dovecot - Mar 2014

Monday March 31 2014
10:04PM 1 Fwd: Dovecot not honoring configuration settings (auth failure)
9:37PM 2 Dovecot not honoring configuration settings (auth failure)
8:13PM 1 Specifying passwd-file with virtual domains?
8:21AM 3 check the user number
7:52AM 1 maildir backup
Sunday March 30 2014
9:47AM 1 pop3 mailbox mirroring issues using dsync
Saturday March 29 2014
9:51PM 1 [Bug] doveadm pw Fatal: open(/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf) failed: Permission denied
9:07PM 1 still issues with metadata support
Friday March 28 2014
4:38PM 1 Deduplicate not processing all messages - bug?
1:45PM 1 basic dsync wrapper for migration from another server
11:22AM 1 Panic: file ostream-lzma.c: line 147: unreached. Dovecot 2.2.12 with zlib/XZ compression
10:30AM 2 How are messages send by sieve
9:58AM 1 struggling with dovecot v2.2
9:58AM 2 dsync replication questions
8:04AM 1 Crash in pop3 with version 2.2.12
Thursday March 27 2014
10:08PM 2 Help connecting from remote client (no auth attempts
3:09PM 0 lmtpd configuration
3:04PM 0 %{orig_user} missing in checkpassword-Script
Wednesday March 26 2014
8:47PM 1 Help connecting from remote client (no auth attempts)
4:46PM 1 sieve mailbox in IMAP mailboxes
3:31PM 0 Auth service panic
2:08PM 2 Authentication woes, passwd standard install
11:30AM 1 Dovecot Replication setup
8:05AM 4 Not backing up cache files
7:00AM 0 IMAP proxy with master user and CRAM-MD5 auth mechanism
12:30AM 2 Trying to get Centos5 set up with dovecot
Tuesday March 25 2014
9:11PM 0 pb with setting quota_rule=backend quota=fs for quota-warning
7:28PM 1 Dovecot replication, no updates on message deposit
1:20PM 1 mail-filter cannot work with large email about 700k
12:43PM 0 [LMTP] sieve filter does not drop privilleges?
10:28AM 0 Dovecot mail-filter cannot work with large email about 700k
8:04AM 0 Disconnected (auth failed, 1 attempts)
6:47AM 1 Getting second quota limit out of database
3:02AM 1 Direct groups of users to pairs of backend servers
Monday March 24 2014
2:44PM 0 imap: Error: mmap() failed with file ... dovecot.index.cache: Cannot allocate memory
11:34AM 1 Weird Authentication behaviour
Saturday March 22 2014
12:33AM 3 Case-sensitive INBOX or client issue?
Friday March 21 2014
10:34PM 2 Where can I find a stable PPA?
4:29PM 1 Dovecot/Django authentication
2:50PM 1 Debian Wheezy Dovecot Replication no updates on message deposit
7:21AM 1 Dovecot + roundcube -- Password Change
Wednesday March 19 2014
9:47PM 1 Password hashing issue
7:15AM 1 Using a Sieve script to handle delivery to public mailboxes
7:07AM 0 Using a Sieve script to handle delivery to public mailboxes
6:30AM 0 Dovecot crashes on large search result sets in virtual folders when using fts-solr
Tuesday March 18 2014
12:27PM 0 dovecot for centos ?
Monday March 17 2014
9:58PM 2 versioning of mailbox index files
8:09PM 1 Sieve escape user input
8:57AM 1 Imap user via proxy with starttls - how to rawlogs on proxy ?
