Xen users - Jul 2013

Wednesday July 31 2013
9:25PM 12 Dear Ren Yongjie
5:56PM 11 Is it possible to mod a Geforce GTX 560 graphics card into a Quadro?
5:51PM 1 Please recommend a cheap ATI display adapter for Xen VGA Passthrough
5:18PM 0 About xen VGA passthrough
5:15PM 0 Fwd: Fwd: About xen VGA passthrough
2:20PM 10 attach an iso file to a PV guest
1:49PM 11 HVM DomU+Dom0 crash with PCI USB passthrough
5:01AM 0 Looking for Xen Project User Summit Program Committee volunteers
Tuesday July 30 2013
11:10PM 4 DomU P2V, no drive found
12:59PM 5 Max memory
Monday July 29 2013
8:16PM 3 BUG : privcmd mmap 160+ pages
2:04PM 2 BUG: memory limitation.
7:08AM 0 [Xen-devel] Xen Document Day is TODAY!
3:22AM 1 Xen 4.3 on Ubuntu 13.10?
Sunday July 28 2013
10:03PM 8 powerdown problem on XEN
6:50PM 0 Intel vPro performance gains?
11:14AM 4 Fedora 19 installation with virt-install
Saturday July 27 2013
10:36PM 3 Possibility to dinamically change cHVC size
2:48PM 0 David Techer: Do you have NVIDIA patches for the latest Xen 4.4-unstable tree?
2:21PM 6 XEN-4.3.0 tools-bugs [FLASK] [SEABIOS]
12:03PM 1 IOCTL_PRIVCMD_MMAPBATCH can't mmap more than 160 pages?
11:50AM 3 My Xen 4.3-unstable Changeset 26773 Installation is Broken!!!
Friday July 26 2013
1:11PM 0 Xen Document Day is next MONDAY 29 July
9:04AM 0 Can you try installing Xen 4.3-unstable changeset 26666 to see if there's a bug?
8:38AM 25 [BUG REPORT] My Xen 4.3-unstable Changeset 26666 Installation is Broken!
7:04AM 9 Have you ever met this behavior with IGD passthrough?
Thursday July 25 2013
1:36PM 0 How to get the PFN of a vmalloc'ed address in a domU ?
1:33PM 1 LiveStorageMigration Error "The attempt to mark the VDI as hidden failed "
12:31PM 3 how to enable power savings
10:24AM 2 Integration of Citrix Xenserver into xenproject?
1:35AM 0 FNIC nested PVM
Wednesday July 24 2013
6:22PM 9 Trying to create new domain on 4.3 but domU is starting crashed (-sc-)
2:16PM 0 Compile Problem with Xen 4.3-unstable Changeset 26666
11:36AM 2 Xen Security Advisory 60 (CVE-2013-2212) - Excessive time to disable caching with HVM guests with PCI passthrough
Tuesday July 23 2013
7:37PM 0 CPU Masking on SLES11SP2 ???
10:23AM 1 Xen networks running in Promiscuous modes
Monday July 22 2013
8:56PM 6 dom0_mem parameter produces errors fsck and du command
5:47PM 2 Where are sources to the ARLX hypervisor?
4:23PM 0 Re: FreeBSD PVHVM call for testing
3:17PM 0 DomU Performance Monitoring Fault Location
2:48PM 0 [REPOST] IGD VGA Passthrough Patches for Xen 4.4-unstable
11:31AM 9 Code 43 Returns
10:40AM 0 Re: FreeBSD PVHVM call for testing
8:40AM 0 Re: FreeBSD PVHVM call for testing
8:29AM 0 Re: FreeBSD PVHVM call for testing
7:18AM 0 Re: FreeBSD PVHVM call for testing
1:23AM 2 xen sHype
Saturday July 20 2013
4:08PM 5 Dom0 domU bridge problem - virtualizing ISC DHCP server
1:37PM 0 xen 4.3 power savings
9:55AM 57 Intel HD Graphics 4600 Xen VGA Passthrough to Windows 7 Ultimate HVM domU
9:51AM 0 CfP 8th Workshop on Virtualization in High-Performance Cloud Computing (VHPC '13)
Friday July 19 2013
3:50PM 1 Blank VNC console with OVMF (xen-4.3.0)
10:27AM 32 Is my Intel HD Graphics 4600 Xen VGA Passthrough to Windows 8 Enterprise HVM domU Considered Successful?
6:13AM 4 XEN not working after reboot
Thursday July 18 2013
3:24PM 0 Issues with SATA devices and Xen - failed to IDENTIFY
1:23PM 0 Ask about how to enable HVM for guest host on Xen6.2
9:30AM 0 Allocated Memory difference in xen kernel and pvops kernel on DomU
Wednesday July 17 2013
6:14PM 1 qemu git
3:33PM 43 Cannot start Fedora 19 HVM domU
2:58PM 3 Understanding memory ballooning
1:44PM 2 Ubuntu 11.10 in DomU can't see disks or network devices?
