dovecot - Aug 2013

Saturday August 31 2013
8:13PM 2 Auto-blocking faulty login attempts
10:07AM 1 Getting back into Dovecot 2.2.5
2:37AM 1 Dovecot and Postfix Authentication
Friday August 30 2013
2:14PM 2 kqueue bug?
Thursday August 29 2013
9:17PM 2 Bizarre permissions problem
5:57PM 1 Pigeonhole Sieve - sent message to xmpp account
5:36AM 0 Issues with dovecot-antipsam plugin
12:27AM 1 Solved: startup failures "net_listen_unix(...) failed: Invalid argument"
Wednesday August 28 2013
11:51PM 0 Enforcing server cipher list order
8:41AM 2 mailbox_list_index, stops showing new mails in mailboxes
6:57AM 2 Log successful login plain text password
1:09AM 0 Trouble with case-sensitive LDAP user logins
Tuesday August 27 2013
10:57PM 1 verbose_proctitle cuts dsync to proctitle to "dsyn"
10:24PM 0 How do I get CRAM-MD5 to work?
8:38PM 1 Problem with MySQL virtual users and dsync
8:11PM 1 Install of Dovecot 2.2.5 on Solaris 10/Openssl version 0.9.7d 17 Mar 2004
10:56AM 1 Error: file_dotlock_open() failed with file + Too many open files
Monday August 26 2013
10:08PM 1 Logging pre-rewrite user ID for application-specific passwords
5:15PM 1 zlib plugin issues
4:50PM 1 Received header only showing localhost
2:49PM 1 SMTP Proxy
12:50PM 1 local AND virtual mail locations ?
8:05AM 1 A question of imap timeout exit
Sunday August 25 2013
11:43PM 2 commented lines still active
11:42PM 2 Disabled pop3-login
6:09PM 1 Developer docs?
11:33AM 1 Dovecot auth error
Saturday August 24 2013
9:20PM 3 dovecot OK for intranet, not OK for external IPs
10:42AM 3 Migrating from Maildir to Maildir:LAYOUT=fs
7:52AM 1 Disable PAM username change?
1:05AM 1 expire plugin doesn't work?
12:12AM 1 Dovecot LDA
Friday August 23 2013
7:30PM 0 SSL Cipher Order in Dovecot
10:43AM 1 Deleted mails in dsync backups
Thursday August 22 2013
5:33PM 0 Sieve filterset not activating in Dovecot 2.0.15 with, Sieve plug-in and Roundcube 0.5.3: "NO (TRYLATER) Internal Error." (Steffen Kaiser)
4:16PM 3 Logging passwords on auth failure/dealing with botnets
3:27PM 1 Load goes up imap-login
11:05AM 0 combining pop3 and imap accounts
Wednesday August 21 2013
11:11PM 1 Sieve filterset not activating in Dovecot 2.0.15 with Sieve plug-in and Roundcube 0.5.3: "NO (TRYLATER) Internal Error."
10:10PM 0 dovecot2, antispam and sieve versions
8:19PM 1 Dovecot antispam plugin for 2.2
5:51PM 1 Sieve vacation reply problem (Dovecot+Sieve/Sendmail/Horde)
4:32PM 1 Bug in dovecot 2.2.5: segfault due to bad alignment
11:57AM 2 Dovecot tuning for GFS2
10:37AM 2 High Load Average on POP/IMAP.
6:52AM 2 Auth error in log
Tuesday August 20 2013
11:02PM 1 (Maybe stupid) question about selecting mailbox
8:47PM 1 Delivering message to other mailbox
6:55PM 0 Two of special mailboxes?
4:57PM 3 Problem compiling 2.2.5
3:57PM 3 Dovecot Dsync
10:10AM 1 username and password can't be verified
8:35AM 1 Question: dovecot-1.2.17 , pop3
8:32AM 2 Rfc: Limit the size of an email IN the mailbox
Monday August 19 2013
7:46PM 2 age-limit
12:00PM 1 Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded
10:52AM 1 Dsync confusion...
Sunday August 18 2013
11:53PM 3 Using procmail to mark messages as read in dovecot
Saturday August 17 2013
12:42PM 0 Proxy: %$ should contain username
4:30AM 1 MailLocation
Friday August 16 2013
11:09PM 1 Disagreement on where mail goes.
12:55PM 1 Any way to test a master user's password?
