CentOS - Jan 2010

Sunday January 31 2010
8:37PM 0 [FYI] skype-
Saturday January 30 2010
3:21PM 1 CENTOS 5.4 /var/log/messages too many?????
12:32PM 1 yum update error
12:23PM 1 Problem: udevb[478]: add_to_rules: unknown key 'ATTRS{idProduct}'
6:14AM 2 Recover /usr/lib/libc.a
1:39AM 1 Multiple RAID support in CentOS?
Friday January 29 2010
9:53PM 4 APC Smart-ups "status codes" (slightly OT)
7:28PM 7 perl question
6:14PM 2 Lockup using stock r8169 on 4.8 in gigabit mode during heavy transfer on lan
8:12AM 4 Browser related question
3:08AM 0 Hibernating a laptop with the power button (Thinkpax X31) under CentOS 5.4
Thursday January 28 2010
10:39PM 0 bind a web root sub-folder to /usr/share/xxyy
10:09PM 3 Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3 - slightly OT
9:37PM 3 Skype and problem with ALSA mixer driver?
2:54PM 2 question on virtual desktops
2:46PM 2 Starting a java applet from the desktop
2:45PM 3 How to map ata#.# numbers to /dev/sd numbers?
1:20PM 1 /usr/sbin/usermod -p doesn't update MAX_DAYS - workaround?
11:55AM 0 Crash during yum update
11:28AM 6 NFS vs SMb vs iSCSI for remote backup mounts
5:45AM 2 Advanced fsck?
Wednesday January 27 2010
10:21PM 1 Full Virtualized DomU won't boot
8:11PM 1 5.2 to 5.4
7:22PM 1 need some help with compiling mod_gnutls
5:36PM 1 xterm clones on VNC problem
2:24PM 1 Seamonkey (Mozilla) web browser for CentOS 5.4?
12:34PM 7 CentOS 5.4 64-bit: Java web browser plugin for 64-bit FireFox?
9:22AM 1 Generating X.509 Certificates in Centos with open ssl
3:49AM 1 md boot device
12:38AM 6 Installing an SSL Cert
Tuesday January 26 2010
7:48PM 2 Xen, Amazon, and /proc/cmdline
6:24PM 5 Auto exit lftp on bash script
5:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 59, Issue 9
4:13PM 2 Cleaning up the boot partition
12:23PM 2 Kerberos integration in directory server
12:20PM 1 Xorg problem (CentOS 5.4)
11:20AM 10 Detect file change
10:00AM 2 User permissions, simple doc ?
9:45AM 1 CentOS port forwarding?
9:14AM 6 Postfix 2.6.5 in CentOSplus?
2:49AM 2 movie software
Monday January 25 2010
11:35PM 2 autofs with nfs plus local directories
9:21PM 4 OT: reliable secondary dns provider
7:52PM 2 Firewire issues with CentOS/RH?
6:48PM 5 Bash script for backup
2:48PM 1 [Fwd: Re: The directory that I am trying to clean up is huge]
2:35PM 3 DNS issue.. help ?!
1:39PM 2 Too much cpu wait on nfs server when we need to read data on it
10:46AM 2 Automatically check into SVN?
8:01AM 1 Username and Password
Sunday January 24 2010
11:01PM 2 streamripper & CentOS?
10:59PM 1 iPod Touch/iPhone VPNs with CentOS.
5:47PM 4 totem: something wrong with gstreamer-plugins-ugly
5:23PM 1 how to change fsize to unlimited..
5:09PM 5 Centos/Linux Disk Caching, might be OT in some ways
2:13PM 2 Centos 5.2 mysql build
Saturday January 23 2010
11:41PM 3 32 bit Full Virtualized DomU on 64 Dom0
5:14PM 5 authentication failure
3:33PM 0 Git: help sought
2:03PM 0 voice chat on centos with gtalk users.
12:47PM 4 any significant differences between centos and OEL?
12:23PM 8 The directory that I am trying to clean up is huge
11:38AM 7 Gmail problem
7:20AM 2 wifi doesnt work on centos 5.4
Friday January 22 2010
9:37PM 3 Question about running a CentOS4.8 (32-bit) guest under CentOS5.4xen (64-bit)
6:33PM 2 Centos security sshv1
6:29PM 1 apcupsd
5:50PM 1 Just installed DomU won't boot
5:00PM 1 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 59, Issue 8
4:11PM 0 what's the ftp password?
1:15PM 3 mail program question
10:54AM 5 Add /sbin to sudo PATH
10:10AM 0 gconfd problem : cannot create /usr/share/tomcat5/.gconfd
8:26AM 1 DynDNs.org compatible server scripts
6:59AM 0 mysql update
3:24AM 3 Corporate drop box for files
Thursday January 21 2010
10:07PM 0 I have a question.
