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2005 Aug 21
Created Testimonials Page in wiki
I created a testimonials page. Feel free to add to this. -- Marc Perkel - marc at Spam Filter: My Blog:
2007 Dec 18
Massive Dovecot auth errors too strange for me
Hello out there, im running Dovecot on "ubuntu Dapper" serving pop3 only in maildir-style, but the dove-auth-process refuses "answers" to the deliver or login-process from time to time, (several times a day), and I have no glue whats going on and why ... Debbugging password-Auth surprised me, as the transmitted password IS correct and allows an successfull authenification lots
2004 Jan 07
Asterisk success stories in small-medium office environments?
I am the network administrator at a small (20-30 employee) financial company. We are in the process of moving offices and will be obtaining a VoIP phone system when we do. Right now, it's down to the 3com nbx100 series and *. Having lurked on *-user for a few weeks and having seen the nifty features of asterisk, I'm convinced. The price difference has pretty much sold my superiors.
2010 Feb 24
[OT?] recommendation for simple wiki S/W to run on centos 5.4?
any testimonials for some simple wiki software to run on centos 5.4 on an intranet? all i'm after is something uncomplicated that (ideally) yum installs, and that others can start using to start sharing useful info, nothing more. thoughts? rday -- ======================================================================== Robert P. J. Day Waterloo, Ontario,
2007 Jul 28
SMS Gateway .... for Rails app? (a bit OOT)
I''m simply looking for a SMS gateway... The ones like what Twitter uses... The intended audience would be globally. Some of you would have used them and I''d really appreciate if you could share your experience. I''ve Googled and the problem isn''t that there is none, the problem is that there are simply too many. Almost like looking for a webhosting. So human
2004 Jan 08
Asterisk success stories in small-mediumoffice environments?
I'm not really looking for working configurations as much as I am looking for people who can say "This is a solid product and I trust my business to a solution running Asterisk." As far as pre-sales work... Well, tell that to my consultant. I'm quite excited about *. I've got my company sold on it, they just want some reassurance that it's ready for prime-time
2007 Mar 21
Looking for a terminations provider (carrier grade)
We've been using RNK Telecom for terminations for our SIP service, but their billing is questionable, they've been in breach of contract multiple times, and when I brought it to their attention, Russ Man, our 'friendly' account manager told me, and I quote "If you are having that much of a problem..please find another carrier." With customer service like that, I've
2005 Jan 10
X100P in a soekris 4801
Hi All, I have a Soekris 4801 running Asterisk and I tried to add a X100P FXO card only to find that the Soekris will not boot with the card installed. The LEDs flash for a second and then nothing, it does not boot. I've tried 2 different X100p cards, both of which work in a regular desktop system, and still have no luck. I tried a different Soekris 4801 with no luck. I've also tried a
2011 Jun 22
sieve problem email silently discard
hello folks hello Timo hello all the guru I met a few times the problem or an email that passes through a sieve script is silently discard after delivery but never returned to the inbox all testimonials are welcome -- ? ?gpg --keyserver --recv-key 092164A7 -------------- next part -------------- A
2006 Dec 25
Definitive guide for upload progress
Hi Is there some definitive guide for upload progress plugin ? We have in this mailing list a lot of testimonials, bug reports, bug fixes, but there are still people like me who cannot use it correctly. Here is my config: - mongrel 1.0RC and upload progress plugin 0.2.1 - a 6 mongrels cluster - config/mongrel_upload_progress.conf: uri "/", :handler =>
2005 Apr 28
All, I would like to thank the latest donor to the CentOS project: We have a nice new, shiny server to help get all those updates out faster. Neosurge has plenty of hosting options from normal website hosting to dedicated / co-located servers. And I can vouch for the speed of the traffic into the datacenters. You can definitely get
2004 Apr 13
Trouble with Skype
Hi, I've managed to get Skype running under Debian with the latest Debian release of wine. The sound is perfect, and there are no connection problems, but I noticed the following: 1) Sound from my microphone disappears ONLY when I start some other application or switch to another application. I can only vouch for this in KDE, and it happens whenever anything accesses the soundcard, so
2010 Aug 27
Wine 1.2 UBUNTU 10.04.1 Sound lost in an interrupt
I can only vouch for one program, but this is reproducible. Running SimCity4 occasionally when an interrupt occurs, sometimes as little as an extra mouse click and always on a context switch, the sound from the program is lost and does not recover. The log for this is over 1400 lines, so I stuck it on my web site. Here is the URL.
2006 Aug 07
res_sqlite problems
Greetings, I'm trying to replace my extensions.conf with a sqlite database. So far everything's gone really rocky to be honest with you. I do, however have it up and running with a few minor cli messages complaining about the missing 'h' extension, etc. Problem: I'm trying to stress test asterisk a bit to see the performance difference between the static extensions.conf and
2008 May 03
USB Wireless NIC
Can anyone vouch for a usb wifi nic that works under CentOS 5.1 reliably with good reception? Thanks! jlc
2017 Dec 03
Recommended tool for migrating IMAP servers
Imapsync for sure. Have used it for both IMAP to IMAP and IMAP to Exchange migrations. Works great. > On Dec 3, 2017, at 2:08 PM, x9p <dovecot at> wrote: > > Hi, > > I vouch for imapsync. Have used it in the past with quite a big amount of > emails. > > cheers. > > x0p > >> Hi Friends, >> I would like to ask you a suggestion:
2017 Dec 04
Recommended tool for migrating IMAP servers
[..] > Hi, > > I vouch for imapsync. Have used it in the past with quite a big amount > of > emails. > > cheers. > > x0p Ah, thanks x0! > Also if you have fs access on both servers, and you are using maildir, > plain rsync works just as well. > > Aki no, I've not fs access on both servers! :-/ > If you want to preserve IMAP UID:s and
2013 Jul 01
Installing NUT on Solaris
On Jul 1, 2013, at 12:47 PM, John Thurston wrote: > I'm running Solaris 10 on a dozen SPARC boxes. I'd like to explore NUT for use with our snmp UPS, but I'm unable to complete the configure/make/install process. > > Can anyone share a how-to for solaris? Here's some general NUT-on-Solaris information:
1998 Nov 09
speaking of /tmp races
Sorry if this is so obvious as to not merit mentioning, but I just grep'd for /tmp/.*$$ in /bin/ and /usr/bin and found a number of lines which appeared to be people making up tmp files with /tmp/appname.$$ as the name. Maybe my redhat 5.1 box wasn't a great place to do that though -- anyone have a redhat 5.2 box (or debian-current, or whatever) that they
2004 Dec 08
small business installation.
Hi guys. You're doing a great work. A couple of questions. We're going to install Asterisk in our branch office. The configuration will start with 5 PSTN lines, 11 analog telephones and four voip phones. I'd very much like to use a channel-bank for connecting the analog lines and phones to asterisk via a T100P but am terrified of buying it on ebay and finding out is works lousy or