12:42PM 1 OS X
11:46AM 0 rdiff-backup of Maildir?
8:36AM 1 Problems with openssl library path
7:21AM 0 Using dovecot in performance tests?
4:53AM 2 Maildirmake equiv?
Thursday August 15 2013
11:08PM 0 dovecot solr position index
8:04PM 1 lda and home directory
5:29PM 1 Couldn't drop privileges
5:23PM 1 IMAP Proxying and SSL Certificates on OpenBSD
2:48PM 0 Quota to use limits from LDAP and usage from FS
2:36PM 1 Nee assistance with migrating/copying a virtual user's maildir to another virtual user
5:13AM 1 dovecot is working, sort of
Wednesday August 14 2013
8:34PM 0 weird situation with pop3/imap proxy and postfix authentication
4:54PM 3 force ciphers order for clients
2:37PM 2 proxy: get rid of redundant log-informations
11:06AM 2 Dovecot mailbox in read-only mode, Permanentflags empty
10:14AM 1 SA54438
6:48AM 1 Patch to log the cipher suite used for TLS
6:12AM 2 Dovecot security
Monday August 12 2013
8:50PM 1 fail2ban
7:11PM 1 Can't take user info from an alternate file
6:12PM 1 Disconnected (no auth attempts)
3:16PM 2 Sieve-storage: couldn't find storage root directory
Saturday August 10 2013
6:53PM 0 Mailbox Format
Friday August 9 2013
1:45PM 2 Error: Threading lost Message ID?
9:44AM 4 prevent dovecot from modifying maildirs
Thursday August 8 2013
9:36PM 1 GUID Mismatch Issue
3:53PM 1 multiple passdbs and auth sockets
10:00AM 1 Please HELP: how to delete all messages older than X days
9:58AM 1 Errors in SASL authentication ("attempted master login")
9:07AM 1 HG changes affecting received headers
Wednesday August 7 2013
10:42PM 2 The docs a re a bit weird on "Directory hashing"
4:43PM 1 keywords leak in cmd_append_handle_args()
4:03PM 2 Override master service settigs with spaces
12:00PM 2 2.2.5 fails to compile - SSL_OP_SINGLE_ECDH_USE : Solaris 10 + Sunstudio 12.3
Tuesday August 6 2013
4:31PM 2 Please HELP: how to delete all messages older than X days from the server?
10:28AM 1 The "<" sign in config files
10:28AM 0 The "<" sign in config files
2:27AM 1 dovecot, spamassasin and lmtp
Monday August 5 2013
8:15PM 1 Using ldap and pam
8:03PM 1 v2.2.5 released
4:46PM 1 Corrupted mboxes with v2.2.4, posix_fallocate and GFS2
4:18PM 0 [Metadata Plugin] Q: Source Repository
4:07PM 0 Help needed with SOLR integration
2:45PM 1 Weird log entries when some users are composing messages in Thunderbird
12:47PM 1 Design: Adding checksums to index files
11:48AM 1 Subfolders of Inbox with LAYOUT=fs
11:33AM 1 ACL not copied to new mailboxes
9:28AM 3 How to troubleshoot LDA or LMTP?
7:44AM 1 How to configure sendmail using dovecot lmtp
7:36AM 2 Fileoperations in Maildir – problematic or okay?
Saturday August 3 2013
11:21AM 2 problems with doveadm
10:28AM 1 sync re-copies emails assigning new UIDs
7:56AM 1 problems with expire plugin
Friday August 2 2013
4:36PM 1 system_groups_user syntax especially in LDAP
3:20PM 3 feature request: IMAP passdb prefetch
3:15PM 1 Custom quota setup
12:30PM 1 Unlock non existent locks
10:38AM 1 ./configure dovecot
8:07AM 2 Mail being delivered but MUA showing empty inbox
7:34AM 2 Maildir Synchronization warnings
5:43AM 1 dovecot Digest, Vol 124, Issue 4
Thursday August 1 2013
4:27PM 1 [PATCH] quota-status: allow different action for messages that are too large (over maximum quota)
4:26PM 0 [PATCH] quota-status: remove unnecessary newlines
2:52PM 1 Getting default uid/gid of users via socket for virtual user support for sendmail
1:43PM 2 misconception in uid and gid
8:31AM 1 Antispam folder names
8:09AM 1 trouble with setting individual quota values for multiple namespaces