dovecot - Aug 2010

Tuesday August 31 2010
9:59PM 0 Wiki page for the 2.x version of the antispam plugin
8:42PM 1 doveadm quota get -u
6:46PM 1 Static passdb support?
5:03PM 2 configure forgets to add -lgcc_s under Solaris 10
4:41PM 2 Dovecot upgrades break Blackberry instant email (BIS)
4:34PM 1 status of antispam plugin for DC 2.x ?
4:26PM 1 dovecot lda issue
2:30PM 1 Mail error in log
1:17PM 1 Size limit for a single mail in the IMAP store?
11:48AM 0 istream_read like zlib, but without zlib
10:33AM 2 My "%%" variables in the namespace settings do not appear to be expanding.
10:08AM 1 Help with Public Folder Configuration
8:48AM 1 Dovecot 1.x and 2.x on the same machine ?
8:39AM 1 fetchmail wakeup
8:09AM 1 doveadm expunge -A mailbox Trash savedbefore 30d iterate_query LDAP
6:42AM 1 Wrong MySQL sintax, I can't login
12:13AM 3 permissions on auth-userdb
Monday August 30 2010
7:26PM 1 Passdb filter question - LDAP.
5:54PM 1 bogus fts percentage
5:21PM 1 NTLM authentication does not work
5:15PM 2 Combining ManageSieve with hand-written scripts
3:52PM 1 [DC2.x ]pop3-login seg faults when compiled with gcc 4.5.2 and gold
3:38PM 1 getdents() with 4KB buffer - seems slow (Maildir, large inbox)
12:15PM 1 Running auth as root
7:18AM 1 auth: Fatal: Unknown passdb driver 'mysql'
3:02AM 1 Possible erroneous "aborted login attempts"
2:31AM 1 Lazy expunge plugin - delete folder result error.
Sunday August 29 2010
10:20PM 1 Shared mail folders
10:07PM 1 Different IPs should use different ssl-certs/keys
6:51PM 1 PAM authentication fails
4:51PM 0 "Multiple Commands in Progress" support
3:17PM 2 Sent mail issue
3:07PM 1 mixing 1.2 and 2.0?
1:28PM 1 Filtering virtual mailbox using other virtual mailbox?
Saturday August 28 2010
3:58PM 2 dsync mirror duplicates problem
11:15AM 1 Error: service(auth): child 2212 killed with signal 11
9:35AM 2 Problems Converting Maildir to mdbox
12:22AM 1 MainConfig for dovecot 2.0
Friday August 27 2010
7:49PM 1 (no subject)
3:16PM 2 doveadm expunge -A mailbox Trash savedbefore 30d
2:22PM 2 LDAP & static userdb
2:15PM 3 vpopmail auth always return "unknown user"
8:05AM 1 Is there a way to catch mailbox and message flag changes?
7:51AM 0 (Single instance) attachment storage
6:58AM 1 Some questions about Shared mailboxes
3:21AM 6 dovecot - mac firewall problem
Thursday August 26 2010
11:35PM 2 Panic, rawtrace, log, etc
10:54PM 6 nfs director
9:58PM 1 Roff typo in
9:09PM 2 Can't get dovecot to see email folders
7:32PM 3 Single instance storage - testing please
7:27PM 1 How to pipe to external program
6:52PM 1 Configuration Update From v1.x To v2.0.1-2
4:01PM 1 Investigating suspected cache corruption
1:38PM 1 New problem with migration to 2.0
1:13PM 3 Shared mailboxes with dovecot.
12:21PM 1 migration to dovecot 2.0
11:39AM 1 Does Dovecot support the use of the INDEX directive for mdbox?
11:29AM 1 pigeonhole needs to ship doc/man/{,}
10:23AM 1 doveadm search/expunge with public folders
9:24AM 0 Table mail.users doesn't exist (using built-in default iterate_query: SELECT username, domain FROM users)
Wednesday August 25 2010
7:50PM 2 Pure virtual user and RT3.x
6:08PM 1 Problems compiling Dovecot 2.0.0 on Solaris 10 x86
9:59AM 2 Help needed with plugin - Read Only access to IMAP mailbox
9:43AM 2 Live Mirror dovecot / OS X 10.6.4 (Timo Sirainen)
8:41AM 7 dovecot 1 to 2 migration FreeBSD
Tuesday August 24 2010
11:31PM 5 best way something thinks to upgrade dovecot to 1.2.* 2.0.*
11:09PM 1 Signal 11 - can't get core dump?
6:22PM 0 v2.0.1 released
6:18PM 5 When should dictionary entries for the expire plugin be added/updated?
