
1:14PM 0 doveadm import : Error creating new mailbox
10:25AM 1 doveadm import : Error creating new mailbox
9:01AM 1 Status of sieve-extdata?
8:49AM 6 doveadm import : Error creating new mailbox
7:05AM 0 [repost] log sasl auth
Monday April 28 2014
3:56PM 0 log auth in a dn
12:40PM 0 Why does it appear that dovecot is deleting messages after migration?
12:15PM 3 Why does it appear that dovecot is deleting messages after migration?
Sunday April 27 2014
5:26AM 1 All Mail folder as in Gmail
Saturday April 26 2014
4:06PM 2 Dovecot cannot connect to PostgreSQL server
5:50AM 1 Assert Crash with HG 49e9d9743f6e
Friday April 25 2014
2:53PM 1 Segfault in auth (when talked to by postfix lda)
12:56PM 1 Incompatibility Thunderbirds Auth Mech TLS-Certificate <-> Dovecot
12:24PM 1 crash while fts searching a virtual folder
11:30AM 2 separating logs by port
9:45AM 0 Multiple Instances Of Dovecot On One Messagebase
7:14AM 0 dovecot temporary suspension all of pop3 login about 5 minutes
2:29AM 4 dovecot temporary suspension all of pop3 login about 5 minutes
Thursday April 24 2014
8:54PM 1 maildir compressed message fix patch
5:37PM 1 2.2.12 RPM Needed
5:32PM 0 Assert crash with latest HG ddf374a36057
10:18AM 1 Regarding Quota
6:50AM 0 Help implementing username_format in auth PAM driver
Wednesday April 23 2014
9:51PM 1 zlib maildir reindex broken
9:15PM 1 Segfault in dovecot-lda when resolver is unavailable
7:57PM 0 ImapTest utility not compiling
6:43PM 1 core dump in mail_cache_header_fields_read()
12:15PM 0 dovecot qmail-ldap
10:09AM 1 stats: Error: Mail server input error: UPDATE-SESSION username imap: stats shrank: mrbytes 26961885 < 28237323
Tuesday April 22 2014
10:52PM 1 Can't find sieve files
9:08PM 1 Shared mailboxes not working with . dot namespace separator - values truncated in SQL
8:35PM 0 one way replication
1:49PM 1 dovecot-openssl.cnf - switch to 2048 bits?
1:02PM 1 Latest HG 09c114091c88 2.2.12 Assertion Failure
12:15PM 0 FTS Lucene: Fatal: master: service(indexer-worker): child * killed with signal 6
9:33AM 1 Allowing non-SSL connections only for certain Password Databases
6:37AM 2 "Reapplying" sieve rules
12:27AM 1 Sieve extprograms problem (broken pipe)
Monday April 21 2014
4:52PM 0 Trying to get DSpam+Dovecot working with Postfix and local/virtual domains
7:33AM 3 How to bring dovecot to using a slightly modified passwd file
Saturday April 19 2014
12:38PM 0 dkim test
Friday April 18 2014
10:29PM 1 Hash Verification with doveadm
5:57PM 4 Changing SSL certificates - switching from self-signed to RapidSSL
7:54AM 1 doveadm auth and the "nologin" extra field
Thursday April 17 2014
6:35PM 1 How to disable Director service?
12:05AM 2 segfault with shared namespace version > 2.1.16
Wednesday April 16 2014
2:48PM 1 BUG: Authentication client sent unknown handshake command
7:26AM 1 dsync replication does not replicate new subfolders
7:16AM 1 Move of mail folders to other mail account on same server
Tuesday April 15 2014
1:35PM 1 Segmentation fault running doveadm index (lucene) on a big mailbox
11:32AM 0 migration advice
Monday April 14 2014
2:48PM 0 About the "nologin" extra field
9:06AM 0 POP3: Panic: Trying to allocate 0 bytes
Saturday April 12 2014
4:35PM 1 Quick win... command to remove all attachments from an Inbox
Friday April 11 2014
7:32PM 1 Still no messages from dovecot
4:20PM 0 Will upgrade from from db4 to libdb break anything?
3:49PM 2 Feature Request: handle mail connections of the same user from a same IP using just one mail process
2:21PM 0 FTS autoindex username problem
2:00PM 0 FTS autoindex problem
Thursday April 10 2014
1:04PM 1 dovecot: disable ssl compression
11:38AM 1 replication + attachment sis + zlib bug ? (HEAD version from
6:58AM 1 IMAP, POP, LMTP response time
1:06AM 0 Director NFS backups
Wednesday April 9 2014
11:07PM 0 Error: broken sync positions in index file
7:57PM 2 Override maildir for just a few users
5:46PM 1 sieve pigeonhole vacation filter responding when recipient is not explicitly listed
1:12PM 1 Prevent sieve redirects to external domains
10:57AM 1 Migration to Dovecot 2.2.12 - How to trigger full site indexing
Tuesday April 8 2014
9:38PM 1 POP3 sessions
5:00PM 3 Heartbleed openssl vulnerability?
2:26PM 2 integration of old mails into new dovecot Maildir
1:54PM 1 Dovecot Director and MasterUsers
12:44PM 1 Rebuilding message guid in sdbox
10:47AM 1 Debugging doveadm expunge
6:18AM 2 Dovecot LDAP issue
Monday April 7 2014
5:46PM 2 Dovecot LDAP issue
5:44AM 1 Regarding SSHA512 Password Scheme
5:27AM 0 Dovecot IMAP Authentication issue with Vpopmail
Friday April 4 2014
2:10PM 1 Unknown setting: plugin after fresh install
9:07AM 1 imap / IPv6 problems?
7:52AM 1 dsync deleted my mailbox - what did I do wrong?
6:47AM 0 Use 1 userdb and LDAP passdb for mailbox without allow_all_users
Thursday April 3 2014
2:28PM 2 xz compression
1:12PM 1 mdbox with mail_attachment_dir per user in 2.2.12
12:23PM 1 Sieve (randomly?) flagging messages as \\Seen \\Deleted
11:28AM 4 Sieve (randomly?) flagging messages as \\Seen \\Deleted
8:32AM 0 dovecot 2.2.10 & fts_lucene: Failed to initialize backend
3:51AM 0 Test outgoing email on director setup
Wednesday April 2 2014
10:27AM 2 Disable maildir indexing and dovecot-uidlist on LMTP/LDA delivery
3:36AM 1 Info on Config Sharing or Unfied Config?
Tuesday April 1 2014
6:34PM 2 imap process and indexer-worker crash while creating folders
2:49PM 1 how to enable debugging in imapc
11:22AM 2 Book on Postfix/Dovecot or Postfix/Dovecot/Clam/Spam Assassin?
10:09AM 1 BUG dovecot and nginx