9:04PM 1 /proc/mounts always shows "nobarrier" option for xfs, even when mounted with "barrier"
7:46PM 2 trouble shooting slow ssh logins
6:02PM 1 netgear wg111v2
5:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 59, Issue 7
4:25PM 1 perl-Mail-Box dependencies
3:51PM 0 PAM and GNOME keyring
3:01PM 1 [PKI concepts] Why Jboss need (signed cert and) root-cert in PEM format?
2:09PM 1 Recent openvz kernels unstable?
9:37AM 1 Xorg without xorg.conf (a bit OT)
8:41AM 2 cryptoloop
Wednesday January 20 2010
8:46PM 2 perl updates always break perl programs, how to fix?
6:01PM 4 error rsyncing large file
4:27PM 6 routing multiple network cards on a single subnet
3:47PM 4 followup to request for centos C/W
3:31PM 2 centos courseware?
Tuesday January 19 2010
8:51PM 3 Bind data directory borked on update from 5.3 to 5.4
8:12PM 1 Is CentOS-3 reached EOL?
7:41PM 3 Moving the system from 5.3 to 5.4
3:48PM 1 Any news about missing SRPMs?
1:59PM 3 Upgrading from Fedora Core 7 to CentOS 5.4
1:43PM 3 UID GID Problems.....
10:32AM 4 Determine security updates
2:45AM 2 Yum update failure (was a digest reference)
12:52AM 1 Rolodex for linux
Monday January 18 2010
11:54PM 3 iptables default configuration
11:46PM 1 Broadcom bcm5823kpb-5 drivers, do they exist?
11:08PM 4 SSH slow
6:26PM 0 USB Mounting Problem
2:10PM 1 Mediatomb compile from svn - centos 5.4
1:39PM 2 sendmail alias
1:29PM 2 mysql Workbench
11:08AM 1 changing openoffice defaults
Sunday January 17 2010
10:03PM 1 problems trying to download sme server
9:44PM 1 Centos and RadeonHD 4570
9:14PM 2 Dual Gateways, Dual IPs on the same net
12:22PM 7 OT: free DNS service?
Saturday January 16 2010
11:33PM 1 Newer Rsyslog than in distro
10:18PM 3 httpd and robots.txt
7:50PM 1 CentOS 5 and webex wrf files?
3:27PM 2 raid1 creation :: not large enough to join array
11:29AM 2 /var/www/html/stats/index.php?
9:28AM 1 configure: error: You MUST have the libxml2 (aka gnome-xml) library installed
1:34AM 3 How to force iscsi to see the new LUN size
Friday January 15 2010
7:38PM 1 php update
6:28PM 4 OT TTW Email Interface
5:00PM 1 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 59, Issue 6
4:23PM 1 Yum update worrisomeness
3:06PM 2 how to startup snmpd on debug mode
1:15PM 7 how to send mail from console
11:06AM 1 quotacheck question
9:35AM 4 Logrotate in CentOS 5.4 more brutal (to httpd at least) than in 5.3?
Thursday January 14 2010
7:12PM 2 High load since passing from rhas3 to centos4.8
5:07PM 1 NetworkManager won't save wireless keys
5:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 59, Issue 5
4:52PM 1 [story] Thank goodness for links and caching DNS
1:44PM 1 Problem with checkinstall
5:13AM 1 yum install -y gcc?
Wednesday January 13 2010
11:54PM 6 unison versus rsync
10:45PM 1 centos on vmware worstation not mounting cdrom
10:32PM 0 CentOS 5.4 32-bit vs. 64-bit strange mystery WRT PXEBoot
10:12PM 2 Bonding modes
8:32PM 0 kickstart config file for LiveCD
6:30PM 1 CentOS Digest, Vol 60, Issue 13
5:17PM 1 Running Asterisk & Freepbx on readonly Root (Stateless System)
5:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 59, Issue 4
1:42PM 0 mapping sar -d devices to mount points
10:04AM 9 Backup server
3:04AM 1 Problems loading drbd after upgrade
Tuesday January 12 2010
11:00PM 2 IO Schedulers
10:42PM 2 more kickstart - saving %pre decisions for %post
10:19PM 1 offtopic repo's further discussion
9:36PM 1 Trip to FOSDEM from London
9:34PM 2 directory permissions
9:34PM 3 Vmware server 1.x
8:23PM 7 Rhythmbox won't play mp3 files
8:18PM 5 Get Me Outta Here! Web site security issue
7:18PM 2 kickstart %pre help on C5.4
3:13PM 3 KVM management tools.....
2:40PM 3 I can't start the SVN server at the boot on CentOS
2:15PM 1 Strange problem updating machine
12:37PM 2 need Centos5.4 url download
12:30PM 4 Are SSD disks worth the cost for server usage?
10:27AM 4 VMWare server 2
7:28AM 3 digikam and mp3 sound on RHEL
12:27AM 1 multipath
Monday January 11 2010
8:54PM 1 Horde - epel vs. extras?
8:37PM 1 Help finding the X man page.
6:59PM 0 looking for kernel-xen- 2.6.18-164.el5 [SOLVED]
6:13PM 0 ntpd appears to not be able to query ntp servers automatically?