6:03PM 1 v1.2.14 released
4:27PM 1 Live Mirror dovecot / OS X 10.6.4
2:57PM 8 Home directories
8:45AM 1 Fully kerberized mail system
Sunday August 22 2010
8:17PM 2 Build failure building dbox and gnutls
9:31AM 1 Mobile phone client detects 'PUSH' server
Saturday August 21 2010
5:45PM 1 imap, imaps, ports; config for secure-only service
5:01PM 1 sieve rule help
3:24PM 1 DSYNC needs a lot more documentation
12:08PM 0 sieve_after scripts with virtual domains
8:05AM 1 dsync and active-active fault tolerance mail servers
Friday August 20 2010
11:14PM 1 Over-quota bounces seeming to lack sender
9:27PM 2 PATCH: SQL connect crash
6:07PM 1 Authentication woes - Couldn't drop privileges: Mail access not allowed for root
3:58PM 1 Logged out format in log
9:33AM 1 Mobile phone client - first access
7:58AM 2 pigeonhole sieve imapflags bug
7:41AM 1 Messages causing an error from Solr.
Thursday August 19 2010
9:01PM 1 Director mailserver health monitoring script
7:25PM 3 mailbox utilities
5:59PM 1 2.0 migration weirdnesses: logs and hang
10:19AM 3 Weird Problem with subscriptions
10:04AM 1 IMAP connection timeout value?
5:37AM 1 Dovecot 2.0 and BSDI 4.X
5:07AM 1 Dovecot lda with qmail
Wednesday August 18 2010
9:27PM 2 1.2.13 QRESYNC crash.
8:13PM 2 OT [Fwd: Fwd: Re: EVERYONE USING DOVECOT PLEASE SIGN: Thanks, Administrators of Dovecot!]
8:11PM 1 Disable APOP challenge in POP3 login greeting
7:47PM 2 Dovecot dict process privileges
3:09PM 1 rare index cache error with dovecot 1.2.10
1:41PM 4 Linux should be as easy as Windows
12:49PM 1 Extension for sorting mails by Displayname
12:28PM 2 wake up getamail on imap request
10:09AM 1 Pigeonhole: error while loading shared libraries
3:55AM 0 reverting back to 1.2.12
3:44AM 1 Error: Index file too large ? 904 bytes ?
3:22AM 1 dovecot-lda logging
2:53AM 2 REpeated e-mail
Tuesday August 17 2010
10:11PM 1 Problem with compile
9:08PM 1 Unexpectedly lost message
9:02PM 2 Delete user data from Dovecot server
8:46PM 0 Very complex Master User Examples using MySQL
6:50PM 0 Tricky Master User Query - need MySQL help
6:05PM 1 Managesieve and Dovecot 2.0: clients incompatible?
4:28PM 11 EVERYONE USING DOVECOT PLEASE SIGN: Thanks, Administrators of Dovecot!
3:50PM 1 Master Login using MySQL problem - %{login_domain}
3:39PM 1 Using dovecot with vpopmail and mysql auth?
2:47PM 5 2.0 not starting
7:35AM 1 pigeonhole and utf-8 error
6:51AM 1 Using a BSDI 4.X system for Dovecot
3:18AM 1 2.0 and vpopmail
Monday August 16 2010
9:11PM 1 Imap, flags. Dsync
4:58PM 1 Subdomain Migration
2:49PM 19 v2.0.0 released
1:31PM 1 Split number of imap-login and pop3-login processes
11:55AM 5 pigeonhole
6:33AM 2 cluster with dsync mirror
Sunday August 15 2010
10:07PM 1 Address book for 2.0?
9:56PM 1 dovecot: Killed with signal 15 (by pid=14267
9:46PM 3 Master User Features I'd like to see
9:06PM 4 dovecot 2.0 convert script
4:58PM 2 Forcing users to change passwords
4:03PM 4 Upgrade to 2.0 - Not so smooth
10:16AM 1 turn Usernames in Lowercase
3:46AM 2 authentication failure with known good credentials???
Saturday August 14 2010
8:15PM 4 \" character in folder name results in strange LIST
Friday August 13 2010
11:46PM 0 Dovecot mailing list filter update
6:29PM 1 v2.0.rc6 released
2:52PM 1 quota_warning bug?
3:28AM 3 Dovecot Upgrade Manual for 2.0 from 1.2.14 snapshot
12:04AM 1 Folder Aliases - Revisited Yet Again
Thursday August 12 2010
12:58PM 0 Good bye (and thanks for all the fish)
12:28PM 1 hunting timeouts
11:34AM 1 sieve-plugin: undefined symbol mail_deliver_get_lvar_expand_table
9:45AM 1 TTY=unknown
9:20AM 1 More than one private namespace not possible
8:50AM 1 sessions accounting and monitoring
Wednesday August 11 2010
4:09PM 2 passwd(, unknown user
3:52PM 3 moving mail from private inbox to public folder kills the latter
3:37PM 1 1.2: Inotify instance limit for user exceeded, disabling?