11:15AM 0 xm start failed
3:38AM 0 qemu git crashes with xen
Tuesday July 16 2013
3:47PM 2 lvm xen storage performance
5:42AM 0 Memory difference in xen kernel and pvops kernel
5:15AM 5 Latest Xen Tutorials
4:31AM 11 Result of Applying IGD VGA Passthrough Patches to Xen 4.4-unstable Changeset 27238
Sunday July 14 2013
9:58PM 3 Xen 4.3 Passthrough Problems & Documentation
4:11PM 25 Is my VGA Passthrough of Intel HD Graphics 4600 IGD to Windows 8 Enterprise HVM domU Considered Successful???
11:44AM 0 Cannot VGA Passthrough Intel HD Graphics 4600 IGD
11:11AM 7 qemu-system-i386: -gfx_passthru: invalid option
10:24AM 0 PV Drivers - What a Difference!
9:28AM 3 [Help] Xen-4.2.2 EFI Config File
6:52AM 1 My Brand New VT-d Capable Computer Hardware Specifications
Saturday July 13 2013
9:38PM 1 iommu disabled
12:17PM 4 XEN 4.3 and libvirt 1.1
11:45AM 0 My Linux Kernel 3.10.0 Configuration File
5:36AM 9 Error Compiling Xen-unstable 4.4 Changeset 27214
Friday July 12 2013
10:17AM 25 How come Linux kernel 3.10 does not have Xen configuration options any more?
7:51AM 1 XS6.2 - Windows 2012 guest
12:49AM 0 Changing underlying storage without shutting down guests
Thursday July 11 2013
7:55PM 4 Xen Balloon Driver on PVHVM
6:38PM 1 Xen Project User Summit Call for Participation Closes July 26
Wednesday July 10 2013
7:05PM 3 Tap2 qcow2 images with libvirt or xm
4:42PM 3 how do i confirm my new second CPU
3:32PM 2 ASRock B85M Pro4 micro-ATX Motherboard Supports VT-d!!!
10:31AM 15 VGA Passthrough of AMD HD8670D IGP to HVM Win7 results in "Code 43"
7:31AM 6 Virtual machine time problem
Tuesday July 9 2013
1:30PM 2 NOW() function the unit in xen scheduler
1:01PM 0 Xen 4.3 released!
12:14PM 4 Xen guest domains Console- How to interact with it?
9:35AM 7 Debian whezzy & Xen 4.1 & IPv6
7:35AM 0 Xen 4.3 QEMU Upstream does not boot with VHD Snapshot
5:11AM 1 Questions from a newbie (how to reboot/ windows vista crashing machine)
4:29AM 4 I want to debug xen tools with gdb.
Monday July 8 2013
9:13PM 2 virtualization not work
8:52PM 6 Disk i/o on Dom0 suddenly too slow
3:01PM 0 Xen networking degrade
2:09PM 0 XEN 4.2.2: How to enable vnc-tls to make vnc sessions secure?
12:51PM 3 issue on ssh to domu in Xen 4.0
12:21PM 2 Error accessing the console of Xen guest (MiniOS)
Sunday July 7 2013
12:11AM 2 Multiple VMs VGA Passthrough Success Report
Saturday July 6 2013
4:10PM 1 XenServer iSCSI / VDI Not Found
12:34AM 0 "Operation not permitted" error when using "xe vm-start"
Friday July 5 2013
11:16PM 2 Xen SR NFS mount options = soft
2:59PM 6 XEX-Server 6.2 freezes
2:52AM 6 Upstream QEMU does not support vhd snapshot
Thursday July 4 2013
6:23PM 6 Trouble creating DomU with 2 NICs
4:07PM 9 PXE booting XenServer 6.2
12:05PM 2 Windows 2003 Guest
11:08AM 1 Failed to create SR with lvmoiscsi on xcp1.6[ [opterr=Logical Volume partition creation error [opterr=error is 5]]
10:30AM 1 Xen Upstream QEMU with USB redirection
10:08AM 0 XCP 1.6 crashes with 2012 VMs
4:21AM 0 understanding xm block-list for xm-block detach
Wednesday July 3 2013
9:52PM 2 add vm to vm list
7:41PM 5 Problems with VGA Passthrough
6:44PM 1 Bride issue with wlan0 and DomU's no longer reached.
4:34PM 1 Cold Migration Error
8:41AM 4 8GB RAM on a 32Bit Dom0 - Xen 3.2
2:02AM 2 xen blackscreen on boot
1:17AM 1 xen package error?
Tuesday July 2 2013
2:57PM 1 Speed of hard disk from Host
1:51PM 0 XCP 1.6 and Snort dom-U
Monday July 1 2013
6:22PM 5 Odd domU Reboot Bug (possibly VGA passthrough related)
5:20PM 3 Alternative XEN kernel for CentOS 6.x?
11:48AM 0 [Fwd: Re: XEN 4.2.2: Windows 2008 R2 server HVM does not start when attempting to use more than 3072MB of RAM]
6:15AM 19 Amazon EC2+Slackware 14(64 bit)
6:14AM 0 Amazon EC2+ Slackware 14