wxruby development - Jun 2007

Thursday June 28 2007
11:53PM 0 [1097] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/ClassInfo.i: Remove wxClassInfo class because it doesn''t seem at all useful in Ruby
6:46PM 0 [1096] trunk/wxruby2/lib/wx/classes/evthandler.rb: Add mapping for another obscure and undocumented event type
6:42PM 0 [1095] trunk/wxruby2: Remove useless methods from Wx::Object and add wx_class method for info; document
8:35AM 0 [1094] trunk/wxruby2: Added SetCursorEvent and mapping
8:03AM 0 [1093] trunk/wxruby2: Added ChildFocusEvent class, mapping and documentation
12:28AM 0 [1092] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/App.i: Pass correctly typed Events into filter_event, if defined (bug 10797);
12:09AM 0 [1091] trunk/wxruby2/lib/wx/classes/evthandler.rb: Add interim event type mappings for a few obscure oddities
Wednesday June 27 2007
11:10PM 0 [1090] trunk/wxruby2/swig/wx.i: Fix a rare crasher if GC runs mid-way thru window creation via an evt_window_create handler
6:18PM 0 [1089] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/TreeCtrl.i: Hide missing method call in TreeCtrl on Win32
6:17PM 0 [1088] trunk/wxruby2/swig/Functions.i: Added a return statement where needed to fix compile on Win32
8:08AM 2 Splitting wxRuby2.so into multiple libraries
Tuesday June 26 2007
10:55PM 0 [1087] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/StaticBoxSizer.i: Fix a dopey typo introduced recently
9:11PM 0 [1086] trunk/wxruby2/lib/wx/classes/evthandler.rb: Restore evt_mouse_events convenience handler, fixing bug in printing sample
6:50PM 0 [1085] trunk/wxruby2/swig: Add checks and ruby exceptions for two common Wx::Window mistakes leading to
6:41PM 0 [1084] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/SystemSettings.i: Fix missing punctuation in SystemSettings typemaps
6:38PM 0 [1083] trunk/wxruby2/doc/textile/hyperlinkevent.txtl: Added HyperlinkCtrl and HyperlinkEvent documentation
6:38PM 0 [1082] trunk/wxruby2/doc/textile/hyperlinkctrl.txtl: Added HyperlinkCtrl and HyperlinkEvent documentation
6:35PM 0 [1081] trunk/wxruby2: Added HyperlinkCtrl from the 2.8 API plus event mappings
5:54PM 0 [1080] trunk/wxruby2/swig: Moved typemaps specific to SystemSetting out of general typemap file
9:00AM 0 [1079] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/StaticBoxSizer.i: Fix a misnamed function accidentally added in SVN:1077
8:55AM 0 [1078] trunk/wxruby2: Map evt_spinctrl to SpinEvent instead of CommandEvent; add example to bigdemo
8:03AM 0 [1077] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/StaticBoxSizer.i: Avoid crash-on-exit with StatBoxSizer by removing some unnec director methods
12:10AM 0 [1076] trunk/wxruby2/samples/etc/activation.rb: Added sample of IconizeEvent to activation sample
12:09AM 0 [1075] trunk/wxruby2/lib/wx/classes/evthandler.rb: Send IconizeEvent to EvtHandlers
12:08AM 0 [1074] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes: Add IconizeEvent and cleanup header file
Monday June 25 2007
11:58PM 0 [1073] trunk/wxruby2/doc/textile/calendarevent.txtl: Explain that get/set_week_day work with Integers
11:57PM 0 [1072] trunk/wxruby2/swig/shared/datetime.i: Add typemap for DateTime::WeekDay; plug mem leak with wxDateTime arg
11:56PM 0 [1071] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/include/wxCalendarEvent.h: Added missing SetWeekDay method
11:01PM 0 [1070] trunk/wxruby2/swig/fixdeleting.rb: Remove old, now unused, fixdeleting script
