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2008 Jan 17
Requirements for btrfs
Hi, i've just tested btrfs-0.10. when i copyed my portage on btrfs volume, a have such bug: ------------[ cut here ]------------ kernel BUG at /home/muller/btrfs/btrfs-0.10/extent-tree.c:1651! invalid opcode: 0000 [#1] PREEMPT SMP Modules linked in: btrfs xt_mac xt_limit xt_multiport ipt_owner ipaq usbserial nvidia(P) Pid: 23376, comm: btrfs/0 Tainted: P
2008 Mar 22
btrfs 0.13 and XFS comparison
Hi there, Just gave 0.13 a spin against XFS (both with default mkfs options) on my SATA tower and was impressed by how much performance has improved since last time I played with it (v0.5)! It pretty much matched XFS for I/O performance and had much better file creation/deletion performance.
2011 Apr 01
btrfs balancing start - and stop?
Hi, My company is testing btrfs (kernel 2.6.38) on a slave MySQL database server with a 195Gb filesystem (of which about 123Gb is used). So far, we''re quite impressed with the performance. Our database loads are high, and if filesystem performance wasn''t good, MySQL replication wouldn''t be able to keep up and the slave latency would begin to climb. This though, is
2013 Jan 08
kernel BUG at fs/btrfs/volumes.c:3707 still not fixed in 3.7.1 (btrfs-zero-log required) but shown as "RIP btrfs_num_copies"
Unfortunately my laptop deadlocks from time to time, and too often it triggers this bug in btrfs which is quite hard to recover from. The bigger problem is that all the user sees (if anything) is seemingly unrelated info, namely, "RIP: btrfs_num_copies+0x42/0x0b" or somesuch It''s only if you have serial
2012 Oct 02
[Btrfs-next] bulid failure at fs/btrfs/ctree.h
Hello Josef, FYI build failure occured in fs/btrfs/ctree.h. CC fs/btrfs/super.o In file included from fs/btrfs/delayed-inode.h:30:0, from fs/btrfs/super.c:45: fs/btrfs/ctree.h:3235:1: error: expected identifier or ‘(’ before ‘<<’ token make[3]: *** [fs/btrfs/super.o] Error 1 make[2]: *** [fs/btrfs] Error 2 make[1]:
2015 Mar 05
[PATCH 0/2] btrfs: add support to btrfs filesystem show
Chen Hanxiao (2): New API: btrfs_filesystem_show New API: btrfs_filesystem_show_all daemon/btrfs.c | 51 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ generator/ | 21 +++++++++++++++++++++ src/MAX_PROC_NR | 2 +- 3 files changed, 73 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-) -- 2.1.0
2013 Jul 13
btrfs filesystem balance /mnt/btrfs -> segmentation fault (kernel BUG at fs/btrfs/relocation.c:3296!)
I''ve enabled "extended inode refs" and "skinny metadata extent refs" with btrfstune. Then, I''ve tried running "btrfs filesystem balance" - unfortunately it segfaulted. (not sure if I should run balance operation after using btrfstune with -r and -x)? This is with 3.10 kernel with "Btrfs: make backref walking code handle skinny metadata"
2009 Jun 11
[BUG] Cannot Mount Btrfs Volume Created By mkfs.btrfs v0.18-26-g0030f1d
Hi, I try to format a USB memory with a Btrfs. I can format it with mkfs.btrfs without problems. But; when I try to mount it, it fails to mount with the below error messages. But the USB memory works fine with other filesystems (ext4, XFS etc.). So, the hardware is not faulty. tarkane@tarkane:~$ sudo mkfs.btrfs -d single -n 4096 /dev/sdb1 WARNING! - Btrfs v0.18-26-g0030f1d IS
2013 Jan 05
BUG btrfs fi show displays stale btrfs volume
I''ve filed this bug under util-linux, because I think wipefs isn''t deleting all btrfs metadata it could. But ultimately it appears to be a btrfs bug because nothing else sees the stale volume. btrfs-progs-0.20.rc1.20121017git92d9eec-1.fc18.x86_64 e2fs-progs-1.42.5-1.fc18.x86_64 kernel 3.7.1-2 Brand new 80GB
2011 Jul 01
Re: [btrfs-transacti] & btrfs-endio-wri] - WAS: Re: [btrfs-delalloc-]
On 06/30/2011 09:13 PM, Josef Bacik wrote: > On 06/30/2011 10:12 AM, Proskurin Kirill wrote: >> On 06/29/2011 08:14 PM, Josef Bacik wrote: >>>> Ok - I upgrade to 2.6.39-2 but it is seems to all things get worse. >>>> Now I see [btrfs-transacti]& btrfs-endio-wri] 80-100% all the time and >>>> io performance looks like
2015 Feb 04
[PATCH] btrfs: fix parsing of output of 'btrfs qgroup show' (RHBZ#1188553)
