Xen users - Aug 2013

Saturday August 31 2013
9:43PM 2 HVM VGA Passthrough to Win7 64 with Xen 4.3
Thursday August 29 2013
1:03PM 3 XCP VM Creation and Console access
8:52AM 0 Average Request Size in Xen (avgrq-sz)
Wednesday August 28 2013
5:38PM 2 Gettind ready for a computer build for IOMMU virtualization, need some input regarding sharing the GPU among VMs
3:16PM 0 Investigating memory performance: bare metal vs. xen-pv vs. xen-hvm
2:23PM 3 problem with running xen
12:44AM 5 OSX Install on XEN
Tuesday August 27 2013
10:10PM 1 UUID Problems
8:56PM 2 Best Practice and Documentation for Xen 4.2 using LibXL
5:03PM 0 xen power managment
Monday August 26 2013
8:15AM 4 XEN 4.3.0: Hanging xl restore processes after reboot
3:10AM 2 noise appears with Intel HD graphics 4600 IGD passthrough
Saturday August 24 2013
5:59PM 0 (no subject)
5:24PM 1 VFIO Qemu KVM patches
2:09PM 2 Xen with PV guests on machine without APIC
Thursday August 22 2013
3:54PM 1 Solaris PV domU?
11:01AM 4 Multiple network adapters
4:20AM 0 Reg : what is limlt of openvswitch and linux-bridge creating vlans
Wednesday August 21 2013
8:38PM 1 keeping correct time in guest
4:45PM 0 Xenserver for centos
Tuesday August 20 2013
7:53PM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] INPUT REQUESTED: Moving August Xen Docs Day to September 6?
4:47PM 0 xen 4.4 patches for amd iommu
3:34PM 1 xen 4.4 code bug
2:19PM 0 August Xen Project Newsletter goes out later today; sign up now if you want to receive it
1:19PM 7 XEN 4.3.0 Complete Crash on Kernel vmlinuz-3.2.0-4-amd64
12:08PM 0 Xen Security Advisory 59 (CVE-2013-3495) - Intel VT-d Interrupt Remapping engines can be evaded by native NMI interrupts
6:15AM 2 Openmirage, erlang on xen, etc
Monday August 19 2013
7:56PM 3 error with 4.3.0 install
6:31PM 0 PVUSB and CentOS 6.4
Saturday August 17 2013
1:03PM 1 Running Windows7 On a CPU With No Virtualization Support
9:02AM 1 how to set dom0 memory to fixed size and not to balloon on XCP host
Thursday August 15 2013
11:58PM 6 rump kernels running on the Xen hypervisor
Wednesday August 14 2013
11:14PM 5 [XCP] Import Always Fails
7:38PM 5 pci passthrough don't work with kernels > 3.8
1:56PM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] INPUT REQUESTED: Moving August Xen Docs Day to September 6?
12:44PM 7 Disk add fails while domain creation, which uses disk backend- "storage driver domain" with xen-4.3.0 , with errors libxl.c:2125
12:02PM 3 Help with Sending Event
11:39AM 1 Citrix Xen Specialist
10:49AM 12 xen 4.3 - bridge with bonding under Debian Wheezy
10:41AM 1 error defining hvm vcpus
Tuesday August 13 2013
3:07PM 0 Debugging boot Issue
1:55PM 6 qemu-dm sound card support..
1:44PM 1 xen-4.3 xl create error...
10:54AM 0 Blank screen in EFI stub mode but seems to work.
7:48AM 0 graphic power and selenium-tests under Windows
6:19AM 0 Re: Dear Ren Yongjie and Xen Developers
Monday August 12 2013
3:45PM 0 audio device pass-through on HVM guest not working...
6:14AM 0 Issues with drive recognition and qemu-xen under xen 4.3.0
Sunday August 11 2013
6:20PM 7 HVM system freeze on AMD system
Saturday August 10 2013
4:30PM 0 System start timestamp
12:37AM 1 Xen inconsistency: what is the memory size of domU?
Friday August 9 2013
8:30PM 1 Latest Xen, Linux Kernel and VGA Passthrough Tutorials
Thursday August 8 2013
2:23PM 0 Is Xen Project User Summit the first true large User event in the Xen world?
10:11AM 0 HVM vLAPIC timer interrupts intermittently disappearing
Wednesday August 7 2013
11:24AM 0 Xen Tutorial: Building and Installing Xen 4.x and Linux Kernel 3.x on Fedora Linux
4:44AM 1 Regarding Openvswitch suppotrs Xen 4..2.1
12:02AM 35 unexpected Out Of Memory (OOM)
Tuesday August 6 2013
7:46PM 1 Which services should I add to init.d?
7:07AM 0 Re: [Xen-devel] INPUT REQUESTED: Moving August Xen Docs Day to September 6?
3:13AM 0 INPUT REQUESTED: Moving August Xen Docs Day to September 6?
Monday August 5 2013
7:37PM 6 NIC PCI-Passthrough problems (PV domU driver crashes)
11:18AM 0 Re: [Xen-API] Do we still need Xen Document Days?
11:12AM 0 Do we still need Xen Document Days?
10:06AM 0 Ubuntu 12.10 + xen-hypervisor-amd64 packages, keystrokes not passed through
Sunday August 4 2013
8:04PM 0 xen 4.3 opennebula
2:32PM 3 xen-4.4 unstable ?
12:41PM 2 multiple updates from CLI
Saturday August 3 2013
3:06PM 8 Ubuntu 12.10 out of the box with Xen 4.1
9:30AM 0 track_dirty_vram(f0000000, 160) failed (-1, 22)
Friday August 2 2013
12:48PM 3 solved: DomU P2V, no drive found
Thursday August 1 2013
3:26PM 1 Xen "xenconsole error"
2:23PM 1 Ubuntu and CentOS P2V
9:49AM 0 Latest Xen and VGA Passthrough Tutorials
2:56AM 3 Severe slow disk write issue on LVM-deployed DomU