10:49PM 0 [1069] trunk/wxruby2/swig/typemap.i: Fix big memory leak in methods taking wxString as a parameter
6:37PM 0 [1068] trunk/wxruby2/lib/wx.rb: Ensure evthandler.rb is loaded before other classes which might modify
5:45PM 0 [1067] trunk/wxruby2: Set up event handlers in Ruby rather than by post-processing SWIG output
5:42PM 0 [1066] trunk/wxruby2/swig: Move EVT constants in swig/classes/Event.i; add a few missing ones
5:32PM 0 [1065] trunk/wxruby2/samples/bigdemo/wxTreeCtrl.rbw: Fix an icon file path issue
Saturday June 23 2007
6:00PM 0 [1064] trunk/wxruby2/swig/Events.i: Removed unused func, updated comments
6:00PM 0 [1063] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/EvtHandler.i: Add a public ''connect'' method for handling arbitary user-defined events
4:33PM 0 [1062] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes: Remove directors from some common classes where they are unnecessary
4:32PM 0 [1061] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/EvtHandler.i: Remove a lot of no longer needed includes from EvtHandler.i
12:42PM 0 [1060] trunk/wxruby2/swig/fixevents.rb: Include some previously missing events, rehash and simplify
Friday June 22 2007
7:39PM 0 [1059] trunk/wxruby2/doc/textile/toolbar.txtl: Update ToolBar documentation to reflect recent changes in API
7:26PM 0 [1058] trunk/wxruby2/swig: Move TB_ constants into ToolBar and add the new 2.8 ones.
7:05PM 0 [1057] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/include/wxToolBar.h: Add new methods from the 2.8 API
7:00PM 0 [1056] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/include/wxToolBar.h: Add missing param to InsertTool long version; uncomment some methods now
6:59PM 0 [1055] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/ToolBar.i: Chnage methods returning ToolBarToolBase to return position of new tool;
Thursday June 21 2007
3:37PM 0 [ wxruby-Bugs-11747 ] Segfault if unexpected type is returned by some director methods
Wednesday June 20 2007
10:53AM 0 [ wxruby-Bugs-11708 ] Wx::TreeCtrl#on_compare_items can not work
Tuesday June 19 2007
6:22AM 5 Wx::ToolBar#insert_tool
Friday June 8 2007
3:48PM 0 [ wxruby-Bugs-11446 ] Wx::TextCtrl behaves wrong when scrolling
Wednesday June 6 2007
9:02PM 0 [1054] trunk/wxruby2: Add missing EraseEvent and mapping for EVT_ERASE_BACKGROUND, fix unknown
Tuesday June 5 2007
10:29PM 0 [1053] trunk/wxruby2/samples: Change references to assign_image_list methods to set_image_list in samples
10:27PM 0 [1052] trunk/wxruby2: Remove unwanted Notebook#assign_image_list method, update docs
10:22PM 0 [1051] trunk/wxruby2/samples/aui/aui.rb: Changed assign_image_list to set_image_list.
8:13PM 0 [1050] trunk/wxruby2/doc/textile: Delete doc references to remove assign_image_list methods in Tree/ListCtrl
8:08PM 0 [1049] trunk/wxruby2/lib/wx/classes/bitmap.rb: Raise an exception if an invalid file path is passed to Bitmap ctor
8:07PM 0 [1048] trunk/wxruby2/samples/bigdemo/wxListCtrl_virtual.rbw: Fix broken path to Bitmap file for item image
8:06PM 0 [1047] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/ListCtrl.i: Prevent crashes in ListCtrl from premature deletion of associated ImageList
8:06PM 0 [1046] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/TreeCtrl.i: Prevent crashes in TreeCtrl from premature deletion of associated ImageList
8:05PM 0 [1045] trunk/wxruby2/swig/classes/include/wxImage.h: Add missing Size and Resize methods in Wx::Image
Friday June 1 2007
4:21PM 0 [1044] trunk/wxruby2: Special memory management for Wx::Grid