11:33AM 1 Thunderbird IMAP woes
10:42AM 1 Error message Apache
10:07AM 1 Subscription to folders and subscription file
8:19AM 2 Fatal: dict_driver_register(mysql): Already registered
7:18AM 2 Vacation - out of office
Tuesday August 10 2010
5:12PM 1 dovecot 2.0.beta5 convert with doveconf -n -c
2:27PM 2 v2.0.rc5 released
11:46AM 1 Panic: file ioloop-iolist.c: line 25 (ioloop_iolist_add):assertion failed
10:26AM 4 Certificat Outlook 2003
9:51AM 2 Outlook 2003 Client
9:45AM 1 maildirsize having incorrect content, how to recreate/correct?
9:30AM 1 Why p_strdup and other string functions uses loops instead strlen? (dovecot 2.0.rc4)
6:16AM 1 Dovecot Ldap Problem
Monday August 9 2010
8:06PM 1 network_biopair_interop
3:02PM 2 create Sub-Subfolders
2:55PM 1 restricting access by reverse domain name
2:49PM 1 dovecot 1.2 and quota_rules from AD
4:14AM 2 Setting up webmail in DMZ
Sunday August 8 2010
11:55PM 1 dovecot v2 rc build and run dependencies
4:24PM 1 Dovecot 2.0.rc4 core dumped with Alpine 2.00
3:40PM 1 IMAP namespace and Courier migration
3:35PM 1 ssl-build-param
Saturday August 7 2010
10:51PM 1 dovecot.conf: mechanisms = plain login cram-md5 | Windows Live Mail: CRAM-MD5 authentication failed. This could (NOT) be due to a lack of memory on your system
10:24PM 7 OT Thunderbird
9:33PM 2 piegonhole seg fault with NULL user
4:03PM 1 quotactl failed with disk quotas and dovecot 2.0
Friday August 6 2010
7:31PM 5 Maildir over NFS
2:52PM 1 dovecot 2.0 rc4, doveadm: referenced symbol not found
2:36PM 2 Dovecot 2.0.rc4 (a30a30d1e25a): LMTP dies intermittently
12:30PM 2 dovecot-auth process crashed during pam login
12:06PM 1 Configure Dovecot to move read mails to another folder?
9:52AM 1 Problem creating sockets after Solaris Live Upgrade
8:51AM 1 Strange behaviour when add new mailbox to IMAP (v 1.2.13)
7:58AM 0 Panic: file ioloop-iolist.c: line 25 (ioloop_iolist_add): assertion failed
3:16AM 2 Searching dovecot Maildir
2:37AM 1 Making both folder and .folder available to dovecot-lda but not imap
Thursday August 5 2010
10:28PM 1 assertion failure with 2.0rc4
7:52PM 1 Dovecot 2.0.rc4 not generating ssl-parameters.dat on first start
4:02PM 1 dovecot 2.0 rc4, expire, sqlite
2:46PM 1 Double logging problem
2:38PM 1 2.0...
2:12PM 1 Write a c program to access a mailbox as a system user using dovecot version 2 includes/libs
2:07PM 2 sender address of sieve vacation script
9:28AM 2 Cyrus to Dovecot migration (OS X Server): Backup + restore messages, live "standby server" and delayed expunge and…
8:06AM 18 dot-containing foldernames \HasNoChildren bug ?
Wednesday August 4 2010
7:35PM 5 v2.0.rc4 released
4:14PM 1 IMAP/POP3 Proxy Redundancy
2:47PM 4 "listen=*, ::" broken?
1:37PM 1 LMTP: Rejecting unknown users
11:23AM 1 doveadm director remove error
10:12AM 2 Dovecot 2.0.rc3 Capability response
6:35AM 1 Shared mailboxes errors
3:36AM 2 mobile phone access to dovecot
Tuesday August 3 2010
8:46PM 2 IMAP access to dovecot list archives?
4:10PM 1 Dovecot 1.2.13 intermittent authentication failures
3:41PM 1 Date problem after import
2:14PM 1 Dsync fatal error.
10:53AM 3 How to disable "/Noselect" Flag
10:21AM 3 Dovecot Sieve with Dovecot 2.0
8:59AM 2 expire plugin
7:10AM 1 Updating Database records from a Plugin
6:02AM 1 Passing Arguments to Plugin
Monday August 2 2010
10:44PM 1 Dovecot 2.0.rc3 doesn't compile with custom OpenSSL
1:33PM 1 Auto delete older messages in SPAM folder
7:30AM 3 quota not updated
Sunday August 1 2010
6:37AM 2 error 89 when loading plugin