dovecot - Sep 2013

Sunday September 29 2013
8:51AM 2 Processing sent items
Saturday September 28 2013
3:11PM 2 Panic: file mail-storage.c: line 834 (mailbox_verify_name): assertion failed
4:31AM 3 New install not working.
Friday September 27 2013
11:29PM 4 version 2.2.6 breaks compiling on Solaris 10 sparc
3:46PM 3 fts-solr indexer-worker connects to wrong solr host dovecot-2.2.4
2:57PM 2 proxy: can I use the password returned from passdb to log in to the back-end?
12:03PM 3 Truncated emails
9:31AM 4 pop3-login problem
Thursday September 26 2013
8:05PM 1 Released Pigeonhole v0.4.2 for Dovecot v2.2.6 and Pigeonhole v0.3.6 for Dovecot v2.1.17.
7:15PM 9 Using MailDir but local messages still save in mbox format
6:37PM 0 sieve gone mad ---help
1:07PM 2 service anvil and ssl-params not starts with dovecot started
8:01AM 2 How to authenticate against SQL DB with custom-ciphered passwords?
7:41AM 3 Lot of connections IMAP
7:38AM 2 Grant access for Unix-User _and_ virtual Users
6:17AM 3 Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
6:15AM 0 Dsync: Mailbox changes caused a desync.
4:45AM 9 Doveadm with a 2nd Instance
Wednesday September 25 2013
11:08PM 14 recipient_delimiter
10:05PM 8 Dovecot extremely slow!
3:48PM 1 "service_count = 0" for "service dict" (High-performance mode)
7:27AM 3 unable to lock for exclusive access: Resource temporarily unavailable
7:10AM 3 v2.2.6 released
12:59AM 2 still having dsync issues after upgrading to latest
Tuesday September 24 2013
11:06PM 1 imaptest-20130617 seems to be reporting spurious header changes
4:16PM 2 Strange errors with imapc+acl in 2.2.x
7:36AM 1 Apple IOS 7 Mail APP uses multi body searches by default
6:48AM 11 2048-bit Diffie-Hellman parameters
Monday September 23 2013
9:54PM 0 can't dovecot tls/ssl to openldap
8:40PM 1 dovecot 2.2.x and replication with dsync and shared / public namespace
8:27PM 0 dovecot 2.2.5 with plugin listescape and shared mailbox with dot in INBOX
8:11PM 1 doveadm mailbox create error codes
6:16PM 7 Delete to Archive?
4:32PM 0 default client_limit
Sunday September 22 2013
7:11AM 3 mdbox index directories: bug?
5:27AM 0 doveadm sync only creates directories, don't sync messages?
Saturday September 21 2013
5:32PM 5 Passing info from mail process to mail_filter plugin script?
8:51AM 2 LDA quota rejection
Friday September 20 2013
2:42PM 6 Bug report: "doveadm rename" encodes special characters wrongly in mUTF-7 (in fs)
10:20AM 9 Fwd: lmtp
Thursday September 19 2013
11:14PM 2 zlib_save per-user or per-mailbox?
10:47PM 1 Re: dovecot v-2.0, postfix+mysql configuration issue.
8:59PM 2 Index error copying compressed message
4:40PM 0 Dovecot antispam plugin
11:37AM 1 Attachment file larger than expected
4:50AM 3 Yet another going from 1.2 to 2.X question: authentication
1:53AM 2 Courier migration and vpopmail with dovecot-lda
Wednesday September 18 2013
6:35PM 0 Re: Basic clustered filesystem advice
7:43AM 6 Dovecot and CAPITALISATION = grrrr ;-(
Tuesday September 17 2013
11:33PM 1 mail-filter plugin v2.2 - corrupts IMAP indexes?