'btrfs qgroup show' used to output bytes in raw, but in btrfs-progs v3.18.2 it outputs bytes with suffix KiB, MiB or like by default, which causes error when parsing the output. Fix it by adding '--raw' to let 'btrfs qgroup show' output raw numbers always. Signed-off-by: Hu Tao <> --- daemon/btrfs.c | 4 ++++ 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+)
2013 Mar 12
[PATCH] btrfs-progs: add Makefile rule for static build of btrfs-find-root
From: Hugo Mills <> btrfs-find-root isn''t yet integrated into the main btrfs tool, and is an important recovery tool, so it deserves to be built as a static binary. Signed-off-by: Hugo Mills <> --- Makefile | 6 +++++- 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-) diff --git a/Makefile b/Makefile index d102dee..c519d21
2015 Mar 03
[PATCH 0/2] btrfs: add support to btrfs-image
This series adds new APIs to support btrfstune. Chen Hanxiao (2): New API: btrfs-image New API: btrfs_image_restore daemon/btrfs.c | 87 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ generator/ | 45 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ src/MAX_PROC_NR | 2 +- 3 files changed, 133 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-) -- 2.1.0
2015 Feb 21
[PATCH v2 0/4] btrfs: add support to btrfs inspect-internal
This series adds new APIs to support btrfs inspect-internal. v2: - use full name of btrfs command as inspect-internal Hu Tao (4): New API: btrfs_inspect_internal_rootid New API: btrfs_inspect_internal_subvolid_resolve New API: btrfs_inspect_internal_inode_resolve New API: btrfs_inspect_internal_logical_resolve daemon/btrfs.c | 161
2012 Dec 19
HIT WARN_ON WARNING: at fs/btrfs/extent-tree.c:6339 btrfs_alloc_free_block+0x126/0x330 [btrfs]()
Hi all, Did someone have met this problem before. When doing the tests, I hit the WARN_ON. Is this log make sense or someone had fixed the problem. If needed, I can supply the detail log and the testcase source file. Version: the latest codes at linus git tree. [ 2140.981293] use_block_rsv: 336 callbacks suppressed [ 2140.981295] ------------[ cut here ]------------ [ 2140.981308]
2012 Apr 02
[PATCH 0/2] Fix btrfs blocksize and bind mkfs.btrfs (RHBZ#807905). Currently if you specify the blocksize parameter to mkfs-opts with a btrfs filesystem, then it fails, because mkfs.btrfs interprets the -b option as meaning filesystem size. The first patch fixes this by disallowing blocksize (it cannot be mapped meaningfully into btrfs parameters). The second patch adds the full
2013 Sep 05
btrfs-convert won't convert ext* - No valid Btrfs found on /dev/sdb1
Hello guys, i try to convert ext4 volume, but btrfs-convert show me error: "No valid Btrfs found on file unable to open ctree conversion aborted." Ubuntu 13.04 Kernel: 3.11 btrfs-progs git version 0.20-git20130822~194aa4a13 way to reproduce error: $ truncate -s 4G file $ mkfs.ext4 file #say yes to create fs on non block device. $ btrfs-convert file No valid Btrfs found on file unable
2015 Jan 14
[PATCH] daemon: use btrfs(1) to get btrfs labels
blkid(1) (or actually, libblkid) seems to handle file system labels up to 127 characters. Considering that btrfs labels can be up to 255 characters, this means long labels are not read correctly (i.e. get truncated) by blkid. Get the file system type, and if btrfs is available invoke `btrfs filesystem` to get the label of btrfs file systems. --- daemon/blkid.c | 6 ++++++
2013 Jan 07
[PATCH] btrfs: add "no file data" flag to btrfs send ioctl
This patch adds the flag, BTRFS_SEND_FLAG_NO_FILE_DATA to the btrfs send ioctl code. When this flag is set, the btrfs send code will never write file data into the stream (thus also avoiding expensive reads of that data in the first place). BTRFS_SEND_C_UPDATE_EXTENT commands will be sent (instead of BTRFS_SEND_C_WRITE) with an offset, length pair indicating the extent in question. This patch
2013 Nov 27
[PATCH v4] btrfs-progs: Fix a segfault when using btrfs-corrupt-block with "-U"
When using "-U" option with btrfs-corrupt-block, it will cause a segfault due to a missing break in getopt switch. Reported-by: Wang Shilong <> Signed-off-by: Qu Wenruo <> --- btrfs-corrupt-block.c | 1 + 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+) diff --git a/btrfs-corrupt-block.c b/btrfs-corrupt-block.c index f0c14a9..a2828d4