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2011 Feb 25
combining two columns into one column despite NAs
I am trying to combine two columns in a data frame into one column. Some values in either column are missing, but not in the same row for the two different columns. Additionally, when both columns in a row contain data, the data are identical. I want a new column with the identical data or the data from the column with observed data. For example: I have >data id x y
2010 Mar 22
Error while trying to save summary() output as csv
Hi, I need to save output of summary() procedure to a csv file. It''s all OK when it''s applied to a ''factor'' class variable, but when I try to save a ''integer'' class summary to csv it gives me : > summary(rnorm(100, 10)) -> object > write.csv2(object, file=''name.csv'') Error in"expand.grid",
2010 Jan 06
problem with odfWeave
Hello, I have encountered problems using odfdWeave. I actually have the same error message as was reported in this message (, but I don''t quite understand the answer made by Max Kuhn ("You need to cat the results using odfCAt, otherwise you are just writing the output with no XML around
2013 Oct 19
XML package not working
I know I cannot be the only one who is not able to install the XML package from CRAN (zip or tar file) Many packages depend on this XML package. Can someone help me either access the source for a good binary? I have received no assistance from the author/developer of the package. Steven Steven D. Randolph Associate Consultant Enterprise Capabilities - Business Intelligence & Analytics
2010 May 02
Scree diagram,
hello, I''ve two questions today. 1) I''m trying to do a scree diagram, I did a Google for a specific command I could used to do so. All I could find is a screeplot. Are they the same command? 2) what command can I used to present a PC scores, eigenvectors of the PC scores, and component correlations? thanks! -- View this message in context:
2009 Dec 11
Frequency tables.
Hi All, I''m a SAS user but I''m very much interested in learning R. I use ODS system in SAS to make nice frequency tables. Is it possible to export the output of table() [in TABULAR FORM]? So, that I can use those directly for publications? Thank you. # R Code: library(datasets) Orange summary(Orange) # outputing this, not as it is, but in table for. is it possible? ~Kim
2011 Mar 25
Appending data to a data.frame and writing a csv
Dear R helpers exposure <- data.frame(id = c(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20), ead = c(9483.686,50000,6843.4968,10509.37125,21297.8905,50000,706152.8354, 62670.5625, 687.801995,50641.4875,59227.125,43818.5778,52887.72534,601788.7937, 56813.14859,4012356.056,1419501.179,210853.4743,749961,6599.0862), pd =
2013 Jan 15
readHTMLTable (XML package)
Hi, I am using XML::readHTMLTable and getting the below error. Does anyone know why? Does this function not work with https? I didn''t see anything in help about that. > library(XML) > wampage<-readHTMLTable('''',1) Error in htmlParse(doc) : File
2017 Aug 23
Getting all possible combinations
> On 23 Aug 2017, at 20:51 , Ista Zahn <istazahn at> wrote: > > On Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at 12:35 PM, Bert Gunter <bgunter.4567 at> wrote: >> ummm, Ista, it's 2^n. > > ummm yes ughhhh. > You didn't really say otherwise: sum(choose(n,0:n)) == 2^n by the binomial expansion of (1...
2011 Aug 17
Good morning all, I''m trying to find the package "packfor" to install on my library in R, but I''m not available to find it online, so I would ask to you if you please let e know how I could find it and if I need a special R version to do it. Thanks a lot Regards Cristina [[alternative HTML version deleted]]
2009 Nov 10
R echo code chunk runs off the page using Lyx and Sweave
I am not really sure where in the interactions this is handled, but I would like to keep echo-ed R code chunks from running past the right margin and off the page. I started with R and options(width=n), but this does not seem to do anything (in the context of a document -- line command works just fine). I have beating my head against different Lyx document settings without anything to
2010 Mar 12
Installing R cmdr
Dear John Fox, I am using Snowleopard with a Intel Core 2 Duo processor. I have installed the R console and followed your steps at: but every time I try "library(Rcmdr)" it loads Tcl/tk infinitely. I have tried loading "library(tcltk)" by itself and it does the same thing. I
2007 Jun 25
quota calculating
Hey everyone, Currently where I work we use qmail. Every time a message is delivered, qmail seems to walk through the user''s entire maildir in order to calculate quota usage. Delivering messages simultaneously to just a few users who are allowed large maildirs (1-2GB) will bring our servers to their knees. Which brings me to dovecot. I use dovecot whereever I can, but
2010 Nov 01
ggplot map bounds
To all, I''m working with code below to produce a map with station data plotted in points, but right now I''m having trouble with the mapping portion of this code states <- data.frame(map("state", plot=FALSE,xlim= c(-85,-75),ylim=c(33,37))[c("x","y")]) usamap<- ggplot(states)+geom_path(aes(x,y)) usamap When I plot this the problem is that the
2011 Mar 05
pvclust crashing R on Ubuntu 10.10
Hi all I am writing to you with a question regarding the pvclust package. And yes, before the usual people produce their usual contact-the-package-maintainers line, ye, I tried that but the emails one can find on the web either bounce or are not responded to. Also, yes, this error has already been reported as a bug but been shot down as not reproducible
2017 Aug 23
Getting all possible combinations
..., > Bert > > > Bert Gunter > > "The trouble with having an open mind is that people keep coming along > and sticking things into it." > -- Opus (aka Berkeley Breathed in his "Bloom County" comic strip ) > > > On Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at 8:52 AM, Ista Zahn <istazahn at> wrote: >> On Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at 11:33 AM, Christofer Bogaso >> <bogaso.christofer at> wrote: >>> Hi again, >>> >>> I am exploring if R can help me to get all possible combinations of >>> members in a gro...
2013 Jul 23
cbind error with check.names
Here is an example where cbind fails with an error when check.names=TRUE is set. data(airquality) airQualityBind =cbind(airquality,airquality,check.names =TRUE)  I understand that cbind is a call to data.frame and the following works: airQualityBind =data.frame(airquality,airquality,check.names =TRUE) but I would like to understand why cbind throws an error. I asked this question on SO here:
2013 Jan 28
Adding 95% contours around scatterplot points with ggplot2
Hi all, I have been looking for means of add a contour around some points in a scatterplot as a means of representing the center of density for of the data. I''m imagining something like a 95% confidence estimate drawn around the data. So far I have found some code for drawing polygons around the data. These look nice, but in some cases the polygons are strongly influenced by outlying
2010 May 11
Table and Sweave
Hi, in Latex I get the table using: \begin{table}[H] \centering \renewcommand{\arraystretch}{1.3} \setlength{\tabcolsep}{18pt} \begin{tabular}{cc} \hline Idade & Frequ?ncia \\ \hline $18 \vdash 26$ & 11 \\ $26 \vdash 34$ & 8 \\ $34 \vdash 42$ & 26 \\ $42 \vdash 50$ & 20 \\ $50 \vdash 58$ & 23 \\ $58 \vdash 66$ & 30 \\ $66
2010 Feb 26
wrap long lines in table using "latex" in Hmisc
Hi list, Is there a way to control long-line wrapping in a table using "latex" function in Hmisc or any other functions?? It seems I can''t find any examples. Thank you very much! ...Tao _________________________________________________________________ Hotmail: Trusted email with Microsoft?s powerful SPAM protection.