6:38AM 2 mdbox-files over 2 MB
6:29AM 1 mdbox-files not approximately 2 MB
6:07AM 0 purgewith doveadm without user (public mailbox)
Sunday March 16 2014
2:23AM 1 dovecot2-antispam segfault
2:09AM 0 postfix2-antispam segfault
Saturday March 15 2014
1:57PM 5 Using a Sieve script to handle delivery to public mailboxes
9:03AM 0 Strange difference between mails delivered with dovecot-lda and lmtp
Friday March 14 2014
6:51PM 1 Compile Metadata for 2.2.9
4:59PM 0 Problem with trying to use dsync with ldap userdb
10:17AM 0 NFS not responding generates authantication crash
6:48AM 1 Sieve vacation attach original message
Thursday March 13 2014
3:37PM 0 Patch & feature request: hide passwords in doveconf -n by default
3:37PM 0 Patch & feature request: hide passwords in doveconf -n by default
2:43PM 0 quota is exceeded during send mail
9:59AM 0 quota using wrong limits in user shared mailboxes
9:59AM 0 quota using wrong limits in user shared mailboxes
9:10AM 0 FTS solr : body search gives mysql error
8:48AM 3 FTS solr : body search gives mysql error
Wednesday March 12 2014
9:11PM 2 Connection refused userdb lookup ..dovecot/auth-userdb
5:51PM 1 Mail server input error: UPDATE-SESSION
11:36AM 1 dovecot 2.2.9 replication
11:17AM 0 Finding memory leaks
6:23AM 1 Turning on autocreate of maildirs - how?
1:08AM 2 Suppress IMAP Disconnection Messages
Tuesday March 11 2014
8:00PM 2 Panic: file mail-index-map.c: line 547 (mail_index_map_lookup_seq_range): assertion failed: (first_uid > 0)
7:10PM 1 Can I create multiple sockets and listen on them in parallel.
7:02PM 1 Doveadm?
4:04PM 1 Turning on autocreate of maildirs - how?
1:31PM 4 POP3 and mail retention
Monday March 10 2014
3:44PM 0 Error configuring dovecot instance as proxy
3:11PM 0 mdbox+sis: Error: read(attachments-connector(/path/...)) failed: read(/path/...[base64:18 b/l]) failed: Stream is larger than expected (256088 > 256087, eof=1) (FETCH BODY for mailbox INBOX UID 29925)
1:09PM 0 Slackware 14 config
9:49AM 1 Pigeonhole Sieve Extprograms dovecot path?
Sunday March 9 2014
4:06PM 1 dovecot 2 + vpopmail 5.5.0
2:09AM 5 Slackware 14 config
Saturday March 8 2014
7:36AM 1 Planning migration
12:06AM 0 BUG: segmentation fault in auth
Friday March 7 2014
6:36PM 1 unsebscribe
12:15PM 0 How to run a program with mail_filter plugin
11:12AM 1 Sieve/autosubscribe subfolder
Thursday March 6 2014
4:19PM 1 no sieve with lmtp_save_to_detail_mailbox=yes
10:49AM 2 Public Namespace and INBOX
8:49AM 0 whole user mailbox read only
8:27AM 1 Bounce messages
7:48AM 1 Struggling with antispam
Wednesday March 5 2014
10:41PM 1 Pigeonhole Sieve Extprograms Plugin
8:23PM 3 Still no emails since Feb. 6
4:39PM 2 Bounce messages
10:33AM 0 Using AD, one more try - "successfol auth" and crashing auth process
10:26AM 1 Send and Bounced mail not appearing, depending on mail client
Tuesday March 4 2014
9:48PM 0 Hidden virtual folder
7:28PM 1 No email since Feb 6
5:05PM 0 cyrus2dovecot and doveadm search,expunge
12:48PM 1 Shared Namespace and correct location
1:45AM 1 IMAP native METADATA already implemented?
1:43AM 1 Any client out there taking advantage of Dovecot's virtual mailboxes?
Monday March 3 2014
2:37PM 2 Can't get authentication for masterusers on Mac OS X Server 10.6.8
1:58PM 1 Dovecot, AD and authenticated binds...
Sunday March 2 2014
11:06PM 2 Tracking logins
11:20AM 0 Dsync replication with LDAP and auth_bind=yes
5:03AM 0 Pluggable mailstore
3:37AM 1 No speed improvement with FTS for iOS 7?
Saturday March 1 2014
8:53PM 1 running postlogin script result in must be installed for pthread_cancel to work
7:01PM 0 + prefix in dovecot-virtual