3:25AM 3 unusual dsync lines
2:04AM 9 (no subject)
Monday September 16 2013
4:13PM 2 passwd-file and MySQL
1:18PM 1 Dovecot 2.1.1 crash
12:33PM 3 both passwd-file and MySQL
10:45AM 1 problem with dovecot replication over tcp
10:23AM 0 Can't download emails with large file attachment
9:41AM 4 Mountpoints with auto mounter
9:28AM 4 Permission error
Sunday September 15 2013
9:39PM 10 Dovecot replies with default SSL certificate instead of the vhost's
Saturday September 14 2013
11:14AM 0 mailbox virtual/All
5:33AM 2 Temporarily disable mail delivery when using Dovecot's LDA
Friday September 13 2013
10:37PM 1 SELECT: Bug in untagged response
4:07PM 3 Migrating from dovecot 2.1 to 2.2
11:59AM 53 SSL with certificates
3:12AM 7 Change mail_location for one user?
Thursday September 12 2013
11:30PM 0 adding user for maildir and mail_location
3:55PM 1 Plugin antispam - mailtrain realtime sa-learn
3:03PM 1 Problem getting a dovecot proxy to connect to another dovecot machine via STARTTLS
12:23PM 4 Dsync error: Failed to set attribute vendor/vendor.dovecot/pvt/sieve/default
5:45AM 1 SOLVED: dovecot-2.2.5 build failed if openssl < 0.9.8
3:19AM 8 Where's Dovecot's ports?
2:39AM 0 question about dovecot-auth
Wednesday September 11 2013
10:29PM 0 Double Maildir folders.
6:32PM 4 Quota question.
4:25PM 4 Antispam plugin / sa-learn
12:34PM 0 Need help with Replication
11:31AM 1 slow dict lookups?
Tuesday September 10 2013
7:57PM 1 DH Parameter
1:42PM 1 Sieve Filter global vs user specific
10:25AM 1 Dovecot 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2.5 core dump when Quota Plugin (FS) is enabled
7:54AM 4 dovecot and PFS
6:59AM 1 Error: BUG: Worker sent reply with id 393, expected 394
Monday September 9 2013
11:56PM 3 Default mail folders.
11:28PM 0 Proxy and Master Config
8:56PM 12 How to disable SSL and TLSv1.1?
11:52AM 1 Read-only account through INDEX=MEMORY:CONTROL=MEMORY and non-writable Unix-permissions
10:28AM 7 Sieve, vacation, company (domain-wide) message possible?
9:13AM 3 Ring SYNC appears to have got lost, resending after upgrade
7:35AM 1 Is dovecot locking properly?
Sunday September 8 2013
11:20PM 2 Is this odd?
4:04PM 2 best practice to have sent mail folder on dovecot imap server
12:07PM 5 Postfixadmin/MySQL/Dovecot 2 and quota
Saturday September 7 2013
12:51PM 1 More fine-grained connection limitations?
1:17AM 0 which clients support SCRAM-SHA-1
Friday September 6 2013
8:40PM 2 sieve vacation question
2:56PM 6 Plus addressing
11:43AM 1 userdb with LDAP
9:59AM 1 Dovecot 2.1.7 not starting properly, mail not delivered
8:05AM 2 doveadm expunge problems
7:08AM 2 fdatasync -- Error -- bad file descriptor
Thursday September 5 2013
7:55PM 5 Vacation message and DMARC validation
Wednesday September 4 2013
6:29PM 2 login_log_format_elements does not appear to be changing log format 2.2.5
2:20PM 1 permission problem when using public namespace and "subscription = yes"
Tuesday September 3 2013
11:49PM 0 dsync - convert plugin missing?
5:11PM 3 Deleting messages with Mac Mail via IMAP
2:49PM 1 Dovecot is not creating directories properly for new accounts
2:22AM 1 setup of dovecot as proxy to dbmail
1:59AM 3 stopping dictionary attacks (pop3)
Monday September 2 2013
11:46AM 2 migration from IMAP/POP3 courier server to a remote dovecot server