3:59PM 2 Securing http authentication from brute force attacks
2:23PM 0 Select pam module for select users
9:36AM 2 rsync optimization
9:05AM 2 looking for kernel-xen- 2.6.18-164.el5
8:02AM 0 apache httpd, webdav, ssl - something is wrong, but what?
Sunday January 10 2010
4:43PM 1 interfaces start-up order
3:54PM 1 ADSL ppp0, persist
3:02PM 2 Vmware server 2.0.2 and Centos 5.4
2:33PM 4 SNAT
11:26AM 3 Cloned Centos Boxes - First Run to run again?
9:04AM 3 Raising ftp priority?
2:15AM 2 Setup multiple bridges for use with KVM
Saturday January 9 2010
5:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 59, Issue 3
2:20PM 5 Centos5(Oracle10gDB)high load average
1:47PM 4 what provices "replace" command?
9:27AM 2 Is it safe to run only the XEN kernel on dom0 host?
9:26AM 1 chroot a few apps
3:40AM 1 Moving LVM from one machine to another
2:05AM 4 How do I...
12:34AM 4 selinux violation does not get logged
Friday January 8 2010
9:54PM 2 Serial port fun: CentOS 4.8 (32-bit) vs. CentOS 5.4 (64-bit)
8:32PM 4 Problems with IPTABLES recent module.
5:30PM 3 Lilo for CentOS 5?
5:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 59, Issue 2
4:28PM 7 Apache/Cluster issue -- Single public IP address
1:57PM 0 [Off-topic] Search in acrobat reader plugin
1:28PM 6 New selinux-policy breaks logwatch emails?
12:24PM 4 Can't Compile Driver due to Missing version.h
4:38AM 7 SAN help
2:25AM 3 Best way to hold at 5.3 release
Thursday January 7 2010
6:37PM 17 Laptop for CentOS-5
3:06PM 3 tar exclude command
2:20PM 2 cron job schedule problem
12:00PM 1 centos IDM + sogo
5:40AM 0 Setting up a Dynamic DNS server listening to dyndns protocol
4:49AM 1 Disabling/Enabling bash prompt to run CLI
Wednesday January 6 2010
10:15PM 2 centos 5.4 :: linux- compile error (via nano L2200@1600)
9:35PM 16 8-15 TB storage: any recommendations?
9:34PM 1 Apache DocumentRoot
8:01PM 2 Mplayer and VDPAU
5:23PM 3 CentOS 5.4 x86_64 and HPLIP-3.9.12
5:19PM 3 unattended fsck on reboot
2:50PM 1 2 CPU's problem(Centos5)
2:48AM 2 kvm and virto on Centos 5.4
1:32AM 4 Yum Issue
Tuesday January 5 2010
11:47PM 7 setup schedule cron job every other week?
11:40PM 1 /var/log/message file "nmhs ...."???
10:44PM 4 Software RAID1 Disk I/O
9:30PM 0 rsyslog v3 RPM for CentOS/RHEL
8:53PM 2 IUD Number
5:00PM 0 CentOS-announce Digest, Vol 59, Issue 1
3:51PM 2 High l-avg with centos 4.8 on G2 only
3:46PM 1 MIgrate/Upgrade from Centos 5.4 32bit to Centos 5.4 64bit
3:30PM 4 IPTABLEs and port scanning
1:11PM 5 Signing In Other than Root
10:41AM 2 Weird update problem
4:01AM 2 bind & kickstart
12:15AM 0 James Matthews wants to connect on LinkedIn
Monday January 4 2010
8:57PM 2 Shutdown/poweroff does not power off machine
8:53PM 2 OT: piped greps with regex
5:42PM 3 PAM configuration?
3:09PM 2 Centos 5.4 and TYAN s4985 motherboard....
7:52AM 2 Sendmail error: auxpropfunc error invalid parameter supplied
Sunday January 3 2010
9:00PM 1 PlanetCentOS daniel at centos dot org email address is unavailable
8:18PM 2 Extract Pax archive
7:38PM 6 Installing over network
3:07PM 3 Tiny webserver to run as root
12:05PM 1 why no centos 5.3 or 5.4 online manuals?
2:23AM 1 Setting CDROM parms
Saturday January 2 2010
10:44PM 2 I thought Y2K was over with?
12:44PM 1 reading -- and editing -- ebooks
7:07AM 2 need to free space on a root partition.
4:21AM 6 mutt execution by daemon
2:19AM 0 Tyan s4985 motherboard and lm_sensors
Friday January 1 2010
7:52PM 3 The future is here, but Spamassassin doesn't buy it
7:27PM 4 one server handled sendmail added two more servers messes things up
4:45PM 3 which program/command (perl, vi, or sed) is better
4:02PM 1 kickstart and logins.def question
1:20PM 1 Update via yum fails with "needs libdbus-1.so.3, this is not available."
2:58AM 1 missing module dir?